DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXVSC

57 Reviews
DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXVSC
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  • DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXVSC
  • DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXVSC
  • DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXVSC
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Product Features

  • ***2 1/2 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • BBCOR Certified - Approved for H.S. and Collegiate Play
  • Extended Sweetspot
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Rotation Index for Even Break-In
  • SC4 Alloy Barrel
  • SC4 Alloy Handle
  • Two-Piece Fully Aluminum Design


57 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

5 Star Rating   57 customer reviews

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DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXVSC
4.508772 Star Rating
by baseballkid
DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXVSC review by baseballkid
Pros: very good pop great sized sweet spot, in my opinion it is better than the voodoo and cf5. feels like a besr Cons:feels a bit top heavy but still gets through the zone good giving to good power.

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DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXVSC
4.508772 Star Rating
by Ferrara
DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXVSC review by Ferrara
Pros: Great bat. Good pop for a BBCOR and a good sized sweet spot. Feels almost like a BESR. Cons:Two hits to the end of the bat, and the cap cracked.

Was this review helpful? 27 11

DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXVSC
4.508772 Star Rating
DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXVSC review by BIGSTICK
Pros: Big sweet spot, feels very light when swung, and it feels a lot more solid and like a BESR than all the other BBCORS. Cons:It says the barrel is 2 5/8 but its really 2.5, i have one and measured the barrel myself. Not really a con b/c it has ridiculous pop though.

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Questions and Answers

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Is this more of a end loaded or balanced bat? Also, what's the difference between the Vexxum and the Versus?

The DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXVSC) is a very balanced bat. The difference between the Versus and the DeMarini Vexxum (DXVXC) is that the Versus features a two-piece full alloy design which will be much stiffer than the Vexxum which features a two-piece composite handle and alloy barrel bat.

Sean Expert ·Aug 13, 2014


Is this bat composite?

The DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXVSC) is a two-piece, fully alloy model and does not contain composite materials.

Mac Expert ·Jul 21, 2014


Im mainly a power bitter so would this bat be a good bat for power hitters?

Yes, the DeMarini Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXVSC) is a great bat for a power hitter.

Sean Expert ·Jul 17, 2014

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Product Description

This season brings release of the newest DeMarini BBCOR bat, the Versus! The Versus BBCOR has a uniquely shaped barrel to give it the ultimate performance while still meeting BBCOR regulations. This unique shape actually makes the barrel longer and thus increases the sweet spot! Adding to this bat's uniqueness, it is a two-piece fully aluminum design made from DeMarini's patented SC4 Alloy. The alloy used in the barrel goes through a proprietary aluminum extrusion process that provides a thickness-tuned wall that reaches down the length of the barrel. This creates an absolutely wicked sweet spot that is able to stand up to every crushing blow! The SC4 Alloy handle is also thickness-tuned so that every ounce of the player's energy during their swing is transferred to the ball with maximum feel and feedback. This is a truly a bat unlike anything else on the market that's power and feel must be experienced to be believed. As with all DeMarini bats, the Versus is marked with a Rotation Index to remind players to rotate their bat every time up. This creates an even break-in and greatly extends the life of the bat. DeMarini: Insane Dedication to Performance! The Versus is BBCOR Certified and approved for high school and collegiate play. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!

About DeMarini

DeMarini In 1992, DeMarini Sports had something to celebrate. The three-year-old company had climbed a rung on the proverbial ladder of success, moving its world headquarters from a dirt-floored barn to a slightly larger metal shack. "It was a big move for us," recalled Ray DeMarini from the batting cage of DeMarini Sport’s present-day Bat Industrial Complex. "The new shop was larger, more storm resistant, and -best of all- it had a heater." In the early days, DeMarini Sports hardly made a blip on the radar screen of softball. With no retailers and virtually no advertising budget, DeMarini.... read more


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