Anderson Ignite: IXR10 Senior League

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Anderson Ignite: IXR10 Senior League
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  • Anderson Ignite: IXR10 Senior League
  • Anderson Ignite: IXR10 Senior League
  • Anderson Ignite: IXR10 Senior League
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Questions and Answers for Anderson Ignite: IXR10 Senior League


My 10 year old son is a contact hitter. He needs a bat he can get around quickly. Would the Ignite be a good bat for him?

The Anderson Ignite (IXR10) features the Enhanced Hitting Area (EHA) technology that allows it to have a lower moment of inertia (MOI). With a lower MOI, a player is able to pick up faster swing speeds, which would be a benefit to your son. It would be a great option.

Tessa L. Expert ·Feb 11, 2014


Is this bat the best USSSA -10 bat? If not, what one would you recommend?

The Anderson Ignite is one of the best alloy bats. Anderson's top of the line alloy is used in all of their bats for high performance and durability.

Kara Expert ·Aug 29, 2012


Is this an end loaded bat or more balanced like the Combat?

This bat will be a little slightly end loaded than most of the COMBATs, but it will still be a balanced bat.

Robb Expert ·Feb 06, 2012


Would you recommmend this bat or the Miken RZR: SLRZ10 Senior League. My son is 12 and on the smaller side, good contact hitter but seems to have trouble generating much power with the composite bats so was thinking about trying Aluminum. Your thoughts?

Out of both of these bats, I would recommend the Ignite. The Ignite is going to have better pop and better durability. Composite bats are going to need to be broken in and once they are broken in most will be hotter then an aluminum bat. Aluminum bats are ready to use right out of the box.

Todd Expert ·Nov 29, 2011


does this bat have good pop

Yes this bat will have great POP. The bat is made of a single wall alloy with a very large sweet spot. I would recommend this bat for anyone looking to add some power to their game.

Steve Expert ·Sep 27, 2011


is this a good bat for a twelve year old who plays usssa and he is 5 ft exact

There is going to be a lot of factors that go into what bat is going to be best for you. This is going to be a great link that we have that helps pick out the perfect bat for someone;

Todd Expert ·Sep 22, 2011

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