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Product Features

  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • BBCOR Certified - Approved for H.S. and Collegiate Play
  • Composite Handle
  • Expanded Sweetspot
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Lower M.O.I. Means Faster Swing Speeds
  • Resonance Proof Taper - Zero Sting/Vibration
  • Titanium Enhanced Alloy Barrel
  • Two-Piece Hybrid Design


11 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

3 Star Rating   11 customer reviews

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3 Star Rating
by will
COMBAT Grifter BBCOR: GRIFAB1 review by will
Pros: feels great and despite being bbcor has some great pop to it unlike other bbcor bats ive had. the weight is perfectly balanced. Cons:everyone wants to use it!!!

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3 Star Rating
by mikey mal
COMBAT Grifter BBCOR: GRIFAB1 review by mikey mal
Pros: It feels just like my old combat 1 composite that I used in little league. Perfect for Babe Ruth. Cons:Keep your hands off it........

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3 Star Rating
by home run
COMBAT Grifter BBCOR: GRIFAB1 review by home run
Pros: Pop. Cons:Junk, my son used it in his first game of the season. The second at bat, the cap and handle shattered. Total junk. My son contacted COMbat and told him he needed to send it to them and that they would send him a replacement the same day they got it. My son paid for overnight freight $40, 3 days ago. Still no bat and they stopped answering their phone! I have left 4 messages over 2 weeks and never a return call! Run while you still can. Junk!

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Questions and Answers

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How balanced is this bat? Is it extremely balanced? Or just average?

The COMBAT Grifter BBCOR: GRIFAB1 Adult will have an average swing weight.

Kara Expert ·Jul 17, 2013


Is this a well balanced bat and what is it comparable to?

The COMBAT Grifter BBCOR: GRIFAB1 Adult is a balanced two-piece bat. It is similar the Louisville Slugger TPX Vertex or the 2013 Easton S2.

Kara Expert ·Jul 01, 2013


Does the end cap crack quickly?

After reading some of the review it seems that it has happened. Please keep in mind that the COMBAT Grifter BBCOR: GRIFAB1 Adult has a 12 month manufacturer's warranty. So if that happens they will replace it.

Chad M. Expert ·Apr 28, 2013

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Product Description

The COMBAT Grifter has already proven itself in youth baseball, now it's time for the Grifter to back up COMBAT's claims of having best BBCORs on the market. For those unfamiliar with the Grifter, it is COMBAT's execution of a high performance two-piece bat. A composite handle combined with an ultra-durable Titanium-enhanced alloy barrel is name of the game here. No fancy rubber hinges or vibration absorbers are present, because the Grifter's resonance-proof taper and Gear Technology tune the fundamental modal frequencies to match bat-ball collision. In layman's terms, the energy of your swing goes completely into the ball, without echoing back into your hands. That's ZERO STING and VIBRATION!! The Grifter also features a lower Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) that allows players to swing faster and thus generate more power behind their swing! The sweet spot is also several inches larger than on past bats, because even though BBCOR rules regulate trampoline effect, they do not regulate sweet spot size. So even though your distance on perfect hits may not dramatically increase, the ball will travel much further on inside and outside contact. COMBAT: For Players, By Players! The Grifter is BBCOR Certified and approved for High School and Collegiate play. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!


COMBAT COMBAT is obsessed with making the "best bats" in the industry. A product of the CE Composites brand, COMBAT entered the baseball and softball worlds in 2004. Since that point, the company has emerged as the fastest growing brand within the industries. Their bats have set a higher standard in all leagues and age ranges. The brains behind COMBAT are not only regarded as composite design, manufacturing and engineering experts, but they are also die hard fans and players of the game. Above all, they strive to understand what players need and want. They truly live by their motto:"FOR.... read more


Thank you for sending my order. I have received it and thank you for the fast and on time delivery. I hope I can get other items from your store I will go back and see what else I can get from your store, Thank you. Have a nice weekend.

- Silas, Petaluma, CA

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