COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: WANYB110

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COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: WANYB110
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  • COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: WANYB110
  • COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: WANYB110
  • COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: WANYB110
  • COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: WANYB110
  • COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: WANYB110
  • COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: WANYB110
  • COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: WANYB110
  • COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: WANYB110
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Questions and Answers for COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: WANYB110


Is the COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat (WANYB110) better than the COMBAT B2?

This is a difficult question for us to answer as much of the decision comes down to the personal preference of the player and what bat type of bat they have used previously with the most success.

Liz Expert ·Feb 27, 2015


Which bat is better for a 12 year old, the Combat or Easton XL3 Youth Bat 2015 (-11)?

The COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat (WANYB110) is going to be a balanced bat for contact hitters and the Easton XL3 is going to be an end loaded for power hitters. Either will be great for a 12 year old.

Frankie Expert ·Feb 16, 2015


Does the Combat Wanted or the Combat Portent have a longer barrel/sweet spot?

The one-piece design of the COMBAT Portent Youth Baseball Bat (PORYB110) allows for it to have a longer barrel and slightly larger sweet spot than the COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat (WANYB110).

Patrick Expert ·Feb 06, 2015


My son has the Combat Puregear 31 inch 21 ounce and he loves the combat line of bats. How does the bat length of the combat wanted compare to the Puregear of same drop? Thanks.

It looks like the COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat (WANYB110) also comes in the 31 inch 21 ounce. They are going to feel the same if they are both of the same drop weight and length. Also, both of these bats are a composite design.

Frankie Expert ·Jan 02, 2015


i have a 10 yr old son that wants a new bat. i was looking between this bat and the 2015 Easton MAKO TORQ. He has been swinging a -10 for a couple years now.

The 2014 COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat: WANYB110 features Handle Isolation Technology (HIT) connects the handle to the barrel with polymeric visco-elastic dampeners to isolate all vibration and prevent it from reaching the hitter's hands. he Wanted also gets a durability boost from Nanocomp Technology Inside the barrel that fills in the microscopic gaps in the Blended Fiber.The Easton MAKO TORQ combines power with a new genius twist: a 360 Torq Handle. This never before seen handle rotates to promote a fully extended swing, with the top palm facing down, and the bottom palm facing up. Both are high preforming bats

Ryan Expert ·Nov 29, 2014


My grandson is 12 years old. He weighs 131 pounds and is 5 feet 4 inches tall. What size bats would you recommend? He will be playing Little League ball.

Based on his height and weight, we would suggest a 31 inch size of the 2014 COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat (WANYB110).

Patrick Expert ·Nov 16, 2014


My son is 6 years old and will be playing coach pitch this fall. He is 48" and 48 lbs. What length and weight should he use?

Based on his height and weight, we recommend a 27" 2014 COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat (WANYB110). For more information on sizing, check out our Bat Coach:

Tessa Expert ·Aug 19, 2014


My 7 year old son is using the Combat Portent 29" 19 oz. right now. He said it is kinda of heavy, so I'm wondering how much difference is the weight and balance of the 28" 18 oz. Combat Wanted. Should I start looking for another bat? He is choking up about an inch right now and hitting between first and second base.

The 2014 COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat (WANYB110) and the COMBAT Portent will both feature the same balanced swing weight, so they will feel very similar. The main difference between the two is that the Wanted features a two-piece design, so it will have more flex on contact. The Portent is a one-piece design, so it will feel stiffer on contact. It will be up to your son and his personal preferences (one-piece vs. a two-piece) on which bat to go with. Both are high performance models and would be a great choices to go with.

Tessa Expert ·Jul 30, 2014


Does this bat have any flex when you hit the ball? I like a stiff bat.

The 2014 COMBAT Wanted Youth Baseball Bat (WANYB110) will flex more than a one-piece design. It will be very balanced and also promote very quick bat speeds.

Brandon Expert ·Jul 27, 2014


My son likes the pop of the COMBAT. Which COMBAT model would be comparable to the Easton XL1? Also, which model performs better?

The two-piece composite design of the 2014 COMBAT Wanted: (WANYB110), will probably be the most similar to the 2014 Easton XL1: (YB14X1). In terms of performance, both materials used in these models will be high performing. Ultimately, the biggest difference will come down to the weight distribution. The 2014 Easton XL1: (YB14X1) will have a slight end-load, making this model a great bat for power hitters. The 2014 COMBAT Wanted: (WANYB110) will be more balanced, and would be an excellent choice for more contact/gap hitters. Either way, both of these models will be top of the line in performance. Once the composite material is broken in, the performance will continually increase.

Merritt Expert ·Jun 18, 2014


I wanted to know if you would recommend COMBAT Wanted -10 or -12 for an 8 year old Little League player? He is slightly bigger and stronger than other kids his age with better than average ability.

We recommend the 2014 COMBAT Wanted (WANYB110) for a stronger player.

Kara Expert ·May 15, 2014


My son has been using a friends bat, MAKO 30" 19 oz., and I was looking to get him the Wanted 30" 20 oz. Will the one oz. difference be very noticeable? I also looked at the Wanted 30" 18 oz., but the barrel is shorter. So I am stuck between lighter weight/shorter barrel or heavier/longer barrel. Suggestions?

The 2014 COMBAT Wanted (WANYB110) is a very balanced bat. The one ounce should not affect his swing. We recommend the 30' 20 oz. bat.

Kara Expert ·May 07, 2014


Is there a big difference in this bat and DeMarini CF6? Which has the longer barrel? Which would be recommended (CF6, Wanted, or MAKO). Thanks.

The 2014 COMBAT Wanted (WANYB110 Youth) and the DeMarini CF6 would be designed very similarly. They both will feature a two-piece fully composite design. They both would be very light weight and balanced. The 2014 Easton MAKO will feature the longest barrel length of the three.

Brandon Expert ·May 05, 2014


My son needs a -10 bat for Little League All Stars this summer. He is 12 years old, 5'4", 135 lbs, and strong. Next year he will be using big barrels, so this will be a short-term purchase. Also, there obviously will not be a lot of time to "break in" the bat. Which bat should he go with - the Combat Wanted -10 or the Easton XL1 -10?

The 2014 COMBAT Wanted (WANYB110) is a composite bat so it will need to be broken in about 100 to 200 soft toss or off the tee hits. The 2014 Easton XL1 (YB14X1) will also have to be broken in. I would go with the Easton XL1 (YB14X1) if I had to choose out of these two.

Kyle Expert ·May 01, 2014


My son is 5, playing 6 cal ripken machine pitch. He is only 45lbs and 40" tall. What size do you suggest?

Our bat coach recommends a 26 inch bat for your son based on his height and weight.

Bobby Expert ·Mar 26, 2014


XL1 of Easton has a top heavy balance. But is the WANYB110 of COMbat balanced or top heavy?

Yes, the Easton XL-Series is more of an end loaded bat series. The 2014 COMBAT Wanted (WANYB110 Youth) bat will be more balanced. The two-piece fully composite bat design will promote very high swing speeds.

Brandon Expert ·Feb 26, 2014


How does the COMBat Wanted compare to the Easton MAKO?

The 2014 COMBat Wanted (WANYB110) and 2014 Easton MAKO (YB14MK) youth model bats are similar in construction and performance. Both are two piece fully composite bats featuring top of the line composite material. Both feature connection points designed to dampen sting and vibration to the player's hands. The MAKO does feature a slightly lighter feeling -11 length to weight ratio compared to the -10 Wanted model, but they both have a balanced swing weight that promotes faster bat head speeds.

Patrick Expert ·Feb 16, 2014


How big of a difference is there in the barrel size of the drop -10 and -12?

The difference in the weight between the -12 and -10 models of the COMBat Wanted Youth Bat (WANYB110) (WANYB112) can be explained by the difference in the barrel. The barrel on the -10 is longer and covers more of the length of the bat. The -12 features a shorter barrel with a longer handle. When looking at the two side by side it is a noticeable difference.

Patrick Expert ·Feb 16, 2014


Is the stiffness in the COMBAT Wanted -10 the same, less or more than the COMBAT Portent -10?

The 2014 COMBAT Wanted (WANYB110) is a two-piece composite bat and will provide more flex than the one-piece design of the 2014 COMBAT Portent (PORYB110).

Kara Expert ·Feb 11, 2014


How does this compare to the weight and feel of the XL1?

The 2014 COMBAT Wanted: WANYB110 Youth is a very balanced bat, while the Easton XL1 is an end loaded bat. It is more comparable in weight and feel to the 2014 Easton S1: YB14S1 Youth.

Marcus Expert ·Nov 15, 2013

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