Anderson FlexZilla FP: FZFP Fastpitch

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Anderson FlexZilla FP: FZFP Fastpitch
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  • Anderson FlexZilla FP: FZFP Fastpitch
  • Anderson FlexZilla FP: FZFP Fastpitch
  • Anderson FlexZilla FP: FZFP Fastpitch
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Questions and Answers for Anderson FlexZilla FP: FZFP Fastpitch


My daughter loves the Anderson RocketTech. What bat do you recommend to replace that bat? She is 5'4'', 117 lbs, and has fast bat speed.

The 2013 Anderson FlexZilla FP: FZFP Fastpitch will feature an alloy barrel like the RocketTech. However, the Anderson TechZilla and the Anderson Ignite will be more comparable because they are one-piece alloy bats.

Tori Expert ·Nov 25, 2013


Can this bat be used in cold weather?

We do not recommend using any non-wood bat, including the 2013 Anderson FlexZilla FP: FZFP Fastpitch, in temperatures below 55°F (13°C). In those temperatures, the ball becomes much more dense and could damage or shorten the useful life of your bat. Composite can crack, and alloy can dent, so neither material is proven to be better in cold weather, unfortunately. I know that is not always avoidable, but it is important to be aware of.

Mac Expert ·Nov 13, 2013


How does this bat compare to the Xeno, in balance and stiffness.

Both bats will have a similar swing feel because both are very balanced. The Xeno will be a two-piece all composite bat. While the 2013 Anderson FlexZilla FP: FZFP Fastpitch will be a two-piece hybrid bat. Neither bat will be very stiff. They both will provide a lot of flex at the handle. Which will help bat speed.

Brandon Expert ·May 10, 2013


Do u make this bat in a drop 12?

The Anderson FlexZilla FP only comes in a -11.

Justin R. Expert ·Apr 21, 2013


Does it come in a 34"?

We are currently sold out of the 34" 2013 Anderson FlexZilla FP: FZFP. We expect them to arrive within the next two weeks. Once they are received in our warehouse our website will be updated immediately.

Kara Expert ·Feb 11, 2013


I am looking for some feedback on this bat. My daughter is 11 and plays 12u travel ball. I thought the balanced FlexZilla may be better for her than the rocket flex. She is only 4'9 and 80lbs. Do you think this bat has as much pop as most of the high end comp bats? I am a fan of the 2 piece comp/metal bats in my slow pitch playing.

The 2013 Anderson FlexZilla FP will have great flex in the handle. If you're a fan of two-piece half and half bats then the FlexZilla is a great choice. For your daughter's size I'd recommend the 31" size.

Kevin Expert ·Feb 08, 2013

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