2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: PORYB112

12 Reviews
2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: PORYB112
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  • 2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: PORYB112
  • 2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: PORYB112
  • 2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: PORYB112
  • 2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: PORYB112
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Product Features

  • -12 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Anisotropic Composite Technology for an Enhanced Feel
  • Approved for Play in Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AABC, and USSSA
  • Blended Fiber Technology for Maximum Bat Performance
  • Extended Barrel Design
  • Features USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • No Weak Spots
  • One-Piece Design
  • Single Wall Construction


12 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

5 Star Rating   12 customer reviews

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2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: PORYB112
4.833333 Star Rating
by matt's dad
2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: PORYB112 review by matt's dad
Pros: My son just received his portent in the mail yesterday. He had hus try outs this morning. He hit further than he has ever hit before. Coaches stopped to look at the bat. Cons:nothing yet

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2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: PORYB112
4.833333 Star Rating
by 1bigkid
2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: PORYB112 review by 1bigkid
Pros: My 11yr old has the 31/21 portant and this one the 31/19. He uses the -12 almost all of the time. After several 100 soft tosses this bat seems very hot and ready to go. Worked great for winter ball. My son was able to keep his hands back longer then the heavier endloaded bats and had plenty of good rips into right field and when he was pitched inside he roped it down 3rd. He was able to make solid contact off the nastiest of little league pitchers just because of his quicker hands. Great bat very pleased to have one. Cons:Smaller sweet spot then other bats but not by much.

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2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: PORYB112
4.833333 Star Rating
by Jay B
2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: PORYB112 review by Jay B
Pros: Last season we had the 28-16 B4 ComBAT and my son had a great season with it, the key is to break the bat in with lots of tee work, that bat still has lots of life left to it. This season we are going with the ComBAT 28-16 Portent, the only difference I have seen so far is the barrel on the Portent is thinner than that of the B4, maybe 1/2-3/4 of an inch in diameter. So far with 250 +swings off Tee (so far) this bat is every bit as good as the B4, lots of pop and my son loves it. Ball jumps off bat. Cons:None

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Questions and Answers

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What is the difference between the COMBAT Portent and the COMBAT Wanted? I understand one is a "two-piece" and the other is a "one-piece". How does the structure influence the bat?

The 2014 COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat: (PORYB112) incorporates a one-piece structure. Generally, a one-piece design tends to be a little bit stiffer, and is usually preferred by power hitters.The 2014 COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: (WANYB112) features a two-piece design, and this structure provides players with added flex through the zone. Therefore, this design tends to be preferred by contact players. Ultimately, the structure and feel will be one of the biggest differences between these two models.

Merritt Expert ·Aug 28, 2014


My son currently plays with an Easton 27" 14 oz. Reflex. He's about 4' tall, 45 lbs. I was looking at the Portent or the Wanted WANYB112. Does one have a lighter swing weight than the other? We tried the new DeMarini Voodoo Overlord 28" 15 oz. but he wasn't comfortable with it.

The 2014 COMBAT Portent (PORYB112) is a one-piece bat similar to the Easton Reflex. The 2014 COMBAT Wanted (WANYB112) is a two-piece design and is designed for a contact hitter. Both bats are very balanced bats and are very high performing.

Kara Expert ·May 20, 2014


How does it compare to the COMBAT Pure Gear (PUREYB1) -12 Youth?

The 2014 COMBAT Portent: PORYB112 Youth will not have the gear technology of the COMBAT Pure Gear (PUREYB1) -12 Youth which extends the sweet spot, but will have an extended barrel which also helps extend the sweet spot.

Damon Expert ·Mar 03, 2014

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Product Description

New for 2014! The all new COMBAT Portent youth baseball bat is ready to hit the field this season! Equipped with cutting edge technologies, the Portent will impress any player at the plate! With COMBAT's Anisotropic Composite Technology, the stiffness and strengths are varied along the handle, which ultimately reduces annoying vibrations and sting. To reduce vibrations even more, COMBAT incorporated their Blended Fiber Technolgy. This technology blends several different types of fiber at varying angles to increase the bat's durability, decrease unwanted vibrations, and improve its overall performance. This one-piece hitting machine will also help young players succeed with its extended barrel design and MASSIVE sweet spot! Combine that with a taper flex, handle flex, and barrel trampoline, the Portent is a continuous store-and-release monster! Become the latest portent of the baseball world and swing the new COMBAT Portent youth baseball bat! COMBAT: For Players, By Players! The Portent features the USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp and is backed by a Full (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty! Free Shipping! Approved for Play in Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AABC, and USSSA.


COMBAT COMBAT is obsessed with making the "best bats" in the industry. A product of the CE Composites brand, COMBAT entered the baseball and softball worlds in 2004. Since that point, the company has emerged as the fastest growing brand within the industries. Their bats have set a higher standard in all leagues and age ranges. The brains behind COMBAT are not only regarded as composite design, manufacturing and engineering experts, but they are also die hard fans and players of the game. Above all, they strive to understand what players need and want. They truly live by their motto:"FOR.... read more


All I can say is shipping was quick!!!. My son had a game last night and I didn't even consider the bat being here in time for it..Well, we got the bat in 2 days and he was able to use it last night. This bat is great and you guys were awesome in getting it shipped. I recommended y'all at our game last night.. and I already know of one order I got for you on the same bat I ordered. That bat is due in today and that boy has a game tonight... so I'm sure he'll be happy as well... Sincerely,

- Paul, Crosby, TX

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