Anderson NanoTek: NANOFP Fastpitch

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Anderson NanoTek: NANOFP Fastpitch
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  • Anderson NanoTek: NANOFP Fastpitch
  • Anderson NanoTek: NANOFP Fastpitch
  • Anderson NanoTek: NANOFP Fastpitch
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Questions and Answers for Anderson NanoTek: NANOFP Fastpitch


Is this bat composite?

No, the Anderson NanoTek (NANOFP) is an alloy bat.

Jackson Expert ·Apr 21, 2014


So after Sept. 1 2013 this bat won't be legal for USSSA?

The Anderson NanoTek (NANOFP) does not feature the new USSSA stamp so it will not be legal for tournaments or high school play.

Bobby Expert ·Apr 14, 2014


Our league will not allow our girls to use two-piece or composite bats. They are not legal. Also, the bat has to be ASA approved. Will this bat pass the test?

Yes, the Anderson NanoTek: NANOFP Fastpitch bat will be a one-piece all alloy model that is ASA approved. It will work for your league.

Brandon Expert ·Mar 15, 2013


Are you able to use this bat in college?

Yes. The Anderson NanoTek: NANOFP Fastpitch bat is approved for Collegiate play.

Tyler Expert ·Sep 11, 2012


Is this bat a composite bat. We are not allowed to use them. If it is do you have any suggestion on any other bats? Thanks.

This bat is not a composite bat. It is 100% alloy, so it should be perfect for you to use!

Jennifer Expert ·Mar 13, 2012


Does this bat perform as well or better than a composite bat of the same price and is the an ISF approved mark on the bat?

Yes, this is a very high performing alloy. It will be approved for ISF play and will state that on the bat.

John Expert ·Dec 27, 2011


Is this bat end-loaded? or evenly balanced?

This bat is fairly evenly balanced.

LKH Expert ·Oct 26, 2011


Is this bat approved for ASA, USSSA, etc. and all highschool associations?

Yes, this bat is approved by all governing bodies until September 1, 2013. After that date, the new USSSA stamp will be required for play in USSSA.

LKH Expert ·Oct 26, 2011


Is this a good bat for a power hitter?

Yes, this would be good for a power hitter. 1 piece, huge sweet spot.

lkh Expert ·Oct 24, 2011


What is the difference in the -10 and -12 versions of this bat? (other than length)

The only difference is the length and weight.

Kara Expert ·Oct 13, 2011

The only difference is the length to weight ratio. Other than that, they are the same.

John Expert ·Oct 13, 2011


I have a 7 year old who currently swings a 30/17 Bustos, but looking for something biggger with more pop. Would you recommend the nanotech 30/20 or another bat?

In my opinion a 30-20 is pretty heavy for a 7 yr old. Personally I would keep her in the Bustos a little while longer or at most move her to a 30-18. One suggestion is the COMBAT Lisa Fernandez LFFP3 it has a huge sweetspot, nice balance and great pop once broken in. If you would like more suggestions, just give us a call.

lkh Expert ·Oct 10, 2011


Is this bat a better bat then the rocketec? If so, why?

Nanotek has the thinnest walls you can get for a great pop.The strength of the NanoTek Alloy has helped create a Launch Pad sweet spot. The NanoTek Alloy stores more energy at contact and delivers superior performance, improved feel and twice the effective hitting area of the competition. The Rocketech is a multiwall bat with Internal PowerArch Technology. Anderson abandons conventional thinking when it comes to the multi-wall by introducing Internal PowerArch Technology to the RockeTech. This technology incorporates an arched interior sleeve design to generate maximum legal performance and an optimized moment of inertia (MOI). An lower MOI allows players to swing faster, which results in more power behind every swing!

lkh Expert ·Oct 10, 2011


IS it a composite or steel?

This is a 100% alloy bat.

Brett Expert ·Jul 19, 2011


Is this comopsite or aluminum?

This is an aluminum bat.

JH Expert ·Jul 19, 2011


Is this a single wall alloy?

Yes, this is a single wall alloy bat.

Bodie Expert ·Feb 03, 2011


is this bat approved for high school teams

Yes, this bat is approved for all ASA fastpitch organizations, leagues & high schools.

Bodie Expert ·Jan 06, 2011

This bat is ASA approved and is legal for High School play.

Sean Expert ·Jan 06, 2011


Who do I need to contact for returns if it's still within 30 days of purchase?

You have the option to contact either Anderson Bat Co. at 1-888-777-4487 or us at 816.587.6050. Both can provide you with steps to utilize the 30 Day "Proof at the Plate" program.

Jeff Expert ·Sep 15, 2010

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