2014 Easton S2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL14S210

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2014 Easton S2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL14S210
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  • 2014 Easton S2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL14S210
  • 2014 Easton S2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL14S210
  • 2014 Easton S2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL14S210
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Questions and Answers for 2014 Easton S2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL14S210


My son is 13, is this bat approved for Babe Ruth play?

Yes, the 2014 Easton S2 Senior League Baseball Bat (SL14S210) is approved for Babe Ruth play for your sons age group.

Frankie Expert ·Nov 21, 2014


Does the S2 have a bigger barrel than the S1?

No, 2014 Easton S2 Senior League Baseball Bat (SL14S210) is going to have the same size barrel as the 2014 Easton S1.

Cooper Expert ·Jul 12, 2014


My son is a gap hitter who wants more power. Would this bat help him?

The 2014 Easton S2 Senior League Baseball Bat (SL14S210) is a very well balanced two-piece bat that can help a player increase bat speed which can lead to more power.

Patrick Expert ·Jul 10, 2014


im a 11 year old contact hitter is it good for power and contact or just contact

The 2014 Easton S2 is going to be directed more towards a contact hitter because of the balanced design of the bat but that does not mean it will not be a good bat for a power hitter.

Cooper Expert ·Jun 05, 2014


Is this bat legal for intermediate tournament play?

Yes, the 2014 Easton S2 (SL14S210) will be legal for the Little League Intermediate division.

Bobby Expert ·Jun 03, 2014


Is this bat good for a contact hitter with fast hands?

2014 Easton S2: (SL14S210) will be a great bat for a contact hitter. The two-piece construction will provide great flex, and this model is designed to help players increase their bat speed.

Merritt Expert ·May 13, 2014


Is this bat legal for Juniors Little League?

The 2014 Easton S2 (SL14S210) would be legal for Juniors Little League.

Zach Expert ·Apr 16, 2014


Why does the Easton S2 Senior League bat feel like most of the weight is in the barrel and the S1 feels like the weight of the bat is balanced?

The 2014 Easton S2: SL14S210 is considered a balanced bat. However, alloy weighs more than composite. Often a two-piece bat with a composite handle and alloy barrel will feel more end loaded when you compare it to composite bat.

Kara Expert ·Apr 03, 2014


Does this bat need to be broken in?

The 2014 Easton S2 (SL14S210) Senior League has an alloy barrel and does not require a break-in.

Jason Expert ·Mar 31, 2014


My son is almost 8 years old and plays machine pitch. Which Easton bat would be better for him in the speed series?

The 2014 Easton S1: (SL14S110) and 2014 Easton S2: (SL14S210) will work well for contact/gap hitters. The composite material will be a little bit stiffer, but will provide some good flex. The 2014 Easton S3: (SL14S310) will great for players incorporating a power hitting style. The one-piece alloy design will provide a lot of good pop. All three of the bats will be very balanced, making it easier to generate quick bat speed. Ultimately, preference of material, and playing style will be the deciding factor in deciding which bat would be most suitable for a player.

Merritt Expert ·Mar 19, 2014


Is this bat legal for Babe Ruth 13-15 Division?

The 2014 Easton S2 (SL14S210) is legal in Babe Ruth 13-15 Division.

Kara Expert ·Feb 18, 2014


Are there any changes from the 2013 model?

The 2014 Easton S2 (SL14S210) Senior League is the same design as the 2013 Easton S2 except for the color scheme.

Jason Expert ·Feb 15, 2014


How long/ many balls hit to break the sl14s210 28/18 bat in?

The 2014 Easton S2 (SL14S210) does not require a break-in process. Only composite barreled bats will require a break in which is around 150 swings off the tee or soft toss.

John Expert ·Feb 04, 2014


I am a 5'7" 14 year old looking for a heavier bat. I am power hitter and weigh 135 pounds. What Easton bat do you recommend?

The 2014 Easton S2: SL14S210 (Senior League) is a balanced two-piece bat. It is designed for a contact hitter. We recommend an end loaded, one-piece bat such as the 2014 Easton XL3 (SL14X35) for a power hitter.

Kara Expert ·Jan 30, 2014


I am looking for the newer model of the Easton Surge BSV14XL 2011 model. Composite handle and alloy big barrel. What is the newest cross? The S2 ?

The 2014 Easton S2 (SL14S210) replaced the Easton Surge. The S2 features improved composite material in the handle for better durability. It is more balanced than the Easton Surge.

Kara Expert ·Jan 30, 2014


I have an 8 year old that is 49" and weighs 52 lbs. He has to have a bat that is a 2 5/8" barrel and no more than drop 10. He has slow bat speed and makes good contact (only stuck out twice in over 100 at bats in the Spring) but he does not have a power swing. I'm looking for a bat for a contact hitter that will help his swing speed. Is this the bat for him?

Based on his height and weight, we recommend a 28" model in the 2014 Easton S2 (SL14S210) Senior League. The Easton S2 is a two-piece hybrid design with a balanced swing weight, which is great for contact hitters.

Jason Expert ·Jan 04, 2014


I have a Rival -10 that my 14 year old loves. However, too many hits equasl too many dents. I want the same feel. What do you recommend?

The bat that should offer the most similar feel to the Easton Rival would be the Easton S3. However, this 2014 Easton S2: SL14S210 Senior League has a balanced swing weight like both of those models. The S2 flexes more during the swing which is a feature that contact hitters typically benefit the most from. The composite handle in the S2 would also help eliminate vibration and improves energy transfer to the ball.

Mac Expert ·Dec 15, 2013

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