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Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: KB1 Natural Adult

8 Reviews
Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: KB1 Natural Adult
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  • Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: KB1 Natural Adult
  • Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: KB1 Natural Adult
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Product Features

  • 2 1/2 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 29/32 Inch Handle
  • Approximate -2 to -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • Flared Knob
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  • Made From Top 5% of Hard Maple Prime Grade Timber
  • Natural Finish
  • Pro Cupped End
  • Retains 100% of the Maple's Natural Hardness
  • Rideau Crusher Model
  • Turning Model: 271


8 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

5 Star Rating   8 customer reviews

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Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: KB1 Natural Adult
4.75 Star Rating
Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: KB1 Natural Adult review by
Pros: Really hard maple.All around quality. Like with any wood bat ya got to hit it well. When you do you will like the results of the Kb1. Cons:The obvious wood bat cons. Nothing out of the norm.

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Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: KB1 Natural Adult
4.75 Star Rating
by Jack
Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: KB1 Natural Adult review by Jack
Pros: This is a very good durable balanced bat. As many other customers, I was a bit skeptical when purchasing the bat, especially whether it would be balanced or not. After buying this bat, there was no looking back. Its balanced very well and the flared know allows for a little bit of weight to reside in there rather than the barrel. The barrel size if also especially good in comparison to the handle and knob. It's got some great pop with that natural wood bat "crack" hitters like to hear. If your looking into get a Sam Bat that is balanced, get this. If not, go for a Marucci. Cons:At first may feel a little bit barrel-heavy but its not.

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Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: KB1 Natural Adult
4.75 Star Rating
by Tom L.
Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: KB1 Natural Adult review by Tom L.
Pros: This is simply the best maple bat made. It is well balanced, rock solid, and truly professional grade. For serious players this is a must have! Cons:None.

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Questions and Answers

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This bat has turn model of 271. I was wondering if there is that much of a difference then a 110?

The main difference between a 271 and a 110 turn model is that a 110 will feature a slightly thicker handle than the 271. Both models are considered balanced.

Justin R. Expert ·Aug 11, 2013


If you put pine tar on this bat, will it show up nicely?

Par tar will definitely show up like a nice brownish residue.

Shelbe Expert ·Dec 27, 2011

Yes, with the light color of the Maple, it will show up nicely.

Linda Expert ·Dec 27, 2011


Can I order this bat with the length 33 and weight -2

Bats will not be an exact weight. This one is approximately a -2 to -3.

K.B. Expert ·Nov 22, 2011

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Product Description

Use the same quality bat as many professional players. Sam Bat! Some folks will lead you to believe that wood is wood, and that the brand does not matter. Others will tell you that the bigger the brand, the better the wood, because of their sheer mass of raw materials, and the ability to hand select the finest timber. We will tell you that is only the beginning. All Sam Bat timber is of the highest grade Hard Maple available in North America. Every bat to come out of the mill is made from the top 5% of Hard Maple Prime Grade Timber. That makes a Sam Bat good, but what happens next makes it great. Conventional lathes put a tremendous amount of stress on timber as the wood is being turned. This fatigue weakens the stick before it even sees the ballpark. Sam Bat timber is turned into a baseball bat on a proprietary lathe, custom built for and designed by Sam Holman, the founder of Sam Bat. This exclusive technology puts absolutely no stress on the timber during the production process. Most bats lose at least 4-5 long shots before they leave the factory floor, but Sam Bats keep them. But the real test is at the elite pro level. In just a few years, hundreds of professional players have made the switch to Sam Bat Hard Maple. Sam Bat: The Original Maple Bat Corporation! Free Shipping!

About Sam Bat

Sam Bat Origins of Sam BatSam Bat grew out of careful research and a thorough knowledge of eastern hardwoods. It also developed from a simple question by Bill MacKenzie, then of the Colorado Rockies: "We're just breaking too many bats. Do you think you could come up with an answer to that?" The solution was fairly obvious. But the answer led to a pile of work and a crash course on bats. The reading list ranged from "The Physics of Baseball", "The Rules of Major League Baseball", "219 Patents on Baseball Bats" to "The Trees of Canada, Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers". There was also the se.... read more


Armando, You made one 11 year old boy very happy, thank you.

- JoAnne, Randolph, NJ

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