Anderson TechZilla FP Fastpitch Softball Bat: KTZLFP

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Anderson TechZilla FP Fastpitch Softball Bat: KTZLFP
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  • Anderson TechZilla FP Fastpitch Softball Bat: KTZLFP
  • Anderson TechZilla FP Fastpitch Softball Bat: KTZLFP
  • Anderson TechZilla FP Fastpitch Softball Bat: KTZLFP
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Questions and Answers for Anderson TechZilla FP Fastpitch Softball Bat: KTZLFP


My daughter is a power hitter and did great with the TechZilla last year. She wants to stick with it again this year, but I'm wondering if she should get one of the bats everyone is talking about and see if that will help her get more power? Or, go with the theory that if it's not broke, why fix it and hope for another good hitting year?

If the performance of the Anderson TechZilla: (KTZLFP) is still high performing, and she is seeing results from this model, I would probably not switch bats at this point in time. It sounds like the material still has some heat left to give, and if she feels comfortable with it I would probably stick with it a little longer. However, if the material was starting to become dull, and less performing I would probably suggest looking towards a newer model.

Merritt Expert ·Apr 24, 2014


How does this bat compare to the RockeTech? My daughter has started using the RockeTech, but it is a little heavy for her against faster pitchers.

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The Anderson TechZilla FP: (KTZLFP) and 2014 Anderson RockeTech FP: (KRKTFP) will both be one-piece alloy designs and will be extremely comparable. Each model will incorporate similar technology including TaperFlex contour and a TrueFlex end cap to help reduce vibration and increase barrel elasticity. If you are looking for something lighter, but still very similar, the Anderson TechZilla FP: (KTZLFP) would be one of the best choices to go with.

Merritt Expert ·Apr 17, 2014


My daughter plays 14u and currently uses the DeMarini CF5 Insane which is end loaded. I'm looking for a balanced bat that can be used in cold weather, between the TechZilla and NanoTek which would be the better choice? And why?

The Andersen TechZilla is a one-piece fully aluminum design, where as the Andersen NanoTek is a two-piece bat with a composite handle and aluminum barrel. The TechZilla would be better for durability but the NanoTek would help to reduce vibration in cold weather.

Tom Expert ·Oct 08, 2012


Is Anderson going to put out a TechZilla with new graphics for 2013?

According to Anderson, they will be releasing a new line of TechZilla's this week. To our knowledge the graphics will not be changing.

Kara Expert ·Aug 14, 2012


My daughter is a line drive gap hitter as opposed to a power hitter. Would you recommend the Rip-It Force or Anderson Techzilla Fastpitch softball bat for her?

Both of these bats are similar in design and will perform just about the same. They are also about the same durability wise too. You can't really go wrong with either bat.

Jennifer Expert ·Apr 09, 2012


What is the actual serial/model number of this bat? We need to find it on our approved bat list for NCAA DIII Softball.

The model number for this bat is KTZLFP.

Jason Expert ·Mar 29, 2012


Is there a model number? I'm looking on the list of approved bats with the NCAA and don't see this bat listed. Thanks.

The model number for this bat is KTZLFP. The Anderson bats on the NCAA approved bat list are listed under some funky "model numbers". If you're looking at the NCAA approved bat list, the number they have listed for this bat is 017020...and it is legal. Best of luck!

TJ Expert ·Mar 29, 2012


My daughter has swung a Techzilla for 4 years. How does this one compare to the 2010 model?

Not a whole lot has changed with the TechZilla over the years. The 2012 model will have the same feel and construction as previous models.

Tyler Expert ·Feb 29, 2012


My daughter`coach buy 2011 model of this bat. Will last year bat perform like the 2012.

Yes this bat will perform exactly like the 2011 model.

Brad Expert ·Feb 05, 2012


Is this bat capable of being used in cold weather? I am looking for good bat to be used for High School early spring games.

Yes. This bat can be used in cold weather. This bat has an alloy barrel and good pop.

KG Expert ·Feb 01, 2012


I have a 12U player, great contact hitter (Avg size and bat speed)…. I’m looking at either the “TechZilla” or the “NanoTek”… which is a better bat?

Anderson makes a great all alloy fastpitch bat. The TechZilla will have very good pop and be a durable bat. The NanoTex is top of the line with Anderson and has the "LaunchPad" technology and a low M.O.I which will give the player faster swing speeds and more pop.

KG Expert ·Dec 06, 2011

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