2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat: DXCFR

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2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat: DXCFR
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  • 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat: DXCFR
  • 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat: DXCFR
  • 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat: DXCFR
  • 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat: DXCFR
  • 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat: DXCFR
  • 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat: DXCFR
  • 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat: DXCFR
  • 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat: DXCFR
  • 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat: DXCFR
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Questions and Answers for 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat: DXCFR


What day can you pre-order the CF7 -8?

The 2015 DeMarini baseball line will be released in early September. Once we receive the bats in from DeMarini we will have the Pre-Book option available.

John Expert ·Jul 28, 2014


What is the difference between the DXCFR and the DXCFX?

The only difference between the two bats is the length to weight ratio. The 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat (DXCFR) has -8 length to weight ratio and the 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat (DXCFX) has a -10 length to weight ratio.

Jason Expert ·Jul 25, 2014


Is this a youth bat? is it good for an 11 year old?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat (DXCFR) is a youth big barrel. It is designed for youth players that can use big barrel bats.

Jason Expert ·Jul 25, 2014


Hey, I have a quick question! Will JustBats be restocking on this bat? I need a 32-24 in this model and Im looking to buy if off just bats if they restock in that size. Thanks.

The 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat (DXCFR) has been discontinued. This means that we typically will not receive any more in stock.

Bobby Expert ·Jul 13, 2014


When will the CF7 be released?

The new DeMarini CF7 should be out around 9/1/2014. The 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR Senior League) also had great pop and performance as well.

Brandon Expert ·Jun 07, 2014


What should I do to break-in the composite?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR) will take 150-200 swings off of a tee, or with soft toss to get that bat game ready. Make sure you rotate the barrel between hits to evenly break the composite material in.

Justin R. Expert ·May 18, 2014


If we order this bat today when will it be at my house?

All orders are shipped the same business day when ordered by 8:00pm Central Standard Time. All packages will be DELIVERED within 5 business days when the free shipping option is chosen. We ship from Kansas City, Missouri right in the heart of the United States, so most orders will be delivered in less than 5 days depending on your location.

Zach Expert ·May 10, 2014


Will this bat have better pop then the CF5? The CF5 had a lot of pop and that's what I want. Will it be better?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6: (DXCFR) will have different material and technology inserted into the barrel to help improve its performance from the 2013 model. The Paradox Composite material used will help create a bigger, more responsive sweet spot. This bat is extremely hot, and will be very high performing. If you were a big fan of the CF5, you will definitely love the 2014 DeMarini CF6.

Merritt Expert ·May 09, 2014


Is this bat different from the cf5 senior league -8 besides the paint job? Will it have the same performance as the cf5?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR) will be different from the DeMarini CF5 (DXCFR) in that it has a new enhanced connection point that helps to better reduce sting and vibration to the hands of the player. The composite material used will also be different with the CF5 using the TR3 F.L.O. composite and the CF6 using an upgraded "paradox" composite. The balance and swing weight will be the same but other than that they will be different by design.

Patrick Expert ·May 08, 2014


My son is in 8th grade. He has a good build and has a lot of strength. He weighs 140 lbs. and is 5'6". What size should he swing? He's in juniors for two more years and whats something he can use to play high school ball.

Based on his height and weight, we recommend a 32" 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR). This particular model is a senior league model, which means that it will not be legal for play in high school. A player must use a BBCOR certified bat in order for it to be legal for play. The BBCOR model of this bat would be the DXCFC, you can check it out here:

Tessa L. Expert ·May 07, 2014


I am more of a power hitter, I like the CF5 youth bat and I want a big barrel for my travel team. I like a balanced bat with a lot of pop.

The 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR) would be a great choice for you. It is very well balanced and the Paradox composite material provides a ton of pop.

Bobby Expert ·Apr 29, 2014


What bat has more pop; the Mako or the CF6 senior league model?

Both the 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR) and the 2014 Easton MAKO (SL14MK9) will be similar in terms of performance. The only noticeable difference would be that the Mako has a slightly longer barrel giving it a bit bigger sweet spot.

Patrick Expert ·Apr 24, 2014


My son is 13 and is 5'0" and weighs 110lbs. He's an aggressive hitter and last year used a -10 Rip it 31/21. He's required to use between a -5 to -8.5 this year and he wants a CF6. Based on these parameters, what suggestions on bat and size would you have?

Based on his approximate height and weight, the suggested length we would recommend would be 31 inches. If he was using a -10 before, I think moving down to a -8 would be a great transition weight. There will be a slight weight difference, however, I don't think it will be too detrimental to his swing speed. The 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR) would actually be a really great choice to look at because it will be extremely balanced. The weight distribution will be very even, making it easy to create a fast bat swing. This model will also have some very powerful technology in it to help expand the sweet spot and eliminate vibrations. This model has also been one of our most popular, and has been highly reviewed.

Merritt Expert ·Apr 10, 2014


Does the bat require any break-in procedures?

Yes, the 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR) is a two-piece, fully composite design and will require a break-in period. We recommend 150-200 hits off a tee or soft toss. It’s best to start off at about 40% power, and gradually increase. Also, be sure to rotate the barrel a quarter inch after every hit to ensure an even break-in.

John H Expert ·Apr 01, 2014


My son is 13 but is only 4'8" and 75 lbs. He currently has a -10 Easton S1 but has been swinging an Easton S3 BBCOR for middle school. I was thinking about moving him to a -8 big barrel for his travel team to give him more strength than -10. How would you compare this CF6 to the Combat Wanted and the Easton XL1? Which would you recommend for him?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR) Senior League and the COMBAT Wanted are both balanced bats with a two-piece composite design. The XL1 is a two-piece composite design with an end loaded swing weight. The XL1 is great for power hitters and the CF6 and Wanted are terrific bats for contact hitters.

Jason Expert ·Mar 01, 2014


My son is 11 years old, 5'5" and 185 lbs. He was hitting them over the fence last season with a CF5 31" -11. What size would you recommend in the CF6?

Based on his height and weight we recommend a 32" 24 oz. 2014 DeMarini CF6: DXCFR

Kara Expert ·Feb 06, 2014


Is this legal for Pony League?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR) is legal in Pony League.

Kara Expert ·Jan 30, 2014


Looking for the best performance -8. My son really hit well all year with the CF4 last year (-8) but really hit some bombs with a teammates Voodoo (-9). What bat would you recommend this season? He has gotten a lot stronger this year as well should he go to a -5?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6 ( DXCFR) is designed for contact hitter than needs to increase their bat speed. The DeMarini Voodoo (DXVDR) is end loaded and better for a power hitter. We recommend the -8 or -9 bat.

Kara Expert ·Jan 16, 2014


My son is 5'1 and 112 lbs. I'm going to a -8 this year for him but wonder if he needs to stay at 30" length or 31"?

Based on his height and weight, we recommend a 31" 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR). For more information regarding sizing, feel free to visit our Bat Coach:

Tessa L. Expert ·Jan 15, 2014


Is it legal for middle school?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR) Senior League features the new USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp and should be legal for middle school. However, leagues can vary on their rules and it is always best to double check with league officials.

Jason Expert ·Jan 12, 2014


im 5' 2 and about 100 pounds. im a contact hitter. i want a bat with good pop that will be good for me. should i get the easton mako or cf6?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6 (DXCFR) and the 2014 Easton MAKO are both two-piece composite bats, designed for a contact hitter. They are both balanced and very high performing. The MAKO has a slightly extended barrel. The CF6 offers a D-Fusion handle to help reduce vibration, but this also causes it to feel stiffer.

Tori Expert ·Jan 07, 2014


Is the CF6 -8 Babe Ruth certified?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6: DXCFR Senior League is not approved in any division of Babe Ruth Baseball. Babe Ruth has more strict regulations all bats with 2 5/8" barrel diameters made from composite materials. If a Big Barrel bat has a composite barrel, it is required to be BBCOR certified. Only -3 bats are BBCOR certified, so this -8 CF6 model would not be allowed.

Mac Expert ·Dec 08, 2013


Is this more end loaded than the CF5 -10 big barrel? Because the old CF5 is too light for me.

The 2014 DeMarini CF6: DXCFR Senior League is more balanced than the CF5. If you prefer an end loaded bat we recommend the 2014 DeMarini Voodoo: DXVDR Senior League.

Kara Expert ·Dec 05, 2013


My son is 5'2" about 95 lbs and playing 13U Travel Elite Baseball. He used a 30" -10 Rawlings VELO, he has very fast hands, would this bat be too light?

If he has very quick hands the 2014 DeMarini CF6: DXCFR Senior League will be a little too light for him. We recommend the 2014 DeMarini Voodoo: DXVDR Senior League. It has an end loaded feel, designed for a player with quick hands.

Kara Expert ·Dec 02, 2013


My son is 10 yrs old 54" tall and 65 lbs and has really fast hands. Looking for a bat with some pop, and also a properly sized bat. Was using a 28" 17 oz. and it just looks way to small for him.

Based on his height and weight, we recommend a 29" 2014 DeMarini CF6: DXCFR Senior League. If he can swing an end loaded bat the 2014 DeMarini Voodoo: DXVDR Senior League is good option for power hitters.

Jason Expert ·Nov 27, 2013


What drop is this bat available in?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League is available in a -8 and -10. There is also a BBCOR model available which is a -3.

Tori Expert ·Nov 26, 2013


Why do they not make it in -5? I love DeMarini and I might just have to settle for a -8.

Unfortunately, DeMarini did not produce the 2014 DeMarini CF6: DXCFR Senior League in a -5.

Tori Expert ·Nov 13, 2013


I have a son who will be playing travel ball. he is 59 inches and 105 lbs. he is a strong power hitter. what lenght bat should i ge? and at what age or size should i be looking at -8 bat

Based on his height and weight, we recommend a 30" model. The suggested bat weight depends on the preference for the player. There is no required weight until you get to high school when you are need to have a -3.

Jason Expert ·Nov 11, 2013


As far as pop which is better, the Voodoo or CF6? Would the 29" 21 oz. CF6 and 29" 20 oz. Voodoo feel the same? Would the CF6 feel lighter? Lastly, does this bat require any break-in period?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6: DXCFR Senior League and 2014 DeMarini Voodoo are very comparable in terms of performance, as they'll both push the 1.15 BPF limits. The CF6 is well balanced, and better suited for a contact hitter than the end loaded Voodoo, which is a good choice for a power hitter. The Voodoo will feel heavier than advertised, due to the end loaded weight distribution. The CF6 will require a break-in period of 150-200 swings due to the two-piece composite design. The Voodoo will not require a break-in, as it has an alloy barrel and composite handle.

Katie Expert ·Nov 11, 2013


Is it composite?

Yes, the 2014 DeMarini CF6: DXCFR Senior League is a two-piece fully composite bat.

Tori Expert ·Nov 06, 2013


How will the CF6 perform relative to the CF5?

The 2014 DeMarini CF6: DXCFR Senior League bat will out perform the previous year model CF5 due to the new Paradox Composite. This composite will allow for a larger sweet spot. Also, the CF6 will feature DeMarini's new D-Fusion handle technology. This new technology will help eliminate vibration upon contact.

Brandon Expert ·Nov 03, 2013


Is the weight distribution the same as the Easton XL series? Will this bat have the "end loaded" feel?

No. The DeMarini CF6 will have a balanced fee like the Easton S Series.

Damon Expert ·Nov 02, 2013


What is the advantage of a -8 versus a -10 DeMarini CF6?

If you have the strength to generate good bat speed the -8 will allow you to hit for more power as opposed to the -10 model. Going to a -8 would also allow you to make an easier jump to a BBCOR model which will be required by the time a player gets to high school.

Damon Expert ·Oct 29, 2013


Is the sweet spot on the -10 the same size as the -8?

Yes, the 2014 DeMarini CF6 -8 and -10 will have approximately the same sized sweet spot.

Justin R. Expert ·Oct 24, 2013


When will you have a 31" model in stock?

We are scheduled to get the 31" models shortly. As these are made available to us, we will make them available to pre-book for the November 1st release.

Justin R. Expert ·Oct 17, 2013

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