2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR: DXVXC

49 Reviews
2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR: DXVXC
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  • 2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR: DXVXC
  • 2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR: DXVXC
  • 2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR: DXVXC
  • 2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR: DXVXC
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Product Features

  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • BBCOR Certified - Approved for H.S. and Collegiate Play
  • C6 Composite Handle for More Flex and Trampoline
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Lightweight N2M End Cap
  • Lowest M.O.I. of Any BBCOR
  • NVS Barrel for Maximum Swing Speed
  • Two-Piece Hybrid Design With Half + Half Technology
  • X10 Alloy Barrel for Finely Tuned Performance


49 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

5 Star Rating   49 customer reviews

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2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR: DXVXC
4.857143 Star Rating
by Big9
2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR: DXVXC review by Big9
Pros: Straight out of the box this was a great looking bat. I really like Demarini's choice of color this year. In the cage this bat was magnificent. First off, the 2014 Vexxum is easily the lightest swinging BBCOR on the market. Second of all, the ball flies off the barrel smoothly and goes quite the distance. All in all, this is a very good bat that I would recommend buying Cons:The tape at the top of the handle is peeling. Nothing some athletic tape wont fix though

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2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR: DXVXC
4.857143 Star Rating
by BaseballFreakk2
2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR: DXVXC review by BaseballFreakk2
Pros: Extreme pop. This is the lightest swinging BBCOR made. This results in faster swing speeds, which generates more power. The composite handle reduces stinging. I love this bat! Compared this to the Easton S2, and this is by far better than the S2! Another good bat by Demarini. Stop looking and just get it. Cons:It might get a little dirty since there is a white handle and barrel, but just wash it and it will be clean again.

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2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR: DXVXC
4.857143 Star Rating
by Baseball23939
2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR: DXVXC review by Baseball23939
Pros: This bat's new design is very cool. The grip is very good and comfortable to your hands and it is the lightest BBCOR -3 bat in the market. This bats got tons of pop right out of the package and when its broken in, its even better. I love this bat Cons:The grip does get dirty easily, but you can wash it off easily.

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Questions and Answers

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I am 5' 1" and weigh 118 pounds. I play baseball for my school and during the summer. Do you think this is the bat for me?

If you consider yourself more of a contact hitter who prefers a lightweight and smooth bat I would suggest the 2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR (DXVXC)

Gary T. Expert ·Apr 21, 2014


Should get the Voodoo or Vexxum? I'm a contact hitter with some power behind my swing.

The 2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR (DXVXC) would be the bat I recommend. The Voodoo is a line that is designed for power hitters exclusively. If you hit for both power and contact, the Vexxum will be the best bat for you.

Justin R. Expert ·Apr 20, 2014


I do not know whether to get this DeMarini Vexxum NVS or the 2014 Voodoo Paradox. I am a contact hitter but in pictures the barrel of the Vexxum looks quite small compared to the Voodoo which is a big concern for me. However, this bat got great reviews. Which would you prefer for a contact hitter?

The 2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR (DXVXC) is designed for a contact hitter. The two-piece design and balanced feel is ideal for a contact hitter. The 2014 DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR (DXVDC) is end loaded, and best for a power hitter.

Kara Expert ·Apr 10, 2014

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Product Description

New for 2014! NVS sounds like "envious" - and that's exactly how you're going to make any player feel that doesn't have the new Vexxum BBCOR. The power of the Vexxum NVS does not come from strength or speed, but from the two of them combined. With DeMarini's New Velocity System (NVS) barrel design, this bat is now THE LIGHTEST swinging BBCOR on the market in terms of M.O.I.! Two years in the making, this innovative barrel design is geometrically perfect and does not use rings or inserts to meet BBCOR standards. It's made from finely-tuned X10 Alloy to give it an explosive sweet spot, and powerful, responsive performance. The two-piece Vexxum NVS also features a C6 Composite handle that is specially designed to work in conjunction with the single wall NVS barrel. The wider weave of DeMarini's C6 Composite creates more flex for an unparalleled trampoline effect when you make contact with the ball! The Vexxum NVS BBCOR baseball bat is designed with the cornerstone of DeMarini's bat technology - Half + Half construction - that makes YOU stronger. It's topped off with a lightweight N2M End Cap that is specifically modified for the NVS barrel to allow players to achieve MAXIMUM swing speed! If you want to ramp up your swing speed and generate more power, get the bat that's at the top of its class - the DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR! DeMarini: Born Hardcore! The Vexxum NVS is BBCOR Certified and approved for play in high school and college. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!

About DeMarini

DeMarini In 1992, DeMarini Sports had something to celebrate. The three-year-old company had climbed a rung on the proverbial ladder of success, moving its world headquarters from a dirt-floored barn to a slightly larger metal shack. "It was a big move for us," recalled Ray DeMarini from the batting cage of DeMarini Sport’s present-day Bat Industrial Complex. "The new shop was larger, more storm resistant, and -best of all- it had a heater." In the early days, DeMarini Sports hardly made a blip on the radar screen of softball. With no retailers and virtually no advertising budget, DeMarini.... read more


All I can say is shipping was quick!!!. My son had a game last night and I didn't even consider the bat being here in time for it..Well, we got the bat in 2 days and he was able to use it last night. This bat is great and you guys were awesome in getting it shipped. I recommended y'all at our game last night.. and I already know of one order I got for you on the same bat I ordered. That bat is due in today and that boy has a game tonight... so I'm sure he'll be happy as well... Sincerely,

- Paul, Crosby, TX

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