COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 Senior League

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COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 Senior League
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  • COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 Senior League
  • COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 Senior League
  • COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 Senior League
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Questions and Answers for COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 Senior League


When is the B5 coming out?

We do not have any word on the the new COMBATs that will be released.

Noah Expert ·Jul 31, 2013


Is this bat stiff?

The 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 Senior League will have more flex than most one-piece bats because of the gear technology in the handle of the bat.

Kara Expert ·Jul 08, 2013


My 10 year old son has been using an older Easton Stealth Speed composite (2 5/8", 30" 20 oz.) for the past year, and we're looking to replace it. Any suggestions for a similarly balanced bat?

This 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 Senior League bat is a balanced, one-piece composite model and would have a comparable swing feel to his previous bat. For the model that would be most similar to the Stealth composite bat, check out the 2013 Easton S1: SL13S110.

Mac Expert ·May 21, 2013


Which bat was designed first, the B4 Portent or the Pure Gear?

The COMBAT B4 Portent was made before the COMBAT Pure Gear was.

Noah Expert ·May 20, 2013


When will they be getting 31/21 big barrel bats in?

Unfortunately, the 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 is no longer in production and it does not appear as if we will be getting any more sizes in stock.

Tyler Expert ·May 13, 2013


My son is seven years old and he is 4' tall and weighs 54.2 pounds. Last fall, he used the COMbat Pure with a 2 1/4" barrel and a -12 drop with much success in Little League play. This spring, he switched to an Easton S1 Junior Big Barrel for a rec. league, but he has not had as much success with this new bat. His swing speed is exceptional, as are his swing mechanics. For next year (season), do you recommend switching to a big barrel COMbat Pure with a -10 drop (28"/18 oz.) or move to a big barrel DeMarini CF5 with a -10 drop (29" 19 oz.)? My son is more of a contact hitter, but he is also capable of hitting long (one of the few harder-hitters on his team) and he prefers balanced bats. Please note that I do understand that a young baseball player should not move up more than 1-3 oz. in a bat per year (season), so I look forward to your advice.

If your son has had great success with the -12 COMBAT Pure. I would stick with the same bat type and move up into the -10 size. Go ahead and have him try the COMBAT Pure -10, 28" 18 oz.

Brandon Expert ·May 06, 2013


My son is 10 and using the COMbat 52 caliber 30" 20 oz. and is killing the ball but can't get the ball over the fence. Does this bat have the extra pop or do you recommend a different bat. Also do you think he should get a heavier bat. He is swinging the heaviest bat on the team.

Since your son seems to be very strong for his age and has a lot of pop, I think you should consider an end-loaded bat. The 2013 DeMarini Voodoo: DXVDR Senior League would give you that extra power you are looking for. We suggest the 30" 21 oz. model.

Chad M. Expert ·Apr 21, 2013


My son is 8 years old and weighs 95 lbs. Is this bat a good choice for him? If so, is 28" 18 oz. better suited for him than 29" 19oz?

I will get the 2013 COMBAT Pure Senior League in the 29" 19 oz. bat.

Chad M. Expert ·Apr 08, 2013


My son is 10 yrs old and is currently swinging a TPX EXOGRID 30" 18.5 oz. He was a very consistent contact hitter last year with 4 or 5 HRs thrown in the mix. I am considering the Combat Pure SL in 29/19 and just wanted your opinion on how the two bats will compare. I am thinking the slight increase in weight, while dropping 1" in length will help him get the bat through the zone a little quicker.

It's hard to compare a youth bat with a senior league bat, but the 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 offers good balance with above average pop. It's always recommended a player move up 1-2 oz. with each new bat, so if he's going from a small barrel to a big barrel bat, a 29" 19 oz. COMBAT Pure would be a good choice.

Tyler Expert ·Mar 07, 2013


How does the 2013 COMbat Pure stack up to 2013 COMbat B4 Portent and Bubba?

The 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 will be similar in quality and performance to the 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent. The 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 will feel more like a two-piece bat because of the gear technology in the handle, decreasing vibration.

Kara Expert ·Feb 27, 2013

The 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 will be similar in quality and performance to the 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent. The 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 will feel more like a two-piece bat because of the gear technology in the handle, decreasing vibration.

Kara Expert ·Feb 27, 2013


What bat should I get for my 12 year old son? He's very big and hits a lot of home runs. Would this bat fit him?

The 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 Senior League would be a good choice for your son. One-piece bats are stiffer and are more suitable for stronger players with above average swing speed.

John H Expert ·Feb 04, 2013


I'm using a 32inch 22oz bat for little league (Easton XL1). I have never used a non Easton bat should I get this combat for travel or stick with a Easton bat?

It's always recommend that a player stick with the same type of bat they have used in the past with the most success. In doing so, the player is much, much more likely to have continued success at the plate.

Tyler Expert ·Jan 24, 2013


How Does The Puresl1 compare to the Easton s1.? My son is 11 and had success with Easton S3 and I want to get a composite this year for him

Both are great bats with excellent pop. The biggest difference is that the Easton S1 will have a lighter swing weight with a more balanced feel making it better for a hitter with average or below average swing speed.

Tyler Expert ·Dec 19, 2012



Yes. The 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 Senior League bat is a great option for an all-around hitter.

John Expert ·Dec 13, 2012


Is the sweet-spot smaller on this one than it is on the drop 8?

No. Both the -8 and -10 models have similar size sweetspots.

Tyler Expert ·Nov 21, 2012


Where can I find the barrel length for the 30/20 PURESL1 and B4 Portent (Senior League)?

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The 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 and the 2013 B4 Portent are approximately 11 1/4 inches long.

Kara Expert ·Nov 14, 2012


What's the difference between the Combat B4 and Pure SL (in -10 Senior League)? Why would I choose one over the other for my 11 year old son?

The main differences are the Gear Technology featured in the PURESL1 and the Separation Barrel Technology featured in the B4 Portent . The Gear Technology gives the PURE a little softer feel at contact and a little more flex than the B4 Portent. The Separation Barrel Technology in the B4 allows for "hot out of the wrapper" performance despite being a composite bat.

Tyler Expert ·Nov 12, 2012


Are you guys going to offer this bat in smaller sizes like 28/18 or 27/17?

Yes, there is an option in a 28" 18oz. for the 2013 COMBAT Pure: PURESL1 -10 Senior League. Although, we are out of stock on that size. We have some coming in. I would check back weekly for that products arrival.

Brandon Expert ·Nov 12, 2012


My son is 5-2 115. Should we get a 31 or 32 inch? Also, what bat is better the puresl1 or the b4? He liked the b-3 a teammate had

Based on his height and weight, a 31" model is recommended. If he used the B3 in the past with success, I would recommend the COMBAT B4 as it will be more similar to the B3 than the PURESL1.

Tyler Expert ·Nov 09, 2012

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