Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 Adult

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Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 Adult
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  • Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 Adult
  • Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 Adult
  • Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 Adult
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Product Features

  • 20 Hit Guarantee Through Chandler
  • 59/64 Inch Thin Handle With 2 Inch Knob
  • End-Loaded Swing Weight
  • Excellent for Power Hitters
  • Free Shipping!
  • Handcrafted and Hand Finished for Premium Quality
  • Large Barrel
  • Natural Finish
  • Non-Cupped End
  • Pro Quality Maple Wood
  • Proprietary Turning Model


3 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

5 Star Rating   3 customer reviews

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Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 Adult
4.666667 Star Rating
by dom
Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 Adult review by dom
Pros: I love my Chandler. It is balanced, loaded with pop, very durable, and looks amazing!! It is a little pricey, but well worth it. Cons:

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Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 Adult
4.666667 Star Rating
by A24
Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 Adult review by A24
Pros: Best wood bat on the market. Huge barrel and great sound. Better than marucci, sambat, and demarini. Cons:$200

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Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 Adult
4.666667 Star Rating
by sam
Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 Adult review by sam
Pros: good pop feels great off the bat Cons:top heavy\ very skinny handle no transition in barrel

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Questions and Answers

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Which model do you turn is similar to the P72? I was swinging a Marucci Jose Bautista model and looking for something similar that you turn.

The closest Chandler model to the Marucci Jose Bautista would be the D24. The main difference between the JB19 and the D24 is that the Marucci will have a pro cupped end and the Chandler has a non-cupped end.

John Expert ·Jul 30, 2013


Which Chandler Pro Maple wood bat would be recommended for the power hitter who likes a skinny handle and balanced weight?

The Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 Adult is slightly end loaded. We recommend the Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: DB9 Adult.

Kara Expert ·Jul 17, 2013


What Chandler turn is like a 243?

This Chandler Pro Maple Wood Bat: OT19 would have an end loaded swing weight like a 243 turn model. However, it has a slightly thicker handle diameter (0.922" vs. 0.906"). The VIC18 has a slight end load and would have a thinner handle diameter than a 243 (0.891" vs. 0.906"). Both models would be similar to a 243 turn.

Mac Expert ·Jun 26, 2013

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Product Description

Chandler Bats by RxSport are the most talked about bats to hit MLB and amateur dugouts in years. But Chandler bats aren't for everyone. These bats are for serious players that demand the absolute highest quality wood and craftsmanship. Each Chandler bat is made by hand, not mass produced in a factory. Their craftsmen take painstaking steps to ensure these bats are incredibly hard to break. But as with any natural product, flaws can occur. That's why Chandler offers a 20 Hit Guarantee on all of their bats. If there's a flaw, you're going to know it right away. The incredible attention to detail put into every Chandler bat, along with their wide variety of turns has put these bats in high demand. The OT19 maple wood bat is a proprietary Chandler turn and features a large barrel with an end-loaded swing weight The head of the bat is very similar to a 243 turn, and is made from extremely high density maple. The OT19 utilizes a moderate to thin handle and a quick taper to provide excellent whip action and high bat speeds through the hitting zone. Chandler: Made by Hand, Not a Factory. Free Shipping!

About Chandler

Chandler David Chandler founded RxSport and started making Chandler bats in 2010. Using the woodworking techniques he learned while in the luxury furniture business, David Chandler has successfully created a maple wood baseball bat that is not only stronger, but also higher performing than anything else currently on the field. It starts with the absolute top quality maple wood with near-perfectly straight grains. The maple used is extremely high density and virutally unbreakable. Each bat is turned by hand, and not mass produced like many wood bats today. The glossy finish that gives Chand.... read more


Thank you for sending my order. I have received it and thank you for the fast and on time delivery. I hope I can get other items from your store I will go back and see what else I can get from your store, Thank you. Have a nice weekend.

- Silas, Petaluma, CA

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