2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC

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2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC
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  • 2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC
  • 2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC
  • 2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC
  • 2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC
  • 2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC
  • 2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC
  • 2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC
  • 2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC
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Product Features

  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • BBCOR Certified High School and Collegiate Play
  • D-Fusion FT Handle - Maximum Energy Transfer, No Vibrations!
  • Extremely Balanced
  • Features Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Low Pro End Cap - Provides Added Balance
  • Paradox + Carbon Fiber Composite Barrel
  • RCK Knob - Prevents Blisters Associated With The Knob
  • Two-Piece Structure


7 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

5 Star Rating   7 customer reviews

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2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC
4.857143 Star Rating
by Daniel Faccini
2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC review by Daniel Faccini
Pros: i love this bat, it is my first bbcor bat. Being a little worried i wont get enough bat speed to drive the ball i got a 30 inch. Balance: the balance is amazing for a bbcor bat Sweet Spot/Pop: i love the pop on this bat, personally i think it has more pop but its really personal preference. the sweet spot is fairly big for a 30 inch bbcor bat. Vibration: In my experience i have had ZERO vibration! a really good plus for me :D General Feel: This bat has a really good feeling when you square up a ball, its different from my 2014 Easton XL1, but in a good way. Cons:Better Grip would be nice. Buying a bat is honestly up to what kind of hitter you are and your preferences, always swing the bat before buying it. Good Luck finding the bat that's right for you!

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2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC
4.857143 Star Rating
by Dingersfordaysss
2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC review by Dingersfordaysss
Pros: This bat rocks. I have had it for about a month and hitting with it everyday, the bat is already broken in. The pop is insane. In my last tourney, hit a huge double about 320 to the wall and that ball jumped off my bat! Feel is very nice and the vibration is practically none thanks to the cool handle. The sound is a nice and clean "smack" and the ball absolutely jumps off this bat. Even the singles I hit off my front foot at times would get off the barrel quickly. Definitely recommend this bat! Cons:Grip is ok. Might want to put a lizard skin on it. Depends on how you feel

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2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC
4.857143 Star Rating
by rader_felumlee
2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCFC review by rader_felumlee
Pros: Amazing feel and pop. Definitely be hitting dingers with this bat. I got the Rip-it Air Elite and the connection part separated. I returned that to get the best bat on the market. Cons:This bat does not require a "cons" section it's so BA.

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Questions and Answers

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I am not sure what bat to swing this year between the CF7, Overlord or the Mako. I am 6 foot 2 and swing a 33 inch size.

All three bats would be very nice options. The choice would come down to what you are looking for in terms of design. The 2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXCFC) would be the better balanced of the three for the lightest swing weight but it would be very close with the 2015 Easton MAKO BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB15MK). The MAKO is still well balanced but it has a more extended barrel than the CF7 so it is slightly less evenly balanced. The 2015 DeMarini Voodoo OVERLORD FT BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXVDC) is more end-loaded in feel and would usually be preferred by bigger, stronger players like a power hitter style player. All three will be high end models that should perform well.

Patrick Expert ·Mar 05, 2015


Is this bat approved for Babe Ruth 13 yr olds? I was told Babe Ruth bats couldn't be all composite.

The 2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXCFC) features a two piece full composite design. Typically in the 13-15 Division of Babe Ruth, players are allowed to use alloy or hybrid models with a 2 5/8" diameter and a drop 5-12 length to weight ratio. If you want to use a full composite model, then you would have to use a BBCOR model such as the CF7.

Joe Expert ·Mar 04, 2015


If I am 6ft 175 pounds what size bat should I be using?

For a player of your size, our bat coach would recommend the 2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXCFC) in a 33" 30 oz. model.

Joe Expert ·Mar 03, 2015

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Product Description

Attention! Brand NEW for 2015, DeMarini has done it again with their ELITE, highest performing model yet, the CF7. DeMarini has redesigned, and established the precedence for this years top of the line models. The CF7 incorporates a new, hot, high strength Carbon Fiber Barrel that promises to increase speed, and distance on the field.The Low Pro End Cap is a new addition that ensures balance, and provides players with a smooth swing, that helps maximize performance. Balance is key to generating solid swing speeds. DeMarini focuses on making the CF7 the most balanced model on the MARKET! Balance = Better Performance! DeMarini has also developed a new RCK Knob to eliminate pain and blisters that are frequently caused by long hours of practice and play. Comfort is key! DeMarini also makes a memorable mark by redefining their handle technology. The D-Fusion FT handle incorporated by DeMarini, is one of the most technologically sound and advanced handles on the market. There is a new extra stiff Paradox Carbon Fiber Rod that has been combined with Demarini’s Thermo-Fused Taper. The rod and thermo-fused taper work together by capturing all energy that would otherwise be lost in the handle, and redirects it back into the barrel, giving you the most power in every swing. This redirection of energy also serves another purpose by eliminating all vibration in the hands, giving you an elite, and comfortable feel! Don't Settle For Ordinary! Pick DeMarini! Free Shipping Included.

About DeMarini

DeMarini In 1992, DeMarini Sports had something to celebrate. The three-year-old company had climbed a rung on the proverbial ladder of success, moving its world headquarters from a dirt-floored barn to a slightly larger metal shack. "It was a big move for us," recalled Ray DeMarini from the batting cage of DeMarini Sport’s present-day Bat Industrial Complex. "The new shop was larger, more storm resistant, and -best of all- it had a heater." In the early days, DeMarini Sports hardly made a blip on the radar screen of softball. With no retailers and virtually no advertising budget, DeMarini.... read more


Armando, You made one 11 year old boy very happy, thank you.

- JoAnne, Randolph, NJ

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