Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP

6 Reviews
Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP
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  • Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP
  • Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP
  • Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP
  • Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP
  • Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP
  • Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP
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Product Features

  • -9 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Ergonomic Knob
  • Free Shipping
  • Full Six (6) Month Manufacturer Warranty
  • Larger More Forgiving Sweet Spot
  • Taper Flex Technology
  • Ultra-Thin Whip Handle offers Superior Feel and No Sting


6 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

5 Star Rating   6 customer reviews

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Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP
4.5 Star Rating
by Pop
Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP review by Pop
Pros: Ball jumps off the bat. Zero break-in period because it's alloy. Heaviest of the 2 1/4 barrel little league bats on the market and I think it's important for kids to swing the heaviest bat they can handle. Cons:As with any 1 piece bat, there will be vibrations if you hit the ball off the end or if you get jammed. Too new to tell about durability. I wish this came in big barrel!

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Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP
4.5 Star Rating
by Andrew
Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP review by Andrew
Pros: This bat has so much pop. I was hitting home runs barely over the fence with my other bat, but my first bp I was hitting 50+ feet farther! Great bat overall. Cons:Save your receipt. This bat dented with about30 days left on the warranty. I got a new one and it was fine

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Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP
4.5 Star Rating
by colin
Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat: KTXP review by colin
Pros: i own the mako and its the best bats ive ever owned but i used my teamates techzilla and its honestly better! the ball flys off the bat and i hit my first two homeruns with this bat the first time i used it! theres actually no sting even though its a one piece alloy. this is my favorite bat ever. you will see a huge difference in your hitting if you get this bat. every ball you hit is a solid, hard hit. even the grounders are hard to field because the will come off the bat so quickly. the whole barrel is a sweetspot and this bat has an amazing sound too it. my teamates didnt think it looked good but first hit with it, they were blown away because the ball went over the fence and then another 30 feet. the endcap is also very cool because its clear. you have to try this bat. Cons:the grip isnt very good and the knob is small. this bat also dents but its so goooood

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Questions and Answers

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Is this a balanced or end loaded bat?

The 2014 Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat (KTXP) will not only be the heaviest Youth bat we currently carry with the -9 length to weight ratio, but the larger sweet spot will also give this bat an end loaded feel.

Mac Expert ·Oct 27, 2014


Why only a 6 month warranty?

Anderson has not specified to us why it chose to offer a six month warranty on the 2014 Anderson TechZilla XP (KTXP). However, Anderson bats have proven to be very durable and high performing.

Patrick Expert ·May 19, 2014


Can this bat be used with the yellow batting cage balls?

The 2014 Anderson TechZilla XP (KTXP), along with all our composite or alloy bats, is not recommended to use with the yellow cage balls.

Justin R. Expert ·May 11, 2014

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Product Description

Introducing the new Anderson TechZilla XP youth baseball bat. Designed specifically for youth baseball. The TechZilla XP features a -9 length to weight ratio and has a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter. Combined, the proven Power Arch Multi-wall Construction, enhanced manufacturing accuracy, and easily identifiable new graphics deliver advanced performance to provide game improvement technology through superior design. Unlike composites that gradually rise to a short-lived maximum potential, the new DFXII aluminum alloy maintains superior performance and delivers a solid feel throughout its life. In the TechZilla XP, our attention to detail is demonstrated in the way that every component, every curve, every process and every detail is synergistically considered with game improvement performance in mind. The sum of the parts is the best performing bat in its category, bar none. Solid consumer take-away . . . Reborn and redesigned, the TechZilla XP is destined to continue its dominance on the diamond. To be the best you've got to swing the best: Anderson K Techzilla XP. The TechZilla XP comes with a full 6 month manufacturer's warranty. Free Shipping!

About Anderson

Anderson A High-Tech Engineer, a Sales Manager for a chemical company, and a Professional Yacht Racer with a background in mechanical engineering, are not likely to have much in common … . But they did, and still do. You guessed it … SOFTBALL. Our passion for “Diamond” sports goes back many years, but it was about 10 years ago that we started manufacturing and private labeling our bats for other companies. In 1999, Steven Anderson designed a new multi-wall high performance bat that featured our patented “Power Arch” technology. After thorough testing it was.... read more


I would like to let your company know that for three years I have been ordering bats from you and I have always had a young man named Clint help me and put my orders in through him. I just wanted to let you know how nice, helpful and sweet he is. He has always treated me with the utmost respect, always called me back if needed, and always given me a lot of helpful information on my orders. He is just a wonderful representative of your company. I will continue to order for your company as long as he is working for you. Thanks you.

- Amber, Cunningham, TN

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