2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth

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2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth
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  • 2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth
  • 2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth
  • 2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth
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Questions and Answers for 2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth


I am 4 feet 7 inches tall and weigh 72 pounds. What size bat should I get?

For a player that size we would typically suggest a 29" 2014 Easton S3 (YB14S3). You may also be able to go up or down one inch depending on your strength and comfort level.

Gary T. Expert ·Apr 19, 2014


What height range is a 30 inch bat appropriate for?

The height a 30 inch bat is appropriate for varies based on the weight of the player. A 30 inch bat can be appropriate for players ranging in size anywhere from 3 feet tall to 5 foot 8 or so. If you would like to see where your player falls in the sizing chart here is a link: http://www.justbats.com/bat-resource-guide/selecting-a-baseballbat/

Patrick Expert ·Mar 23, 2014


I am 12 years old and 5' 2" 100 lbs. What size bat do you recommend?

Based on your height and weight, we suggest a 31" model in the 2014 Easton S3 (YB14S3) Youth.

Jason Expert ·Mar 08, 2014


What's the difference between The s2,and the s3series

The 2014 Easton S2: YB14S2 Youth is going to have a two piece hybrid composition incorporating both alloy and composite materials. The 2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth is going to be a one piece alloy design. Both bats will be balanced, however, the primary construction of materials will be the biggest difference between these two series.

Merritt Expert ·Feb 25, 2014


What size and length would you recommend for a boy of 4'10'' and 115 lbs?

Based on his height and weight, we would recommend getting the 2014 Easton S3 (YB14S3) in a 30''. For more information on sizing please visit our Bat Coach at http://www.justbats.com/bat-coach/.

Tori Expert ·Feb 21, 2014


Which delivers more pop - the composite or alloy? What length do you recommend for a 10-year old who is 4'9" and 70 pounds? He's a good contact hitter but doesn't have a lot of power.

Based on his height and weight, we recommend a 30" 2014 Easton S3 (YB14S3). Composite materials tend to have more pop than alloy because the composite material acts as a trampoline. The more the composite is used the farther the ball bounces. However, composite does take longer to break in. The Easton S3 has excellent pop for an alloy bat and does not require a break in period. Alloy is less expensive to manufacture and therefore, costs less. The Easton S3 is a stiffer bat, better for a player with some power.

Tessa L. Expert ·Feb 14, 2014


I am 4'11" and weigh 75 lbs,what length bat and ounce should I have

We suggest using a 30" bat and if moving to a Senior League bat a -10.

Aaron Expert ·Feb 09, 2014


I am 5 foot and weigh 120 lbs. I would like to know what bat size I should get?

Based on your height and weight we recommend a 30" 2014 Easton S3 (YB14S3).

Kara Expert ·Feb 07, 2014


Which bat has more pop? The S3, S500C or DeMarini Vexxum?

The 2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth bat along with the S500C and the Vexxum will have great pop and performance.

Brandon Expert ·Feb 02, 2014


Our 7 year old son is 49" tall and 50 lbs. We live in Iowa and begin outdoor kid-pitch baseball in March. Temperatures can be cool (50's and low 60's) and play through the end of July. We've looked on your site at the S1, S2, S3 and the MAKO bat. Our son prefers a balanced bat (not heavy on the end) and we've had good experiences with Easton bats so far. Considering he's 7, we're not sure about spending $279 for the MAKO. Considering his size, the climate he plays in, and wanting to stay in the $200 and below price range, what bat would you recommend?

The 2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth or the S2 Youth would be great bats for him at his age and size. They both would swing very balanced and not feel barrel heavy at all.

Brandon Expert ·Jan 12, 2014


My son is 9, but a big 9 (weighs about 108 lbs) and is a power hitter. I was told by a few of his coaches to get the Easton S3, and one of them recommended the 29". (He used a 28" 18 oz. last year.) Isn't there an S3 that is 29" 19 oz.?

The 2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth is available in a 29" 16 oz. The youth big barrel model: 2014 Easton S3: SL14S310 Senior League is available in a 29" 19 oz. If his league allows big barrel bats we recommend the S3, youth big barrel.

Kara Expert ·Jan 09, 2014


How does this compare to the XL3 model?

The 2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth is made from the same alloy material and features the same one-piece alloy design as the XL3 model. However, the S3 is a very balanced bat while the XL3 features an extended barrel length which gives the bat a slightly end loaded swing weight. Both bats are certified with the same BPF 1.15 performance restriction.

Mac Expert ·Dec 23, 2013


My son will be 7 when baseball season starts. He is 4'4" and weighs 60lbs. Would the YB14S3 or the YB14S2 be better for him?

The 2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth is a one-piece alloy, where as the S2 is a two-piece with an alloy barrel and composite handle. Both will be light weight and balanced and would be a good choice for a 7 year old.

Tori Expert ·Dec 03, 2013


What is the difference between the Easton YB14S2 S2 and the Easton YB14S3 S3?

The 2014 Easton S3: YB14S3 Youth is a one-piece alloy design. The 2014 Easton S2: YB14S2 Youth is a two-piece hybrid design with an alloy barrel and composite handle. The S3 will have more of a stiff feel, while the S2 will flex due to the composite handle.

Katie Expert ·Nov 27, 2013


Is it 2 pieces or 1 piece?

The Easton S3 is a one-piece all alloy design.

John Expert ·Nov 11, 2013

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