Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB13RX

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Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB13RX
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  • Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB13RX
  • Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB13RX
  • Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB13RX
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Questions and Answers for Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB13RX


How balanced is this bat?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB13RX) is a very well balanced model.

Patrick Expert ·Jul 27, 2014


I'm 11 years old, 5 feet tall, and 150 pounds. I'm a power hitter. Would this bat work for me?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball bat (BB13RX) is a -3 which is meant for high school and college players. For someone your age I would look at Youth Big Barrel Bats.

Cooper Expert ·Jul 06, 2014


Is this bat legal for Juniors (13-14 years old) in Little League?

Yes, the Easton Reflex BBCOR (BB13RX) would be approved for the Junior Division of Little League Baseball: http://www.littleleague.org/learn/equipment/baseballbatinfo/batrules.htm.

Mac Expert ·Jun 21, 2014


I am 6 feet tall and 17 years old. I am a power hitter. Would this bat do well for me in a 33 inch size?

Based on your height, the 33 inch size of the Easton Reflex BBCOR (BB13RX) should be a good fit for you. The stiff flex of the Reflex is great for power hitter style players.

Patrick Expert ·Jun 15, 2014


Is this bat legal for high school?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR (BB13RX) features BBCOR certification that makes it legal for high school play.

Patrick Expert ·Jun 09, 2014


My son is 5'3" and weighs 110 pounds. What bat size should he use? Is this a balanced bat?

Based on his height and weight, we suggest a 30" or 31" bat. The Easton Reflex BBCOR (BB13RX) has a balanced swing weight.

Jason Expert ·May 10, 2014


I'm about 5' 7" and a contact hitter. What would the ideal size of this bat be for me?

I would recommend the Easton Reflex (BB13RX) in a 31"/28 oz based on your height.

Bobby Expert ·May 05, 2014


I am 5' 4" and weigh 123 pounds. I bat left handed and would consider myself a contact hitter. Any recommendations?

For a player of your size and playing style, I think a 30 inch Easton Reflex BBCOR (BB13RX) would be a great fit.

Gary T. Expert ·May 03, 2014


Hey I got another question, how does this bat compare to the 5150 alloy in pop?

The Easton Relfex BBCOR (BB13RX) and the Rawlings 5150 Alloy (BB513) are both one-piece aluminum balanced swing weight bats. They are both good bats but I think the 5150 has higher quality aluminum. To pick one over the other will really just be based on personal preference.

Zach Expert ·May 03, 2014


Would this be a good bat for a contact hitter? How does it compare to the DeMarini M2M BBCOR (DXM2C)?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR (BB13RX) will be a one-piece fully alloy design. It will have a very balanced feel. The DeMarini M2M BBCOR will be a two-piece fully alloy bat that will also be balanced. The M2M should decrease the amount of hand sting felt on mishits due to the two-piece design. The Reflex will most likely have a stiffer feel, due to the one-piece feel.

Brandon Expert ·Apr 27, 2014


I am 12 about to be 13 I'm in major boys and going to play colts next year my friend has a drop 3 bat and can use it but would this bat be ok to use? And would you consider it as a big barrel bat? My bat is a drop 12 and I'm a big kid compared to others so would you recommend it for this year or even next? Please respond asap or when you have the time.

If you are using a -12 right now, moving up to a -3 is going to be a noticeable transition. I would probably not recommend moving up to a BBCOR certified bat at this time. However, ultimately it will come down to whether or not you feel comfortable swinging it. The BBCOR certified bats are going to be approved for high school and collegiate play, and will be significantly heavier than what you are currently swinging. The BBCOR will not be a big barrel bat. The transition will be a large increase, but if you are able to swing it with no problems, then it should be fine.

Merritt Expert ·Apr 11, 2014


I'm in 12 year league. Would the bat be regulation?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR (BB13RX) is legal in most leagues. However, we always recommend to contact your local league official for exact rules.

Kara Expert ·Apr 11, 2014


What are the differences between the Easton Reflex BBCOR: BB13RX Adult and the Easton S400? Which one is better?

Both the 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR (BB13RX) Adult and the 2014 Easton S400 BBCOR (BB14S400) Adult bats are one-piece alloy bats. The Easton Reflex has been replaced by the 2014 Easton S500 BBCOR (BB14S500 Adult) and the Easton S400 replace the old Easton Typhoon. The Reflex (S500) will have a higher quality alloy than the S400 (Typhoon).

Damon Expert ·Mar 22, 2014


How does the BB13RX compare to the BB13TY?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR: BB13RX uses a higher grade of alloy than the BB13TY. This provided better performance and durability.

Kara Expert ·Mar 19, 2014


I'm 12 I play little league what should I use ?

Easton Reflex BBCOR: "BB13RX" Adult For little league you can use between a 2 1/4 - 2 5/8 barrel size and a drop weight between 5 and 12.ThIs bat would not be allowed in your league because it is a drop 3 size bat.

Kyle Expert ·Mar 14, 2014


Hi, my son is 14 yrs old and about 5'8". What size bat would you recommend?

A 31" 28 oz. bat size would be recommended for the Easton Reflex BBCOR (BB13RX Adult).

Brandon Expert ·Mar 02, 2014


Is it composite?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR (BB13RX) Adult bat is a one-piece alloy made from Easton's 7050 Aircraft Alloy material.

Mac Expert ·Feb 22, 2014


Why is this Reflex more expensive than the red/black Reflex?

This Easton Reflex BBCOR: (BB13RX) Adult bat is a newer version than the Reflex with the red and black color scheme. But both are made from 7050 Aircraft Alloy and feature similar swing weights. Typically, older bat models will be offered at a lower price on our websites.

Mac Expert ·Feb 11, 2014


Is this bat top heavy?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR: BB13RX Adult is a balanced bat. It will not be top heavy at all. If you want an end loaded model, I would suggest the XL series by Easton.

Justin R. Expert ·Feb 10, 2014


Is this bat approved for high school play?

Yes, the Easton Reflex BBCOR (BB13RX) is BBCOR certified so it will be legal for high school play.

Tessa L. Expert ·Feb 06, 2014



No, the 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR: BB13RX Adult bat is BBCOR certified.

Brandon Expert ·Jan 19, 2014


Is this a balance weighted bat?

The 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR: BB13RX Adult offers a pretty balanced swing weight. It does have an extended sweet spot which makes the bat slightly less balanced than the S Series from Easton.

Mac Expert ·Jan 11, 2014


Do you guys ship to Australia?

No, we can only ship within the United States.

John Expert ·Sep 09, 2013


Is the 2013 Easton BB13RX a bat that is durable and can last a long time with good pop?

For the price the 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR: BB13RX Adult is going to perform great and it will be durable.

Noah Expert ·Jul 16, 2013


Is this a good bat for power hitters? Also does this bat have alot of pop?

The 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR will have good pop and be good for a power hitter.

Damon Expert ·Jul 07, 2013


Would you recommend this for BBCOR because it looks like its good and the reviews look great but I'm not sure if I should get this for my upcoming season?

The 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR: BB13RX Adult is a good general purpose bat that would be more in line with a power hitter's swing.

Kevin Expert ·May 01, 2013


Is this bat a two-piece bat?

The 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR: BB13RX Adult is a one-piece alloy bat.

Marcus Expert ·Apr 27, 2013


Does the Easton BBCOR BB13RX come in 32" 26 oz.? My son is 12yrs old 5'9", 140 lbs. He is pretty strong but I see his 28 oz. might be a little heavy for him. If not, can you recommend a bat for him?

The 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR: BB13RX is a -3 adult bat that is not produced in a 32" 26 oz. -6 model. Unfortunately, there are no bats on the market that are made in the size you need.

Tyler Expert ·Apr 08, 2013


My oldest boy is 14 and weighs 160 and has hit home runs with past bats and is wanting a new bat. Would this be a good bat for him to hit more home runs? Also my other boy is 12 and weighs 220 and has hit home runs also, but last years bat didn't do well for him. Would this be good for him also?

The 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR: BB13RX Adult would be a great choice for power hitters. It would be good for your 14 year old or your 12 year old son.

Kara Expert ·Apr 04, 2013


I am confused, two questions: My son is 14 years old about 120-130 pounds. What size bat should he use and can he use -3 bats in travel ball?

We recommend a 32.00" 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR: BB13RX Adult. He can use a -3 in travel ball.

Kara Expert ·Dec 20, 2012


Is this bat better for my 12 year old 175 pounds, or the TPX Omaha? He is playing Babe Ruth league.

Both the 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR, and the Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha balanced will be good bats for a power hitter. They are both one-piece bats, but the Easton Reflex will be slightly better, because it is not quite as balanced as the TPX Omaha.

Noah Expert ·Dec 16, 2012


Is the 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR bat suited for a contact hitter?

The 2013 Easton Reflex BBCOR bat is a one piece bat so it is more for power hitters than it is contact hitters.

Noah Expert ·Sep 15, 2012

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