D-BAT One Hand Training Baseball Bat: OHT-S Small

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D-BAT One Hand Training Baseball Bat: OHT-S Small
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  • D-BAT One Hand Training Baseball Bat: OHT-S Small
  • D-BAT One Hand Training Baseball Bat: OHT-S Small
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Product Features

  • 0.86 Inch Handle
  • 2.35 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • For Use in Soft Toss or With a Tee
  • Free Shipping!
  • Natural Handle / Black Barrel Finish
  • Northern White Ash Wood
  • Size: 18 inch 13oz.
  • Strengthens Top or Bottom Hand
  • Traditional Knob


3 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

5 Star Rating   3 customer reviews

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D-BAT One Hand Training Baseball Bat: OHT-S Small
4.666667 Star Rating
by Another Softball Dad
D-BAT One Hand Training Baseball Bat: OHT-S Small review by Another Softball Dad
Pros: My 11 yr. old daughter took right to it. I had her take 10 swings with each hand, then grab her bat. She picked it up, and said, "this feels so light!" It's now a part of her routine. Cons:None.

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D-BAT One Hand Training Baseball Bat: OHT-S Small
4.666667 Star Rating
by Tom T
D-BAT One Hand Training Baseball Bat: OHT-S Small review by Tom T
Pros: Right size and weight for my 11 year old. Tried some others first and they were to heavy for him disrupting the mechanics of the drill. Well made and finished. Cons:None. Trust trying to convince my son the value or one handed training drills. They are not easy at first.

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D-BAT One Hand Training Baseball Bat: OHT-S Small
4.666667 Star Rating
D-BAT One Hand Training Baseball Bat: OHT-S Small review by
Pros: best bat ever Cons:none

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Questions and Answers

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Is this bat suitable for one hand training by a 7.5 y/o who currently uses 14 oz 27" bat for games?

The D-BAT One Hand Trainer: OHT-S Small Training Bat weighs 13 oz. If he's been using a 14 oz. bat as his everyday bat, then it may be just a little too heavy as a one hand trainer. It's definitely something he can use and grow in to by the time he is 9-10 years old or so.

Tyler Expert ·Feb 27, 2013


Does anyone make a bat like this for coach pitch age group (6-8)?

The D-BAT One Hand Trainer is a training bat that is great for all ages.

Justin R Expert ·Feb 14, 2013


What bat size and weight would be best for 13yr olds.? 18, 20,22?

The D-BAT One Hand Trainer: OHT-L Large Training Bat would be recommended for a 13 year old as he will be able to get more long-term use out of it. The OHT-M would work great as well, but I feel the OHT-L would be something that would benefit him better over time.

Tyler Expert ·Jan 10, 2013

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Product Description

The D-Bat OHT-S may be small, but for the serious coach and/or player, its usefulness is unmatched. This 18"/13 oz. training bat is used for tee and soft toss drills to aid in hand eye coordination, bat control, as well as top hand strength. The OHT-S is used by numerous hitting instructors to help teach players the importance of "throwing" the top hand and gaining extension through the hitting zone throughout their swing. Once you begin practicing with the OHT-S, you will soon start to reap the benefits that come from added barrel control and quickness that only this bat can help you achieve. This bat is a great training tool for players of all ages. D-Bat selects only the highest quality billets to make into their bats. They reject wood billets that many other manufacturers use as their mainstay materials for their premium product. Using the highest quality hardwood maple and ash, coupled with precision hand-turned and finished bats, allows D-Bat to produce a bat absolutely second to none. D-Bat's calculated decision not to spend thousands of dollars marketing their product through professional players has allowed them to put their money into making one of the best wood bats on the market at a price far below the premium price of their competitors. D-BAT: The Best Wood on the Field! Free Shipping!

About D-Bat

D-Bat D-BAT built its state-of-the-art factory in 2001 and began selling its products in January of 2002. Originally, wood bats made of ash and maple were the only product made. Growth was rapid during the next five years. Our bats are recognized as the finest quality in the industry. We are MLB approved and have many professional players currently swinging our wood. We have expanded our product line over the years to include baseballs, gloves, batting tees, and batting gloves. We continue to offer quality products and competitive prices to our customers while priding ourselves in our superio.... read more


I would like to let your company know that for three years I have been ordering bats from you and I have always had a young man named Clint help me and put my orders in through him. I just wanted to let you know how nice, helpful and sweet he is. He has always treated me with the utmost respect, always called me back if needed, and always given me a lot of helpful information on my orders. He is just a wonderful representative of your company. I will continue to order for your company as long as he is working for you. Thanks you.

- Amber, Cunningham, TN

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