Anderson NanoTek SP Omega Slow Pitch Softball Bat: NANOSPO

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Anderson NanoTek SP Omega Slow Pitch Softball Bat: NANOSPO
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  • Anderson NanoTek SP Omega Slow Pitch Softball Bat: NANOSPO
  • Anderson NanoTek SP Omega Slow Pitch Softball Bat: NANOSPO
  • Anderson NanoTek SP Omega Slow Pitch Softball Bat: NANOSPO
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Questions and Answers for Anderson NanoTek SP Omega Slow Pitch Softball Bat: NANOSPO


Is this bat legal for a league that is not allowed to have a double wall or a composite barrel? Will the end-loaded design have anything to do with the regulations?

The Anderson NanoTek SP Omega (NANOSPO) should be considered legal in single wall leagues and it does not feature composite material in the barrel, only on the handle. I have not seen any leagues deem a bat illegal for an end-loaded design but if you are concerned about it you may want to double check with a league official before purchasing the bat.

Patrick Expert ·Jun 15, 2014


What does the end load do to the ball when hit compared to the Alpha?

The end-loaded design of the Anderson NanoTek SP Omega (NANOSPO) can provide more power if the hitter is able to swing the bat at a similar speed to how they would swing a balanced model like the Anderson NanoTek SP Alpha (NANOSPA). This is accomplished by focusing the mass of the bat to the point of contact with the ball, thus increasing the force exerted on it.

Patrick Expert ·Jun 13, 2014


How does this bat compare to the DeMarini White/Raw Steel?

The end loaded swing weight of this Anderson NanoTek SP Omega (NANOSPO) Slow Pitch bat is very comparable to the feel that the DeMarini Steel models offer. This NanoTek would be most comparable in design to the (DXWHI) with its two-piece hybrid design. We haven't received a lot of feedback on this particular model, but most of the reviews indicate that it is a solid choice.

Mac Expert ·Feb 22, 2014


Do these bats have the new flexlink handles?

Yes. The Anderson NanoTek SP Omega: NANOSPO features Anderson's FlexLink handle design.

Tyler Expert ·May 14, 2013


Why is the Omega $300 when the Alpha is $250?

We received our last batch of Anderson NanoTek SP Alpha: NANOSPA at a lower price from Anderson than the Anderson NanoTek SP Omega: NANOSPO. Instead of keeping the price at $299.99, we decided to pass our savings on to our customers.

Tyler Expert ·May 13, 2013


I use a 34/30 Miken Freak DST Maxload in a men's league, which is their endloaded version of the DST Balanced, but cannot use it in a coed league. I know that endloaded bats swing a little heavier than balanced ones, but I was wondering if the 34/30 Omega feels comparable in weight to the 34/30 Freak DST Maxload before I buy it for a coed league.

The Anderson NanoTek SP Omega: NANOSPO Slow Pitch will not feel as end loaded as the Freak DST Maxload.

Kara Expert ·Apr 25, 2013


We would like to purchase the NanoTek bats for our league. If we ordered the end loaded bats say at 28 oz. some one said they seem to play heavier then they seem. Therefore would you recommend getting a lighter oz. one. Example if you wanted to use a 28 oz. bat would you order a 27 oz. to compensate for the 28 oz.

The Anderson NanoTek SP Omega: NANOSPO Slow Pitch is end loaded. We do recommend go to a 27 oz if you normally swing a 28 oz balanced bat.

Kara Expert ·Dec 19, 2012


Is the bat stamped on the taper with the USSSA logo like will be required for bats starting next year?

The Anderson Nanotek does have the USSSA BPF 1.20 stamp making it legal for play. Here is teh link to view more details on this model.

Derek Expert ·Aug 05, 2012


I am wondering what kind of sound this bat make upon contact with the ball. I have read several reviews and some have said that this bat has a loud "ping" sound.

The 2012 Anderson NanoTek SP Omega: NANOSPO Slow Pitch bat will make a ping sound at contact due to its single wall alloy barrel.

Nick D Expert ·Jun 23, 2012


On ebay this bat is listed as composite. Is the barrel 100% Alloy or is there any composite in it? Is the handle only composite?

The NanoTek SP Omega has a full alloy barrel and a composite handle.

Tyler Expert ·May 13, 2012


I play in a coed league. We can't use 100% composite bats that are double walled. I see that this is a single wall and considered a hybrid. Believe we can have composite handle. Is that what hybrid is referring to? Just want to make sure I can use this bat if i buy it.

The hybrid design in the 2012 Anderson NanoTek SP Omega refers to an alloy barrel and composite handle.

Kara Expert ·May 07, 2012


whats the difference between the omega and alpha?

The NANOSPO is going to have an end loaded weight distribution. The NANOSPA is going to have the weight distributed evenly throughout the bat.

Sean Expert ·Apr 29, 2012


I have a 2011 Nonotech bat and ASA is not allowing it. It seems this bat and the 2010 are ASA approved. Will the 2011 be submitted for ASA approval. How does this 2012 bat compare to the Miken Ultra II?

This bat will be approved for play in ASA for 2012 play . The Miken Ultra 2 (MSU2) is a senior league model which will be deemed illegal for ASA play.

David Expert ·Feb 07, 2012


Is this bat covered under the 30 day proof of play warranty?

No, Anderson no longer has its "Proof at the Plate" warranty anymore.

John Expert ·Jan 27, 2012


Does the bat play heavy? I use a 27oz. but have noticed that because some bats are end loaded they seem to feel heavier. Would I go to a 26oz on this bat instead of a 27oz. or does this bat play to its said weight?

This bat does have an end loaded swing so if you have been swinging with a balanced 27 oz. bat then this one will definitely feel a little heavier, the 26 may be a good choice.

Shelbe Expert ·Dec 27, 2011

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