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Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult

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Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult
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  • Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult
  • Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult
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Product Features

  • Adult Model
  • Can Add More than 10 MPH to Swing Speed
  • Evenly Distributed Swing Weight
  • Excellent Strength Training Tool
  • Free Shipping
  • Lexan Plastic Tube with Hard Wood Handle
  • On-Deck Tool
  • Red and Natural Finish
  • Traditional Knob
  • Various Length to Weight Ratios


4 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

5 Star Rating   4 customer reviews

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Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult
4.75 Star Rating
by TommyO
Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult review by TommyO
Pros: Been using the 100oz the last few offseasons, and I swear by it. I've incorperated it into all my swing workouts. It's added a lot power, increased control and batspeed for me. I use a 70oz ondeck and its a great way to loosen up and make your gamer feel light. Wish I'd found this a long time ago. I recommend this to any hitter who wants to improve batspeed/control and power. Cons:Well it will make you expect to be a little sore the first time you get serious with it. And it doesn't do anything by itself, you have to swing it like you mean it.

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Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult
4.75 Star Rating
Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult review by
Pros: wow this bat is amazing. it works better than a donut and a sleeve cuz it doesnt feel top heavy like a donut or sleeve. it made my swing alot faster at the plate. Cons:becuz it worked so well i was swinging for the fences cuz my bat felt like a toy. so i couldnt hit anything offspeed the first day. it just takes some adjusting. because the bat now feels lighter it makes u way more patient at the plate after a couple of games.

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Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult
4.75 Star Rating
by reb1
Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult review by reb1
Pros: Very durable. Better than just donut. Well used by college team. This is second one, first still going strong. Cons:None

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Questions and Answers

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I am 6'2 and weigh about 150 lbs. What bat length should I use?

The Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult only comes in the 35" length.

Justin R. Expert ·Dec 19, 2013


Can you use a baseball in soft toss?

The Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat is an on deck training tool only. You should not hit balls with this particular training bat.

John H Expert ·Oct 25, 2013


If I'm 5'9 and weigh 155 pounds what size do you think I should get

Based on your height and weight, we recommend a 32 inch bat. A 70 ounce Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult would be best for your height and weight.

Tori Expert ·Oct 22, 2013

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Product Description

The revolutionary design of the Bratt Bat evenly distributes swing weight throughout the bat as opposed to just the end of the bat; which you get with a weighted doughnut. This bat will loosen your hitting muscles all the while strengthening them. Your hands, wrist, and arms benefit the most from work with the Bratt Bat. Studies have been done to prove that this training device can add up to more than ten MPH to your swing. The Lexan plastic tube and hard wood handle used in the manufacturing process makes the Bratt Bat virtually indestructible and one of the safest on-deck training tools. These bats range in size from 29 to 35 inches. When choosing a bat, you should choose a bat similar in length to the bat you swing at the plate. This will help develop a more powerful, quick swing. Hitters of all ages and levels of play are marveling at the difference the Bratt Bat can make to your offensive game. Free shipping!

About Bratt Bats

Bratt Bats Bratt Sports is a 3rd generation family run business that is dedicated to giving its customers a competitive advantage. Bratt Sports are the designers of the unique weighted training bat. Used by MLB teams since 1977, a Bratt Bat was put in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996. These bats are used by over 200 MLB players to give them a leg up on the competition. The Bratt Bat was the creation of Leonard Bratt, who was a BIG baseball fan and even played semi-pro at one point. He invented the Bratt’s Bat after watching Reggie Jackson swing an iron rod at Fenway Park and realized that th.... read more


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