RIP-IT Foxy Fastpitch Softball Bat: FOXY3 -11

RIP-IT Foxy Fastpitch Softball Bat: FOXY3 -11
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  • RIP-IT Foxy Fastpitch Softball Bat: FOXY3 -11
  • RIP-IT Foxy Fastpitch Softball Bat: FOXY3 -11
  • RIP-IT Foxy Fastpitch Softball Bat: FOXY3 -11
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Product Features

  • -11 Length To Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel
  • 30 Day 'Love It or Return It' Program From RIP-IT
  • Approved for Play in ASA, NSA, and ISA
  • Barrel-Loaded Design
  • BEST - Best Equipment Service and Technology
  • Designed by Softball Superstar Kristie Fox
  • Flex Technology
  • Free RIP-IT Roo (Assorted Colors) with purchase of new bat
  • Free Shipping
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturers Warranty
  • Maximum Flex at Slower Bat Speeds
  • Premium Cushioned Grip with Ridge
  • Single Wall Tempered Ballistic Alloy Blend


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Questions and Answers

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Is there much of a difference in "pop" between the -11 and -12 FOXY? My daugther is only 9 years old but she has a strong swing and is 5', and 94 lbs. She swings an Easton Cyclone 29"/20oz right now, but I'm thinking of moving her to a 29" or 30" FOXY.

There is not going to be a difference at all in the pop between the RIP-IT Elite Foxy: FOXY3 -11 Fastpitch bat or the RIP-IT Elite Foxy: FOXY4 -12 Fastpitch bat. The only difference between the two bats is going to be the length to weight ratio, meaning that a 30" in the -11 is going to be a 19 oz. bat and a 30" in -12 is going to be a 28 oz. bat.

Sean Expert ·Feb 11, 2012


I see this same bat online but does not say Elite Foxy3. Just Foxy3. Is there a difference in the bat or is it the same one?

Unfortunately, without being able to see the exact bat that you saw on the website, the only information that I can give you is on what we currently have in stock. The RIP-IT Elite Foxy: FOXY3 -11 Fastpitch bat is a single wall one-piece alloy design.

Linda Expert ·Jan 05, 2012

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Product Description

No fluff, just performance. The ALL NEW RIP-IT FOXY youth fastpitch bat is the only bat made and endorsed by a back-to-back NCAA national champion. Kristie Fox introduces the RIP-IT Foxy! One issue with youth bats is that the design is often modeled after the college level bats on the market. The problem with this is players swinging the youth fastpitch bats typically have slower bat speeds and less power than those swinging college level bats. The Foxy bat is designed to achieve maximum flex at slower bat speeds, meaning that youth players are able to get the walls of the bat to flex properly, and get optimum performance. This bat is not just a redesign of a previous bat, but a whole new evolution in bat technology. Other manufacturers continue to use the same manufacturing process they have used year after year, simply applying a new paint job to technology that is becoming more and more outdated. RIP-ITs tempered ballistic alloy blend is a new bat material designed by RIP-IT that is superior in both performance and durability when compared to composite and aluminum bats. This alloy blend feels like a composite bat, but requires no break-in and is hot right out of the wrapper. The blend also allows RIP-IT to adopt a full-barrel flex technology which achieves a maximum flex along the entire length of the barrel, making the barrel one giant sweet spot. The weight in the barrel is also precisely distributed throughout the barrel to ensure that the barrel "whips through" the strike zone to contact the ball with maximum bat speed for unbelievable power transfer. Vibration Dampening Micro-Layer technology inside the barrel and the one-piece design of the bat works to eliminate vibration in the bat. The one-piece design makes sure that all the energy available is transferred to the ball and not lost due to being absorbed by the joint of two-piece bats. Less wasted energy means the ball really jumps off of this bat. When performance matters, just RIP-IT. Free shipping.

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Thanks for the great service and products.

- Sean, Rock Island, IL

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