Axe Phenom BBCOR Baseball Bat: L132A

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Axe Phenom BBCOR Baseball Bat: L132A
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  • Axe Phenom BBCOR Baseball Bat: L132A
  • Axe Phenom BBCOR Baseball Bat: L132A
  • Axe Phenom BBCOR Baseball Bat: L132A
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Questions and Answers for Axe Phenom BBCOR Baseball Bat: L132A


Is it a composite bat?

The Axe Phenom BBCOR Baseball Bat (L132A) is a one-piece alloy.

Jason Expert ·Jul 26, 2015


What is the difference between the model L132A & the model L132B? Are they the same bat, just a different year?

The Axe Phenom BBCOR Baseball Ba (L132A) and the L132B are the exact same bat. The only difference is the year they were released and cosmetic design. The L132A is the 2014 model and the L132B is the new 2015 model.

Jason Expert ·Nov 09, 2014


Is the L132A USSSA approved?

The Axe Phenom BBCOR (L132A) features the BBCOR .50 certification stamp and does not have the USSSA stamp. BBCOR is the strictest bat regulations out there, and typically BBCOR bats are legal for play in all baseball leagues. It is always best to check with league officials or a coach beforehand though.

Jason Expert ·Apr 20, 2014


Why is this version cheaper than the red one?

Both models are one-piece aluminum designs but the 2014 Axe Element (L137B) comes with a free L180 Maple Composite Wood BBCOR bat and the Axe Phenom (L132A) does not.

John H Expert ·Mar 25, 2014


Which bat has a lighter swing weight the Axe Phenom or the 2014 DeMarini Vexxum?

The Axe Phenom BBCOR (L132A) and the 2014 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR (DXVXC) are both very balanced bats.

Kara Expert ·Mar 06, 2014


Is this bat better for contact hitters or power hitters?

It tailors more towards contact hitters due to its tapered barrel for increased swing speed and balanced design.

Zach Expert ·Mar 04, 2014


When they say you can try the Axe handle for 30 days does that mean it is similar to Rip-It's love it or return it guarantee? Are you able to actually hit with the bat without voiding the warranty?

Yes, with the Axe 30 day guarantee, available on bats like the 2013 Axe Phenom BBCOR: L132A Adult, you can hit with the bat and return it for a full refund if you do not like it.

Tori Expert ·Nov 14, 2013


Will this bat be legal in the 2014 High School season?

The 2013 Axe Phenom BBCOR: L132A Adult is a BBCOR certified bat and is currently approved for High School and Collegiate play. All bats have a slight possibility of becoming decertified, so it is always best to continually reference the NFHS website.

Mac Expert ·May 01, 2013


Does AXE publish the MOI of their bats? Would like to know if they are end loaded or more balanced.

Most manufacturers do not test or obtain the exact MOI of their bats. However, the 2013 Axe Phenom BBCOR: L132 is a well balanced bat due to its tapered barrel for increased swing speed.

Tyler Expert ·Feb 12, 2013


Will this bat come in a 34" 31 oz. size soon?

Unfortunately, I am not seeing a 34" length on this 2013 Baden AXE Phenom BBCOR: L132A Adult bat. It looks like the 33" will be the longest size available.

Brandon Expert ·Nov 26, 2012

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