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Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat: AAA Pro Adult

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Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat: AAA Pro Adult
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  • Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat: AAA Pro Adult
  • Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat: AAA Pro Adult
  • Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat: AAA Pro Adult
  • Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat: AAA Pro Adult
  • Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat: AAA Pro Adult
  • Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat: AAA Pro Adult
  • Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat: AAA Pro Adult
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Questions and Answers for Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat: AAA Pro Adult


Do you accept credit cards from Venezuela?

We do not accept forms of payment issued outside of the United States. You may be able to purchase using a PayPal account but we do not ship outside of the U.S. either so you would need to ship it to someone to forward it on for you.

Patrick Expert ·Aug 10, 2014


Is it possible to put in a request for two different sizes? For example, could I order a 32/29 and a 34/31 as my 2 bat package?

This Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat (AAA) Pro Adult option is actually just for a single bat for the $269.99 price, which is why you're only able to select one size. We have both sides of the bat pictured to give a complete view of the item. Bat Packs that offer two of the same bats for one price will be listed as "*Item Name* 2-Pack". I apologize for the confusion, but please let us know if you have any other questions.

Mac Expert ·Jul 28, 2014


I'm 15, 6'4", and weighs 240 lbs. What size bat should I be using?

Based on your height and weight, we recommend a 34" Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat (AAA).

Tessa Expert ·Jul 23, 2014


What are some of the most balanced wood bats on the market?

If you are looking for a balanced wood design, it would be best to stick to either 110 turn model or 271 turn model bats.

Patrick Expert ·Jul 22, 2014


What turn model of wood bat is the Baum bat close to?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood Baseball Bat (AAA Pro Adult) will be very similar to a 271 turn.

John H Expert ·Jul 08, 2014


The league I'm entering allows only wood bats. Is this composite wood model legal in a wood bat league?

Composite wood bats, like the Baum Bat Composite Wood Bat (AAA) Pro Adult, are sometimes not allowed by specific leagues. I can't guarantee you can use this in your league, even though it carries the BBCOR certification mark, so I would recommend checking with a coach or league director prior to purchasing one.

Mac Expert ·Jun 30, 2014


Is there a paper that comes with this bat to be able to return it? If not, can you just find a proof of when you bought it?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood Bat (AAA Pro Adult) can always be returned back to if it is unused. Also, we are always able to find any previous orders and can email you any receipt needed.

Brandon Expert ·Jun 27, 2014


Can you use the Baum bat in a batting cages?

The outstanding durability on the Baum Bat Composite Wood Bat AAA Pro Adult bat can stand up to a lot but still lasts the longest when it is used with regulation baseballs rather than the yellow dimpled cage balls often used.

Patrick Expert ·May 29, 2014


Is Baum Bat better and stronger than a bamboo bat?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood Bat AAA Pro Adult bat is designed to be the most durable wood material bat on the market and lives up to that reputation. Bamboo is very strong but is not as durable as the Baum.

Patrick Expert ·May 29, 2014


Do you make this in 35 inches?

Baum Bat does produce this Baum Bat Composite Wood Bat (AAA Pro) Adult bat in the 35" length. But we currently do not have it in stock.

Mac Expert ·May 26, 2014


Do you sell the flared knob version?

Unfortunately, we currently only offer the Baum Bat Composite Wood Bat AAA Pro Adult with a standard knob design.

Patrick Expert ·May 19, 2014


What does the warranty cover?

The warranty on the Baum Bat Composite Wood Bat (AAA) Pro Adult covers any breakage or cracks that might occur.

Jason Expert ·May 14, 2014


Can the Baum bat be used at Perfect Game wood bat tourneys? The official rules state "11. Wood Bats: All players must use wood or wood composite bats only. No metal bats allowed. Part wood and part metal bats are not allowed." but local PG rules often mention "BAT TYPE: Wood bat. Composite bats are allowed as long as there is no non-wood material included."

The Baum Bat Composite Wood Bat (AAA) does not have any metal in the bat.However, it does have a plastic core. It would be illegal in the local rules you mentioned.

Kara Expert ·Apr 29, 2014


Since the bat has an ash shell, is it "bone rubbed", or is there a benefit to "bone rubbing" the bat when received?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood Bat: AAA Pro Adult won't receive the benefit from bone rubbing like most bats will. You might be able to achieve some compression of the outer shell, but the results will be very minimal if any at all due to the composite core.

Kyle J. Expert ·Apr 16, 2014


Is the whole bat supposed to have a rough texture?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat (AAA) has a rough texture.

Kara Expert ·Mar 18, 2014


Will the barrel flake off because it's ash, or does it not because it's just an ash shell?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat (AAA Pro) uses a foamed plastic, surrounded by composite material and has an ash wood exterior shell. With the exterior shell being made of ash, it is susceptible to flaking, like most bats made of ash tend to do. However as depicted by the video and customer reviews of this bat, it is very durable and is back by a full 4 month manufacture warranty.

Tessa L. Expert ·Jan 29, 2014


What is the swing weight to this bat? Balanced or slightly end loaded?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult has a balanced swing weight.

Tessa L. Expert ·Jan 03, 2014


What does it mean that it is a composite wood bat? And since this is a composite wood bat would it be outlawed by tournaments? Thanks.

The Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult has a composite surrounding core. It is BBCOR certified and legal for tournament play.

Kara Expert ·Jan 02, 2014


Is this bat legal for high school play?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult is BBCOR certified, which is required for high school and collegiate play.

Katie Expert ·Dec 26, 2013


What about use during temperatures below 50? Will its performance or durability be significantly changed?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult can be used in colder temperatures. The Baum Bat is a very durable bat and should not be affected by the colder temperatures.

Kara Expert ·Dec 20, 2013


Can this bat be used in the MLB or only up to AAA division ?

The Baum Bat Composite AAA model will not be approved for MLB play. MLB will require one solid piece of wood.

John Expert ·Dec 05, 2013


What are barrel and handle dimensions of this bat?

The barrel dimension of the Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult will be 2.505". The handle thickness will be standard at slightly less than 1".

Brandon Expert ·Nov 17, 2013


Can it be used for high school.?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult has the BBCOR certified .50 stamp and is legal for high school.

Jason Expert ·Nov 09, 2013


Is there a special way to hit with the baum? Do the labels have to be up or can you hit with anypart of the barrel?

We recommend to still hit the Baum Bat Composite Wood bat with the label facing up. That will help increase the life span of the bat.

John Expert ·Oct 17, 2013


I'm more of a power hitter and it's really between this and the Demarini composite S243 wood. Which is a better bat overall for power and balance?

The DeMarini Pro Maple Wood Composite BBCOR Bat: S243 Adult is more end loaded than the Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult. Both are very high performing and can be used by a power hitter.

Kara Expert ·Oct 09, 2013


Can you use it in the batting cage?

Yes the Baum Bat Composite Wood bat would be fine to use in a cage or in a live game.

John Expert ·Oct 09, 2013


Can the Baum Bat crack? Would it be obvious if it did?

Yes, the Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult could possibly crack. You would know by the vibration or lack of performance. Plus, you may see signs of damage on the barrel material. Internal damage may be harder to diagnose and may require using the 4 month manufacturer warranty.

Brandon Expert ·Oct 06, 2013


Is the barrel made out of wood ?

Yes, the Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult features an ash wood shell that surrounds a foam plastic and composite core.

Mac Expert ·Sep 26, 2013


Does the Baum bat contain any metal? I was told the bat has internal metal rods.

No. The Baum Bat Composite Wood bat has a foamed plastic core.

Damon Expert ·Jun 22, 2013


Why does it hurts your hands when hit the ball? What's the difference between the Baum Bat and the Robinson Cano bat on the barrel?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult uses a foamed plastic, surrounded by composite material and has an ash wood exterior shell. These materials should reduce any type of sting. The Robinson Cano bat has a pure maple barrel.

Kara Expert ·Jun 18, 2013


What is the diameter of the handle?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult will provide a standard handle size. It will be slightly less than an inch in diameter.

Brandon Expert ·Jun 11, 2013


I use a Baum bat for baseball and recently have joined a slow pitch softball league that uses wood bats. Can I use the Baum bat for slow pitch too without doing damage to the bat?

The softballs can damage the Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult, but it is also a big barrel and all softball bats have a 2 1/4" barrel diameter, so it will be illegal.

Noah Expert ·May 28, 2013


Thinking of this, or the 2012 XL3. Which do you recommend?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult is as near to indestructible as a wood bat can be. The XL3 will be a one-piece all alloy design. The XL3 will have a barrel heavy, end loaded feel to the swing weight. It will help with power. The Baum Bat will have more of a balanced feel. It will help with swing velocity.

Brandon Expert ·May 10, 2013


Is bamboo better than maple?

Bamboo is more durable than maple. However, composite wood bats like the Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult will be the most durable and high performing.

Kara Expert ·Apr 17, 2013


My bat as some dents in it and its only been about a month. Will it effect the performance of the bat? Should I return it?

Dents can alter your performance at the plate by causing a loss of ball control/placement if contact is made on the dented areas of the bat. If your Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro bat was purchased within the last 4 months, it will be covered under warranty through Baum. Their phone number is 231-929-0598.

Tyler Expert ·Apr 16, 2013


When should you get a new baum bat if you already have one? I had my bat for 2 and a half years should i get a new one?

If your Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult is still in great shape I wouldn't see any reason to replace it. It is supposed to last a long time.

Chad M. Expert ·Apr 14, 2013


Do you have in stock a size of 32.5"?

No, we are currently out of the 32.5" model in the Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult bat. When we receive more, they will be listed on the website. To be put on an out of stock reminder list, please call 1-866-321-2287.

Aubrey Expert ·Apr 04, 2013


Should I use the label up on this bat? Also, is there any break in system I should use?

You do not have to hit with the label up on the Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat, and there is no break in process.

Zach Expert ·Dec 26, 2012


Can I use this bat in little league?

You could use this bat in little league juniors, but not little league, because it requires 2 1/4 barrel diameter.

Noah Expert ·Nov 30, 2012


If the bat breaks before the 4 months, will I return it to JustBats or would I need to return it to the manufacturer?

The Baum Bat AAA Pro Adult has a 4 month manufacturers warranty so you are able to return to Baum Bat if the bat is defective.

Aubrey Expert ·Sep 25, 2012


Was there any design changes in making it BBCOR? Or will it perform the exact same as the older, non BBCOR Baum bats?

There were no design changes to the Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR bat.

Kara Expert ·Jun 13, 2012


Is there anyway to tell if this bat is broken without being cracked on the outside? I have an older Baum Bat and it never rattles my hands but after a few swings this one is killing me.

If the Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat is not cracked on the outside then the bat should be structurally sound. The Baum Bat will rattle your hands if you mishit the ball on the handle or towards the end of the bat.

Nick K. Expert ·Jun 12, 2012


Is it top heavy at all?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat is a balanced bat.

Nick Expert ·May 28, 2012


When do you expect the 32" or 32.5" back in stock?

The Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult are currently on order. We receive stock on a regular basis. As soon as we receive the items, our website will be immediately updated.

Kara Expert ·Apr 23, 2012


does it have good pop ??

As far as wood bats go, the Baum Bat Composite Wood BBCOR Bat: AAA Pro Adult has as much pop as any other wood bat.

Zach Expert ·Apr 14, 2012


Do the bats get better or worse as you use them?

The Baum Bat will maintain it's performance for quite some time, but it will not improve in performance.

Tyler Expert ·Feb 20, 2012


How do I select a traditional handle vs flared?

You are in luck the AAA Pro Adult model we have in stock features the standard handle size. For even more BBCOR certified bats see our BBCOR search filter at

Shelbe Expert ·Feb 13, 2012


can you use this bat in a "wood bat only" league ?

This would vary with different leagues. I would check with a league official first.

Nick Expert ·Jan 27, 2012


Will there be any new versions coming out before the baseball season? I will buy your bat but not sure if I should go ahead and purchase this or if I should wait a little for a new version? Thanks for your time and thought.

We are always receiving new products in daily but for Baum bats we have not heard anything recently on new models we will be carrying.

John Expert ·Jan 24, 2012


Is this bat wood or metal, can it be used in a wood bat league

Generally, yes. But it really depends on the league. There are hundreds of different wood bat leagues, not all of which abide by the same set of rules. So I would check with your local league.

Linda Expert ·Nov 30, 2011


Hi, I have used an older Baum bat, and it was very light and balenced, is the bbcor version the same?

Yes, the bbcor version should feel the same as the older version does

Sean Expert ·Nov 19, 2011


What makes the baum bat 220? and not 120 like most quality wood bats?

This bat has a Composite Reinforcement Surrounding Core. That is going to offer more durability and more pop. Plus it is one of the only bats that has a 6month manufacturers warranty.

Linda Expert ·Nov 03, 2011


Is my old baum bat bbcor?

To be BBCOR eligable the bat must be stamped with the BBCOR logo. To check and see if your bat is BBCOR approved you could check with Baum Bat directly at 1-231-929-0598

Sean Expert ·Oct 29, 2011


What makes the Baum Bat "indestructible"?

It's structure and manufacturing process is very unique. It has a very sturdy foam plastic core with an ash shell. This is all reinforced with composite material. There hasn't really been anything like it and it's proven to be very durable.

Ryan Expert ·Oct 17, 2011


hows does this bat compare to the Marucci Maple AP5NB Adult

The Baum Bat is a composite wood and does require the BBCOR stamp, which is on the handle. The AP5NB is not composite and doesn't require the stamp. The Marucci is "bone rubbed" which makes the wood stronger.

lkh Expert ·Oct 10, 2011


When can we get one in 29"?

The smallest size we carry in this model is a 32".

John Expert ·Sep 21, 2011


Have you seen it restricted at any level yet like AAU or American Legion?

As of 9/13/2011, I have not heard anything about this bat being restricted by any organizations or leagues.

Brett Expert ·Sep 13, 2011


I am really stuck in between getting this Baum bat or a Easton Rival BBCOR bat. I want the bat that will give me the best performance for high school ball, plus also a good pop. I have seen all these reviews and I am just confused..

Both are very good choices. Based on limited customer feedback the Rival may perform better while the Baum bat may be the more durable option.

Mark Expert ·Sep 07, 2011


Since Michigan baseball (MHSAA) is switching to BBCOR bats.. would this bat be better than getting a aluminum bat? And lastly is this bat 2 5/8 in barrel width?

The AAA Pro really hits like a wood bat, but is much more durable. It may not be as high performing as some of the top-of-the-line alloy or composite BBCOR bats. Yes, it does have a 2 5/8 inch barrel.

Brett Expert ·Jul 19, 2011


Will there be a time where i can buy a 32" or a 32 1/2" here?

We should be receiving more AAA Pro bats in multiple sizes around late June 2011.

Brett Expert ·Jun 14, 2011


Does it come in a 34? Is it meant to be strictly a bp bat or game bat as well? All things being equal, would a hit ball go further with ash, maple or a baum AAA bat?

Yes. This bat comes in a 34 inch model and we actually expect to get some more in around mid-June (today is 6/9/11). These can be used in games. The AAA bat will be much more durable than your regular wood bat, but performance wise, I don't think you'll see a huge difference because it hits similar to a regular wood bats.

JH Expert ·Jun 09, 2011


All of the reviews are the same (word for word) on all of the different websites, I think they are fake. Are they fake? Why should I buy a $200 bat with fake reviews?

The reviews are not fake and are submitted from actual customers and users of the bats. Because we operate multiple websites, reviews for products are often posted on all our websites.

John Expert ·May 31, 2011


How does the Baum Bat compare to the aluminum BBCOR bats?

It hits pretty much like a wood bat, but is much more durable. I think it may be just a notch behind most of the BBCOR aluminum bats in terms of performance.

John Expert ·May 31, 2011


Does this bat have the BBCOR stamp?

Yes, this bat does have the BBCOR stamp on the bat. In the third picture of the bat, it will show that this bat comes with the BBCOR stamp.

Brett Expert ·May 23, 2011

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