COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League

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COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League
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  • COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League
  • COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League
  • COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League
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Questions and Answers for COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League


Can I get this bat in a 27" 17 oz. with a 2-5/8" barrel?

The Combat B4 Portent (B4SL1) is manufactured in that particular size but unfortunately we are currently out of stock.

Gary T. Expert ·Apr 04, 2014


What's the difference in the feel/ performance of the 2 5/8" barrel vs the 2 3/4" barrel portent? Is one more balanced than the other?

Both the 2 5/8" and the 2 3/4" will feature a similar swing weight. The COMBAT B4 Portent (B4SL1 -10) which features a 2 5/8" barrel, would be great if you have barrel restrictions in your league. The 2 3/4" would offer a larger hitting surface, which would help give you a slight advantage over the 2 5/8" barrel.

Justin R. Expert ·Mar 14, 2014


Is this bat balanced or end loaded?

The COMBAT B4 Portent (B4SL1) is a very balanced bat.

Justin R. Expert ·Mar 14, 2014


How does this bat compare to the Easton S3 2 5/8" -10 for Senior League?

The COMBAT B4 Portent (B4SL1) and the Easton S3 (SL13S310B) are both very high performing. The S3 is a one-piece alloy bat and the B4 is a one-piece composite bat.

Kara Expert ·Feb 24, 2014


What's the difference between the COMbat B4 and the DeMarini CF5 LE?

The main difference between the 2013 COMBAT B4 and the 2013 DeMarini CF5 LE is that the B4 is a one-piece composite and the CF5 is a two-piece composite. Both are very high performing bats.

Justin R. Expert ·Aug 18, 2013


Which bat is better the B4 Portent or the Pure SL -10 Senior League?

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League and the COMBAT Pure are going to be very similar in every aspect. They will also perform the exact same as one another.

Noah Expert ·May 11, 2013


Will you receiving any more combat B4 Portent adult bats? If not when will the next COMbats come out?

Unfortunately, we will not be getting any more COMBAT B4 Portent Adult BBCOR bats in stock. COMBAT hasn't released an firm ETA for their 2014 line of baseball bats, but they typically release them in late July or early August.

Tyler Expert ·May 01, 2013


When will you have the 30" bat in stock?

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League is discontinued. We will not be receiving more inventory.

Kara Expert ·Apr 29, 2013


I am trying to deterine if this bat is legal for BBL in Illinois? My son is on 50/70. Link to our rules is and I am having a hard time determining.

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 is a full composite youth big barrel bat that is illegal in Little League.

Tyler Expert ·Apr 08, 2013


When is the 2013 Combat B4 Portent coming out in 2 3/4?

Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA as to when COMBAT will release the B4 Portent with a 2 3/4" barrel. It will probably be sometime this summer.

Tyler Expert ·Apr 04, 2013


What is difference in the 2013 COMbat B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League bat and the 2013 DeMarini CF5 Senior League bat? Are these bats legal for play in Dixie Youth Baseball Ozone Division?

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League is a one-piece composite bat. The 2013 DeMarini CF5 is a two-piece composite bat. Both are legal in Dixie Youth Baseball Ozone Division.

Kara Expert ·Mar 25, 2013


Is this bat legal for Intermediate (50/70) Division. I have seen somebody on another team in the same league use this bat and no umpires have said anything.

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League is not legal for play according to the rules. Composite bats must be stamped with BBCOR certification.

Kevin Expert ·Mar 19, 2013


My son is playing in a 50/70 Intermediate Little League for 13 year old players. Is the Combat B4 Portent legal? If not, what are some legal 2 5/8" barrel bats (not BBCOR) that can be used? I guess they have to be alloy barrels for this league, but I am not sure.

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League bat will be a one-piece all composite design. So, it may not work for your league. It is a great bat, so I would ask your coach or league official if a composite bat will be legal. Here is the most popular Senior League 2 5/8" bat: 2013 Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha XL: SL136XL Senior League. It is a one-piece all alloy bat.

Brandon Expert ·Mar 03, 2013


Compare the 2013 Combat B4 -10 to the 2013 Combat Pure SL -10. My son loves the last 2-year Combats. He like the looks of the blue Pure over the Black B4. WHICH IS A BETTER BAT! He has good power and above average bat speed, line drive hitter.

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 features COMBAT's Separation Barrier Technology which allows it to perform with peak performance from day one. The 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 does not feature this technology and will require 150-200 hits before it reaches its full potential. According to COMBAT, the B4 also features a slightly larger sweetspot than the Pure.

Tyler Expert ·Feb 20, 2013


Reading the questions, I see you mention the separation barrier technology for ready out of the wrapper. However, you also mention to break-in the bat with 150-200 hits. Which one?

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 will feature peak performance right out of the wrapper. However, to ensure optimal durability, you will still want to go through a break-in process. A full break-in of 150-200 hits may not be necessary, but I recommend around 100 hits of a tee or soft toss prior to facing live pitching.

Tyler Expert ·Feb 19, 2013


How many times does the bat need to be hit to break in the composite? Is composite not hotter than alloy?

Typically, alloy bats are hot right out of the wrapper, as opposed to composite bats which require a break in period. I would recommend between 150 and 200 full contact swings with the 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League bat to break it in, rotating it about 1/4" after each swing.

Marcus Expert ·Feb 13, 2013


Is the COMbat B4 Portent a better bat than the Marucci Elite?

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League is a great bat. It is a one-piece 100% Composite bat. The Marucci Elite which is also a great bat is a two-piece with a Composite handle and an barrel with top grade Alloy. The Marucci Elite happens to have a huge sweet spot on the barrel which is a wonderful plus when searching for a bat.

Chad M. Expert ·Feb 11, 2013


How balanced is this bat? How does it's balance compare to the 2013 DeMarini CF5: DXCFX Senior and Easton S3: SL11S310B Senior League bats?

All three of these models will feature very balanced swing weights. The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League bat and the 2013 Easton S3: SL13S310B Senior League bat will be more stiff because they are one-piece designs. The 2013 DeMarini CF5: DXCFX Senior League bat is a two-piece design, though it still features a balanced swing weight.

Aubrey Expert ·Jan 28, 2013


How does the Combat B4 compare to the Combat Bubba? Which one have more pop?

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League bat will be very comparable to the COMBAT Bubba. The Bubba was made exclusively for COMBATsonline. Both bats will be available in -10 sizing. Both bats are 100% composite material. Both bats will feature COMBAT's localized stiffening technology (LST). Power hitters tend to love the stiffer feeling one-piece bats. Pop will be similar to equal. Both bats will feature a 2 5/8" barrel diameter. The B4 Portent will have separation barrier technology for hot out of the wrapper performance. Both bats will have the updated stamps and markings for USSSA. COMBAT will feature a 12 month warranty on both bats as well.

Brandon Expert ·Jan 25, 2013


Is this approved for DY O-Zone?

Yes. The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League bat is legal for play in the O-Zone Division of Dixie Youth.

Tyler Expert ·Jan 14, 2013


Besides barrel width, what are the differences between the COMbat B4SL1 (2 5/8) and the COMbat B4SL234 (2 3/4)? Most sites list the B4SL234 at substantailly less cost than the B4SL1, which makes me believe there must be more differences. Do you know why? Will you be carrying the B4SL234?

It doesn't look like we will have the 2 3/4" COMBAT B4 Portent in stock for another 2-4 weeks. Based on the information we have, the only difference is barrel size. COMBAT sets the price for new bats, so I would recommend contacting them regarding the price points. Their phone number is 1-866-266-2287.

Tyler Expert ·Jan 06, 2013


I am 13 years old, looking at a senior league bat from a -10 to a -8 ratio, 31 to 32 inches long. Out of the 2012 CF5, 2012 B3 and this bat (2013 B4 Portent) which do you think is the most balanced and best for me? Thank you.

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League is more balanced than the 2012 B3 and the 2012 CF5.

Kara Expert ·Jan 02, 2013


I am 13 yrs old and looking to by the Combat B4 Portent, Im 105lbs 5'1" do you recomend the -10 31" or 32"

I recommend our Bat Coach, it's a great tool:

Tyler Expert ·Nov 27, 2012


Does Combat make a 2-piece composite/alloy model for 2013?

The newest model available would be the COMBAT Grifter: GRIFSL1 Senior League bat. It will feature a Two-Piece Hybrid Design. The Barrel will be Titanium Enhanced Alloy. The Handle will be a Mongrel Composite Handle. This bat features a Larger Sweetspot and a 12 month warranty through the manufacturer.

Brandon Expert ·Oct 31, 2012


I am 12 and looking for a bat for a 50-70 league and wondering if I should get a 32 inch or 31? I am 5ft. 3in, 135 lbs.

Based on your size, a 31" model is recommended.

Tyler Expert ·Oct 29, 2012


Which has a lighter swing weight the B4 Portent or the B3?

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League bat will feel similar to the COMBAT B3: B3SL1 -10 Senior League. The swing weights will be more of a balanced feel. Neither bat will feel End Loaded. Typically, a One-Piece bat will feel more stiff then a Two-Piece which could change the overall feel if you are used to a Two-Piece model.

Brandon Expert ·Oct 23, 2012


I am 9 and in the Mustang League and travel ball will this bat be legal?

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League bat will be 100% Composite construction. This bat will have the updated USSSA 1.15 stamp on the barrel. I would check with your Coach or a League Official and make sure you can use Composite baseball bats. If you can, then this bat would be legal for play in your league.

Brandon Expert ·Oct 19, 2012


Is this bat legal for Middle School play?

Middle School rules vary throughout the United States. We would recommend checking with a league/school official first.

John Expert ·Oct 13, 2012


Is it legal for Pony/Little League play?

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent is legal in Pony League. It is not legal in Little League.

Kara Expert ·Oct 04, 2012


Does the COMbat B4 Portent B4SL1 -10 need additional break in time to reach maximum performance or is it ready for game play out of the wrapper?

Yes. We recommend about 150-200 swings for a proper break-in of your COMBAT B4 Portent. Also be sure to rotate your bat a 1/4 of an inch following each swing to insure an even break-in of the barrel.

Tom Expert ·Oct 02, 2012


Which bat would you recommend for a 6U hitter: Combat B4 or DeMarini Vexxum?

For a younger ball player in 6U I would say the 2013 DeMarini Vexxum: DXVXR Senior League would make more sense. It will be a two-piece bat with an Alloy barrel. The two-piece construction will help allow higher bat speed through the hitting zone. It will also require no break-in period with the barrel being all Alloy. The COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 Senior League will be a one-piece bat with all 100% composite materials. This bat will require a break-in period of 100-200 swings. Hitting off of a tee or soft toss while moving the barrel all around during contact is recommended. This one-piece bat will have a stiffer feel during the swing through the hitting zone.

Brandon Expert ·Sep 27, 2012


Will the combat b4 be legal for use in usssa for 2012 and 2013?

Yes. The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 has the new USSSA stamp and is legal.

Tyler Expert ·Sep 23, 2012


How is the B4 compared to the B3 (B3SL1)? Are they for power hitters, contact, or mixed?

One-piece bats like the 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent and the B3 are best suited for power hitters. The COMBAT B4 will be more balanced for better bat speed.

Kara Expert ·Sep 21, 2012


I going to be 13 playing travel ball, will this bat be legal?

As long as your league does not require composite bats to be BBCOR certified, the 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent would be legal in travel leagues.

Kara Expert ·Aug 24, 2012


Will there be a product video made for this bat sometime in the future?

Yes. We do not have an ETA as to when the video will be on the website, but one will be made.

Tyler Expert ·Aug 14, 2012


How would you compare the 2013 CF5 and the B4 in over all performance?

Both the 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent and the 2013 DeMarini CF5 will perform very similar. Both use top of the line composite materials and have excellent pop. The COMBAT B4 Portent will be much stiffer, better for a power hitter.

Kara Expert ·Aug 14, 2012


I am a 12 year old 5 foot 5 inches and looking to move up to a big barrel. would the 32/22 variant be a good match for me?

A lot depends on your weight as well. But a 32" bat with a weight between 22 and 24 ounces is most common for someone your age and height.

Tyler Expert ·Aug 12, 2012


Is this bat Little League approved for Juniors?

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent would not be legal for Little League play in the Junior Division. Composite barreled bats must be BBCOR certified and the B4 Portent is a one-piece bat that is fully composite.

Nick Expert ·Aug 11, 2012


how does this bat compare to the B3SL1 -12 Senior League?

Both are similar in terms of pop and overall performance, but the B3SL1 will take a little longer to break-in. Biggest difference is the length to weight ratio.

Tyler Expert ·Aug 08, 2012


How does this bat compare to the COMbat 52 Caliber?

The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent has a larger sweet spot and a balanced feel. The COMBAT 52 Caliber is slightly end loaded.

Kara Expert ·Aug 08, 2012


What bat has a quicker swing 2013 COMbat B4 Portent: B4SL1 -10 -or- the Easton S1 with the same weight .. and what bat do you think is better for a 9u power hitter.

The Easton S1 will have a slightly lighter swing weight than the COMBAT B4 Portent. If you are a strong hitter with above average swing speed, then the B4 Portent may be the better choice, but it really comes down to personal preference.

Tyler Expert ·Aug 07, 2012


How is the durability of this bat and is it made different than the 2012 B3SL1 model?. My son went through 3 COMbat B3SL1 bats due to cracking where the taper starts during the 2012 season.

COMBAT has improved their technology for a more durable bat. The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent also has a longer barrel and bigger sweet spot.

Kara Expert ·Aug 07, 2012


My son will be playing high school ball, does this bat meet their requirments?

No. The 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 is not legal for High School. Only Adult BBCOR bats are legal for play in High School.

Tyler Expert ·Aug 06, 2012

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