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Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Youth

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Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Youth
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  • Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Youth
  • Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Youth
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Product Features

  • Can Add More than 10 MPH to Swing Speed
  • Evenly Distributed Swing Weight
  • Excellent Strength Training Tool
  • Free Shipping
  • Lexan Plastic Tube with Hard Wood Handle
  • On-Deck Tool
  • Red and Natural Finish
  • Traditional Knob
  • Various Length to Weight Ratios
  • Youth Model


4 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

4 Star Rating   4 customer reviews

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Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Youth
4 Star Rating
by Tommy C.
Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Youth review by Tommy C.
Pros: Great training tool, I have noticed a difference in my son's swing already. When we 1st got it, the bat swung him, now he swings the bat. He is 10, and it has really helped. Great price Cons:None, that I can think of. This is a great tool.

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Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Youth
4 Star Rating
by Blaney
Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Youth review by Blaney
Pros: Our 9U team use this bat to warm up with just 5 swings before getting into the box and it has improved our teams bat speed greatly. Highly recommended Cons:none

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Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Youth
4 Star Rating
by Mike
Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Youth review by Mike
Pros: Love this bat! It really helps build strength! Cons:Must stay with the batter! Can develop bad habits quickly! Bat has a lot of weight!

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Questions and Answers

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Do you think an 8 year old could handle this or should we wait a couple more years?

The lightest the Bratt Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Youth is available in is 35 oz. This may be too have for an 8 year old. It may be best to wait a few more years.

Tori Expert ·Nov 13, 2013


Trying to decide amongst the three different weights in the 29" length. My son is 11 and swings a 30 inch, 20 oz. How heavy should he go on the Bratt?

You won't want to go too heavy to where he is completely dragging the bat during his practice swings with this Bratt bat, so the 29" 40 oz. should be a good option. It will be heavy enough to serve its purpose and not too heavy that it will create bad habits.

Tom Expert ·Jan 02, 2013


How do I choose between a 35, 40 and 45 oz options? My son is 10 and weighs 70 lbs. He usually swings a 29 in. 18 oz. bat.

Normally, a player should use the same length bat that currently uses. So the 29 inch 35 oz would be the best option.

Kara Expert ·Dec 01, 2011

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Product Description

Nokona proudly introduces their new partnership with Bratt Bat. The revolutionary design of the Bratt Bat evenly distributes swing weight throughout the bat as opposed to just the end of the bat; which you get with a weighted doughnut. This bat will loosen your hitting muscles all the while strengthening them. Your hands, wrist, and arms benefit the most from work with the Bratt Bat. Studies have been done to prove that this training device can add up to more than ten MPH to your swing. The Lexan plastic tube and hard wood handle used in the manufacturing process makes the Bratt Bat virtually indestructible and one of the safest on-deck training tools. These bats range in size from 29 to 35 inches. When choosing a bat, you should choose a bat similar in length to the bat you swing at the plate. This will help develop a more powerful, quick swing. Hitters of all ages and levels of play are marveling at the difference the Bratt Bat can make to your offensive game. Free shipping!

About Bratt Bats

Bratt Bats Bratt Sports is a 3rd generation family run business that is dedicated to giving its customers a competitive advantage. Bratt Sports are the designers of the unique weighted training bat. Used by MLB teams since 1977, a Bratt Bat was put in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996. These bats are used by over 200 MLB players to give them a leg up on the competition. The Bratt Bat was the creation of Leonard Bratt, who was a BIG baseball fan and even played semi-pro at one point. He invented the Bratt’s Bat after watching Reggie Jackson swing an iron rod at Fenway Park and realized that th.... read more


I would like to let your company know that for three years I have been ordering bats from you and I have always had a young man named Clint help me and put my orders in through him. I just wanted to let you know how nice, helpful and sweet he is. He has always treated me with the utmost respect, always called me back if needed, and always given me a lot of helpful information on my orders. He is just a wonderful representative of your company. I will continue to order for your company as long as he is working for you. Thanks you.

- Amber, Cunningham, TN

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