2014 Easton B3.0 Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SP14B3

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2014 Easton B3.0 Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SP14B3
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  • 2014 Easton B3.0 Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SP14B3
  • 2014 Easton B3.0 Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SP14B3
  • 2014 Easton B3.0 Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SP14B3
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Questions and Answers for 2014 Easton B3.0 Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SP14B3


How does this bat compare to the Stealth model (SP12ST98)?

The 2014 Easton B3.0 Slow Pitch Softball Bat (SP14B3) is essentially the same bat as the (SP12ST98), but the B3.0 is optimized to hit the newer .52 COR, 300 Compression softballs that ASA now uses. Also, the B3.0 is only approved for play in ASA and ISF while the Stealth model was approved by all major organizations. If you liked the Stealth, the B3.0 would be a great choice.

Mac Expert ·Jul 29, 2014



The main difference between the 2014 Easton B3.0 (SP14B3) and the 2014 Easton B4.0 (SP14B4) would be the design. The B3.0 is a two-piece design that will offer more flex while the B4.0 is a one-piece design that will be stiffer.

Patrick Expert ·May 23, 2014


Is this bat the exact same as the Stealth line-up? I had a Stealth Speed XL (SSR2) and want to buy something as close to it as possible. I didn't know if it was the B3.0 or L3.0.

The most similar bat in Easton's current slow pitch lineup would be this 2014 Easton B3.0: (SP14B3) Slow Pitch bat. Although the SSR2 had an extended sweet spot, it still offered a balanced swing weight like the B3.0. Between models, Easton has improved the composite material that composes the bat's handle, and this provides a stiffer flex for more efficient energy transfer.

Mac Expert ·May 19, 2014


Would you recommend this bat for use with .44 COR 375 balls? Will its durability be compromised?

The 2014 Easton B3.0 (SP14B3) is an ASA model. All the new ASA models are designed for the .52 COR balls. It will hit the .44 COR balls well, but durability will be compromised.

Justin R. Expert ·Apr 18, 2014


I have the Easton S2. How does this bat compare to it?

The 2014 Easton B3.0 (SP14B3) will be similar to the 2013 Easton S2 (SP13S2) but the Easton S2 is a one-piece design and will have a stiffer swing. The Easton S2 will be more comparable to the 2014 Easton B4.0 (SP14B4).

John H Expert ·Apr 10, 2014


What are the differences between the SP14B3 and the SP13B3?

The 2014 Easton B3.0 (SP14B3) and the SP13B3 both use the same composite materials. They are both balanced two-piece bats. The only difference is the graphics.

Kara Expert ·Mar 28, 2014


I cracked my Easton Synergy Flex ASA bat last night. I loved it and it had great home run power. Is the B3.0 the bat I should get to replace my Synergy?

The 2014 Easton B3.0: (SP14B3) is a new release from Easton, and is made with high quality materials. This model is part of the raw power series and has new technology to help boost its power and performance. The composite construction will also provide a bigger sweet spot, and will help provide good control. Overall, I think this would be an excellent choice to go with.

Merritt Expert ·Mar 28, 2014


How comparable is this bat compared to the SSR4? Reading a few descriptions, this is the new Stealth, but the SSR4 was slightly end loaded as this is a balanced bat.

The 2014 Easton L1.0 (SP14L1) is slightly end loaded. It is also a two-piece composite bat like the Easton Stealth. The 2014 Easton B3.0 (SP14B3) is the balanced version.

Kara Expert ·Mar 24, 2014

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