Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCB1 Black

35 Reviews
Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCB1 Black
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  • Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCB1 Black
  • Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCB1 Black
  • Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCB1 Black
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Product Features

  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • AZ3000 Alloy
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Bat Profile Modeled After Best-Selling Marucci Wood Bats
  • BBCOR Certified - Approved for H.S. and Collegiate Play
  • Bulletproof Anti-Vibration Technology
  • Free Shipping
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • One-Piece Alloy Design


35 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

4 Star Rating   35 customer reviews

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Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCB1 Black
4.4 Star Rating
by DCG_2013
Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCB1 Black review by DCG_2013
Pros: This bat is the best BBCOR bat I have hit with, it is incredibly balanced and I can really feel the ball fly off the bat. The grip is great too. Cons:None

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Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCB1 Black
4.4 Star Rating
by Christian
Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCB1 Black review by Christian
Pros: THE VERY FIRST TIME I WENT OUT AND HIT BP WITH THIS BAT I WENT 15 FOR 15 WITH 15 HOME RUNS!!! THE BALL CLEARED THE FENCE BY AT LEAST 50 FEET EACH TIME ON A 350 FOOT FENCE!!! Just kidding, nobody can do that, regardless of what other reviews might say. Instead of over exaggerating everything, I am going to express my honest opinion on this bat. To start, I like the way the bat looks. The design is simple, but it is sleek and it doesn't chip. The grip is also very good, it is good enough that you might not even need batting gloves. The grip also helps with sting control, and it controls it very well. My old bat was a TPX Z1000, and it stung pretty much everywhere except the sweet spot. This bat only stings a little bit off the very end of the barrel and the top of the handle, but most bats do that. Now, with the couple of times I have hit with it, i have noticed that this bat has great pop and very balanced weight distribution. The ball flies off of the bat, even when you think you dont Cons:(continuation of above) think you got all of the ball when you hit it. The bat also has a satisfying "ping" sound, a sound that i never heard once with my Z1000, and i love it. I would recommend this bat for power hitters and line drive hitters, because of its even weight distribution and big sweet spot that comes with great pop.

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Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCB1 Black
4.4 Star Rating
by Garrett
Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCB1 Black review by Garrett
Pros: This is a great bat that is very balanced and has a good amount of pop Cons:Stings

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Questions and Answers

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I'm a singles and contact hitter. I need a balanced bat. The other bats I'm mainly looking at are the Louisville Slugger bats the Omaha 516 and the Select 716. How important do you think it is to use a two piece bat for someone with limited power? And what are the main differences between the Marucci ONE and the Louisville Slugger Omaha 516 because they are both one piece, balanced bats, but significantly different prices?

Using a one-piece versus a two-piece is essentially one of personal preference. Typically, power hitters will benefit more from a one-piece construction and contact hitters more so with a two-piece bat but that's not to say a power hitter doesn't prefer a two-piece or contact hitter a one-piece bat. As far as the Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat (MCB1 Black) being cheaper than the 2016 Louisville Slugger Omaha 516 BBCOR Baseball Bat this is going to be because of the Marucci being a 2015 model. All 2016 bats are going to be price protected by the manufacturer and thus cannot be adjusted until the next year's models come out (in the LS case the 2017 models). These two bats will have some slight differences but as far as one being able to produce significantly better than the other that would be one of personal preference/opinion.

Cameron Expert ·Nov 22, 2015


Is this bat legal for a NAIA college?

The Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCB1 Black is going to be BBCOR certified so it is approved for high school and collegiate play (including NAIA).

John Expert ·Oct 30, 2015


i am 5"7 165lbs. would a 33 inch work ok?

The Marucci ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat (MCB1 Black) in a 33/30 would certainly work for someone of your height and weight.

Cameron Expert ·Oct 18, 2015

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Product Description

Forget the bells and whistles. Pay no attention to gimmicky graphics and ridiculously named technologies. If you want a bat that performs at the highest possible level, look no further than the Marucci ONE. The Marucci ONE focuses on the things that are most important to players. First and foremost, the ONE features industry-best balance. Many players prefer a balanced bat and will see a dramatic increase in swing speed due to this perfectly weighted design. The AZ3000 Alloy used to construct the ONE is one of the most responsive alloys on the field. Its durability has been tested time and time again on previous Marucci models, and players that have experienced the power and pop of AZ3000 know that there is nothing like it. Marucci has also outfitted the ONE with their anti-vibration technology that is second to none. Developed with top bat scientists, Marucci's anti-vibration will give players the smoothest hitting experience of their lives. The ONE features a profile that is modeled after their best-selling world-class MLB wood bats. Available in a variety of different colors to suit any player's desire, the Marucci ONE might just be perfect bat. Marucci: Game Tested. Player Approved. The Marucci ONE is BBCOR Certified and legal for high school and collegiate play. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!

About Marucci

Marucci When Marucci saw his 4 year old son Gino slide head first into home plate at his first T-ball game (when most of the kids on the team didn't know the difference between first base and third base, or which one to run to), he knew his son shared his love for the game. However, after two seasons of hearing the "clink" of the metal bat in the backyard, Jack and Gino could bear the sound no more. Searching for a child-size wooden bat proved to be quite difficult, even in the age of the Internet where everything is for sale. Most of the big companies didn't offer smaller bats and would only m.... read more


Don't order from anyone else!!!!!!! Fast shipping, Outstanding customer service, and the BEST prices. I am referring you to all of my friends.

- Jeff, Sioux Falls, SD

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