Easton FX1 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP13X1

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Easton FX1 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP13X1
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  • Easton FX1 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP13X1
  • Easton FX1 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP13X1
  • Easton FX1 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP13X1
  • Easton FX1 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP13X1
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Questions and Answers for Easton FX1 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP13X1


I have a 2011 Easton Synergy 33 inch 23 ounce -10. With the new approval by USSSA I need a new bat. Which bat would work best for me? I'm 5 foot 8 and 17 years old and normally hit triples and home runs.

Based on what you have said, we would recommend sticking around the same size. The closest bat currently available to what you have is the 2014 Easton FS1 (FP14S1). It would be very similar in design. The Easton FX1 (FP13X1) would be similar in the materials it uses but would be more end-loaded rather than balanced.

Patrick Expert ·Jun 06, 2014


My daughter has been out of travel for 2 yrs with shoulder injury. We are coming back with too small bats all 2008 composites, Stealth, Phoenix etc. How does this series of bats line up against the 08's? And she was a 31", she's now 15 at 166 lbs 5'7". I'm initial thinking 34" 25 oz. end loaded FX1? Your thoughts? Thanks.

The Easton FX1 (FP13X1) replaced the Easton Stealth. The FX1 uses newer composite materials for better durability and is end loaded compared to the Stealth. We recommend a 34" based on her height and weight. However, since she is moving up in weight we recommend a balanced bat such as the 2014 Easton FS1 (FP14S1).

Kara Expert ·Mar 03, 2014


My daughter is 12 and is 5'7 160. She is a powerhitter. I want to get her the Easton FX2. What length is good for her?

Our charts for a girl with that height and weight would suggest a 33" model.

John Expert ·Oct 09, 2013


My daughter is a 12U travel player and swings the 31" 21 oz. Stealth. She is small but has a very fast bat speed and leads her team in extra base hits. With slower pitching she tends to be in front of the ball. Do you think this bat would be a good fit when facing a slower pitcher ( below 48 mph)? She swings a cheaper Easton 31" 22 oz. when hitting off a pitching machine at practice that has been gunned at 55 mph and has no problem getting around on it.

The Easton FX1: FP13X1 Fastpitch is an end loaded bat and is designed for players with quick bat speed and power. However, the smallest size is a 33". The 2013 Easton FX2: FP13X2 would be another good option for her.

Kara Expert ·Jul 10, 2013


Does the 2013 Easton FX1 require a break in period as you require for the Easton Fx2?

Yes, the Easton FX1: FP13X1 Fastpitch will require a break-in of 150 to 200 hits, rotating the barrel a quarter of a inch in between each hit to ensure an even break-in. Start at 40% power and gradually increase to 100% around the 150 mark, and allows use real leather softballs.

Chad M. Expert ·Apr 20, 2013


Does the Easton FX1 or FX2 bear the USSSA logo as required by that organization?

Yes, both the Easton FX1 and FX2 feature the new USSSA thumbprint stamp.

Aubrey Expert ·Mar 28, 2013


My daughter is a 12 year old travel team player and has a Stealth 30" drop 9 bat that she loves. She is tall and needs a bigger bat. Question is drop 9 or 10, 32" Power Brigade. Not sure if the weight would be an issue. Since she has an end load bat already should we stay with end load or go drop 10 since it will only weigh an ounce more?

This is difficult for us to answer without; being able to see an analyze her swing with different size bats, obtain her feedback, and knowing how big she is, how much she's grown in recent years, and how much stronger she has gotten. One thing I can say with certainty is that it's always recommend a player stick with the same type of bat they have used in the past with the most success. In doing so, they are much more likely to have continued success at the plate. Thus, I would recommend this bat (Easton FX1: FP13X1) as it is an endloaded model designed to replace the Stealth.

Tyler Expert ·Mar 12, 2013


Is this bat the one you would recommend to replace the Stealth?

The Easton FX1: FP13X1 Fastpitch is a two-piece composite bat like the Easton Stealth. However, it will be end loaded compared to the old Easton Stealth. The 2013 Easton FS1: FP13S1 will be more balanced.

Kara Expert ·Mar 12, 2013


My daughter is more of a power hitter and we are shopping for a new bat. Have considered the Xeno and One X. How does this bat compare to those two and what are the basic/major differences?

All three bats are two-piece composite bats. The Easton FX1: FP13X1 Fastpitch will be an end loaded bat and the Louisville Slugger Xeno and OneX will be balanced. The OneX uses T2 technology to reduce vibration. All three are a very high performing.

Kara Expert ·Dec 06, 2012


which bat is better...fx1 or fx2? and why?

Really the only difference between these two bats is going to be a one piece and two piece construction. The type of hitter you are is going to detemine which bat is better suited for you. The one piece constructed FX2 will be more suited for the power hitter, because there will be little to no flex. The two piece will still have power, but would suit the base hitter because more flex would be present in the two piece construction of the FX1. Here are the link to view more details on the models. http://www.justbats.com/product/2013-easton-fx1--fp13x1-fastpitch/15932/ http://www.justbats.com/product/2013-easton-fx2--fp13x2-fastpitch/15930/

Derek Expert ·Nov 25, 2012


My daughter is a 12U. She is a lean power hitter that generates a ton of swing speed through the zone. Last year she used a 2010(I think) Blue Synergy -9 end loaded bat 30/21. As she is hitting her growth spurt I am a little afraid that the bat is now too small. Two questions. 1. Do they make a 31 inch in these bats? 2.Based on the above info I gave you which would you recommend and why, the FX1 or FX2?

The Easton FX1: FP13X1 is not manufactured in a 31" model. It's always recommend that a player stick with the same type of bat they have used in the past with the most success. In doing so, the player is much, much more likely to have continued success at the plate. Thus, the 2013 Easton FX2: FP13X2 is recommended as it is also a one-piece design similar to the Synergy.

Tyler Expert ·Nov 20, 2012

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