BamBooBat Energize II Bamboo Wood Bat: SQ29B Black Adult

BamBooBat Energize II Bamboo Wood Bat: SQ29B Black Adult
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  • BamBooBat Energize II Bamboo Wood Bat: SQ29B Black Adult
  • BamBooBat Energize II Bamboo Wood Bat: SQ29B Black Adult
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Product Features

  • 15/16 Inch Handle
  • Adult Model
  • Approximate -2 to -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • Bamboo Wood
  • Free Shipping!
  • One Year One Time Manufacturer Warranty Replacement
  • Patent Pending Fuzioncor Technology


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How exactly does the Fuzioncor technology work?

The Fuzioncor Technology helps to increase the balance and durability of the BamBooBat Energize II Bamboo Wood Bat (SQ29B).

Tessa L. Expert ·Mar 12, 2014


What is the FUZINCOR technology, and will this bat come with a BBCOR sticker?

The BamBooBat Energize II Bamboo Wood Bat (SQ29B) will not come with a BBCOR sticker. It will not be legal in high school or college without the BBCOR certification. The FUZINCOR technology, is a patent pending technology that adds power to the bat.

Jackson Expert ·Mar 11, 2014

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Product Description

"NEW" BamBooBat ENERGIZE Model from BamBooBat - the New Weapon in Baseball!BamBooBats are made from the highest quality bamboo material available. Bamboo is one of the strongest natural materials on the planet with a tensile strength of 28,000 PSI versus 23,000 PSI for steel. This is so important given the ease of breakage found in normal wood bats. Give your swing the power you crave. The "NEW" ENERGIZE bat from BamBooBat Company will help you get that line drive power you look for. With our Patent Pending FUZIONCOR the power this bat offers is second to none in the market today. A one time Manufacturer WARRANTY replacement is offered if your bat breaks within a one year period! If you train with wood or play with wood you must buy this bat. The money you save on wood bat purchases during the year will be in the hundreds of dollars. You can use this bat for all your hitting needs. Off a tee, with live pitching or in commercial batting cages, this bat will stand the test of time and perform to levels you are not accustomed to. We have had players and teams test these models in games and cages for months. They were constantly hitting balls off the hands and end of the bat to intentionally try to break them. No one has been able to break one yet. Though we imagine they can break, we don't expect them to. With literally thousands and thousands of hits not one has broken. The average player would never hit as many balls with a bat as our test group has. ENERGIZE YOUR GAME! BamBooBat: Go Green, Save the Earth. Free Shipping!

About BamBooBat

BamBooBat Why Bamboobat: • BamBooBat is made from the highest quality bamboo material available.• We team with scientists who specialize in the use of bamboo materials to create the best possible baseball bat on the market made from our proprietary mix of varieties of bamboo.• Until now bamboo has never had commercial success for baseball bats. It was used many years ago but could never be perfected. Wood bats today break easily and lately aluminum bats have been very controversial. BamBooBat baseball and softball bats are not easily broken like traditional wood bats and t.... read more


Thank you for sending my order. I have received it and thank you for the fast and on time delivery. I hope I can get other items from your store I will go back and see what else I can get from your store, Thank you. Have a nice weekend.

- Silas, Petaluma, CA

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