Marucci Ash Wood Fungo: MAFCS2 Natural

3 Reviews
Marucci Ash Wood Fungo: MAFCS2 Natural
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  • Marucci Ash Wood Fungo: MAFCS2 Natural
  • Marucci Ash Wood Fungo: MAFCS2 Natural
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Product Features

  • 35 Inch Fungo Bat
  • Ash Wood
  • Free Shipping!
  • Handcrafted Quality
  • Lightweight Design
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Natural Finish
  • Perfect for Infield or Outfield Practice


3 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

5 Star Rating   3 customer reviews

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Marucci Ash Wood Fungo: MAFCS2 Natural
5 Star Rating
by Jeff
Marucci Ash Wood Fungo: MAFCS2 Natural review by Jeff
Pros: Very nice fungo for the price. It has a good length to weight ratio and can be used for extended periods of time. I use it for both infield and outfield work. Cons:

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Marucci Ash Wood Fungo: MAFCS2 Natural
5 Star Rating
by Trim
Marucci Ash Wood Fungo: MAFCS2 Natural review by Trim
Pros: Great balance and feel. Very nice weight. Plus, this bat truly looks like a work of art Cons:I almost didn't want to hit a ball with it, because it looked so nice

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Marucci Ash Wood Fungo: MAFCS2 Natural
5 Star Rating
by Hambone
Marucci Ash Wood Fungo: MAFCS2 Natural review by Hambone
Pros: Quality bat, great finish, sends the ball out with little effort.. Cons:Handle a little slick, nothing a little tape didn't fix....

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Questions and Answers

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I am looking for a Marucci 36' Maple Fungo. Do you have it in inventory? Because I am from Japan, also would like to know if you could ship it over to Japan.

The Marucci Ash Wood Fungo: MAFCS2 Natural is the only Marucci fungo we currently have in stock right now. We are unable to ship overseas at this time.

Katie Expert ·Jul 05, 2013


What is the approximate weight of this bat?

Fungo bats have an approximate drop of -10 to -12

Kara Expert ·Jul 13, 2012

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Product Description

Marucci takes pride in turning top quality wooden baseball bats in the same tradition and precise technique of the earliest bat companies. Every Marucci Bat is cut, calibrated, balanced, buffed and lacquered by hand. Marucci uses top grade billets cut from selected, naturally grown trees in Pennsylvania forests. This selection process insures the highest possible grade of wood for each bat. Marucci's bats are 100 percent handmade or turned in small batches from an original design, then finished and detailed by hand. Marucci fungos are specifically designed for coaches to easily hit ground balls and fly balls for infield or outfield practice. Coaches know that hitting ground balls and fly balls to their team can be tiring. The unique shape of fungo bats makes them light weight and extremely easy to swing without wearing your arms out. The fungo bat will make it feel like you are swinging a bat that is a fraction of the weight of a normal bat and will give you extra distance even when you swing easy. The end weight design helps build momentum so that it requires less effort to swing it hard enough to hit the ball to any part of the field. Fungos have become a favorite among coaches because of their lightweight, durability and they are easy to use. Marucci: Experience the Excellence! Free Shipping!

About Marucci

Marucci When Marucci saw his 4 year old son Gino slide head first into home plate at his first T-ball game (when most of the kids on the team didn't know the difference between first base and third base, or which one to run to), he knew his son shared his love for the game. However, after two seasons of hearing the "clink" of the metal bat in the backyard, Jack and Gino could bear the sound no more. Searching for a child-size wooden bat proved to be quite difficult, even in the age of the Internet where everything is for sale. Most of the big companies didn't offer smaller bats and would only m.... read more


Thanks so much. I am sometimes hard to reach by phone so please email me with the info when you get it. Thanks again. Your prompt service has made me a customer!

- Mike, Sacramento, CA

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