Easton Hammer BBCOR Baseball Bat: BK6

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Easton Hammer BBCOR Baseball Bat: BK6
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  • Easton Hammer BBCOR Baseball Bat: BK6
  • Easton Hammer BBCOR Baseball Bat: BK6
  • Easton Hammer BBCOR Baseball Bat: BK6
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Questions and Answers for Easton Hammer BBCOR Baseball Bat: BK6


Is this a good, evenly weighted bat? I have never used a BBCOR bat and I want an evenly weighted bat.

The Easton Hammer BBCOR (BK6) will have a fairly balanced swing weight.

John H Expert ·Jun 20, 2014


What is the difference between a BBCOR bat and a BESR bat? Are BESR bats still being sold?

BBCOR bats like the Easton Hammer BBCOR (BK6) are different from BESR rated bats because they are tested differently and are slightly more restricted as far as performance goes due to concerns for player safety. Some wood bats still available would have BESR certification but most new production is meant to live up to BBCOR certification standards.

Patrick Expert ·May 04, 2014


Are all bbcor bats the same?, because it doesnt make sense to me why the hammer is so much cheaper than the S1 if they have the same performance standard.

No. Not all BBCOR bats are the same. BBCOR just places a maximum limit on a bat's performance. Just like with the old BESR rating, you'll have some bats at the higher end of that performance scale and some at the lower end.

Tyler Expert ·Sep 17, 2012


Would you suggest this or the S1 for a contact hitter?

Both the Easton Hammer and the Easton S1 would be great choices for a contact hitter. The Easton S1 will use upgraded materials for added performance and durability.

Nick Expert ·Sep 03, 2012


Will you have this bat available in 34"?

Right now, we don't have a firm ETA as to when we will receive more 34" models of the BK6. It should be around 2-3 weeks.

Tyler Expert ·Jun 17, 2012


My 5' 10" 14 yr old son just received a 32" 29 oz -3 bat and it is too heavy. He quickly has to get ready for h.s. would the Easton Hammer BBCOR BK6 adult bat 30" 27 oz help him make the adjustment. spent a fortune on the first one and do not want to spend alot on another bat.

Yes, having a bat that has a lighter weight and feel to it will help transition your son to the heavier bat. You could think of it as a form of strength training allowing his muscle memory to get use to the change, which will allow for a smooth transition into the heavier weighted bat.

Ryan Expert ·May 19, 2012


My son is 13, and playing in the Sandy Koufax league. Will this bat meet the qualifications?

Yes. The Easton Hammer is approved for Sandy Koufax play.

Tyler Expert ·Apr 25, 2012


Does the Hammer BK6 have to have the stamp to be legal for Senior League baseball?

This bat is a BBCOR Adult bat and does not have the USSSA stamp. Any BBCOR bat can be used in senior league baseball. Please check with your league official or coach for bat regulations.

Kris Expert ·Apr 13, 2012


Does BBCOR mean it is big barrel?

BBCOR does not mean it is a big barrel bat. BBCOR is a certification for bats in order to be legal for high school and collegiate use. Although most BBCOR bats will be big barreled bats, the 'BBCOR' does not mean the same thing as "big barrel".

Jennifer Expert ·Mar 05, 2012


Does this bat meet BPF and USSSA 1.15 regulation for Pony Division

This is a BBCOR bat and will not have a USSSA stamp 1.15. You can use a BBCOR in Pony if you want, but you do not have to.

KG Expert ·Feb 01, 2012


Is this bat BBCOR .50 certified?

Yes, this bat is BBCOR certified

John Expert ·Jan 29, 2012


Is this legal for Dizzy Dean youth baseball, age 8?

No, this is an adult bat and would be way too heavy for an 8 yr old. If he is allowed to use the big barrel, then you should take a peek at the 2012 Mattingly Saber: SBRSL, or the Mattingly Baseball V-Force: FRCSL, if he is required to use a 2 1/4" then the sky is the limit for him. My suggestion is to contact your league and find out exactly what specifications they require and give our reps a call, we would be more than happy to guide you to the best bat possible for him.

Linda Expert ·Jan 16, 2012


I'd like to buy the Easton hyper launcher BZ111 but can't find it anywhere. Is it is not made anymore,what's the new version?

Unfortunately, we only carry baseball and softball bats and do not have the Hyperlaunch. You can find the Easton Hyperlaunch on several different websites including; eastbay.com, anacondasports.com, bpathletics.com, and amazon.com.

TJ Expert ·Dec 05, 2011


Can this bat be used in batting cages using rubber balls and in temperatures below 60 degrees?

Yes. It is an alloy bat and can be used with rubber balls or below 60 degrees.

Kara Expert ·Nov 17, 2011


whats the difference between this bat, the typhoon bk63 and the reflex bx74

There is no real difference. The both use 7046 alloy and perform about the same.

Mark Expert ·Oct 09, 2011


So basically once a BBCOR Bat Is certified it's good to go for the rest of your high school years??? (I'm a freshman)

That is correct. There are no rumblings on the horizon about them changing the rules again. BBCOR rules should be around for years to come.

Brett Expert ·Jul 12, 2011


will my son be able to use this in middle school?

This particular model is more designed for high school and college play, but if the size is the right fit then it could be eligible for middle school play as well. That depends on the individual player.

Jeff Expert ·Mar 15, 2011


will my son be able to use this bat in high school?

Yes. This is a BBCOR certified bat and it will be legal for 2011, 2012 and beyond.

Brett Expert ·Feb 28, 2011

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