Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat: BX81

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Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat: BX81
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  • Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat: BX81
  • Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat: BX81
  • Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat: BX81
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Questions and Answers for Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat: BX81


Can this bat be used in slow pitch softball?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR Baseball Bat (BX81) is not legal for use in slow pitch softball. The Reflex has a 2 5/8" barrel and does not feature any of the legal stamps.

Jason Expert ·Aug 26, 2014


Can it be used for travel ball?

Given the more restrictive nature of BBCOR standards of performance, most leagues will not have a problem allowing it for use in league play. However, that would be a question to ask your coach or league official before purchasing.

Patrick Expert ·Apr 25, 2014


Can it be used for travel ball?

If the travel ball regulations state that the bat needs to have a .50 BBCOR stamp, then yes, the Easton Reflex BBCOR: (BX81) will be certified for play in your league.

Merritt Expert ·Apr 25, 2014


What is the difference between this bat and the green Reflex?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR (BX81) will be very comparable to the newer Easton Reflex BBCOR (BB13RX). They both feature the one-piece alloy design and a balanced swing weight. They are both made of the 7050 Aircraft Alloy so they will be very similar. The only true differences will be cosmetic.

Tessa L. Expert ·Feb 07, 2014


Does this really come with 5 bats?

Yes, the Bat Pack Easton Reflex BBCOR (BX81) Adult 5-Pack comes with 5 bats.

Jason Expert ·Jan 26, 2014


Is the 32 inch 29 oz model okay for me? I'm 5'4" and 130 pounds.

Based on your height and weight we recommend a 31" Easton Reflex BBCOR: BX81 Adult.

Kara Expert ·Dec 11, 2013


What year is this Reflex?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR: BX81 Adult is a 2012 model.

Kara Expert ·Dec 09, 2013


Is it okay to use this aluminum bat in high school?

Yes. The Easton Reflex BBCOR: BX81 Adult bat is BBCOR certified. All BBCOR certified bats are legal for use.

Tyler Expert ·Apr 16, 2013


How long can I expect this bat to last?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR: BX81 does not have a set lifespan (no bats do). But if you take good care of it and don't let others use it, it is possible to get a couple of years use out of it.

Tyler Expert ·Apr 16, 2013


I am 5'8 and 160 pounds. What would be the recommended size bat for my freshman year in high school?

I would recommend the Easton Reflex BBCOR: BX81 Adult in a 33" 30 oz. for a player your size.

Frank Expert ·Apr 16, 2013


Can you use it in little league?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR will have a barrel diameter of 2 5/8". Be sure to check with your league and see if you can use that size barrel. If not then you would have to go with the 2013 Easton Reflex Youth YB13RX.

Chad M. Expert ·Apr 13, 2013


Is this bat approved for Babe Ruth in 2013?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR: BX81 Adult is legal in Babe Ruth for ages 13-18 in 2013. If you are playing in the Cal Ripken division (ages 6-11) of Babe Ruth you would need a 2 1/4" barrel bat, so it would not be legal.

Damon Expert ·Apr 13, 2013


What size should you suggest for a 16 year old who is 5'6" and 140 lbs?

I'd recommend a 32" Easton Reflex BBCOR: BX81 Adult bat.

Kevin Expert ·Apr 09, 2013


What bat size would you suggest for someone who is 6'1" and 170 lbs?

Based on your height and weight we recommend a 33" 30 oz. Easton Reflex BBCOR: BX81 Adult.

Kara Expert ·Apr 03, 2013


I am 5'8" about 160 pounds. Would this be a good bat for me? if so, what size bat? Also is this good for high school?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR: BX81 Adult bat will be a BBCOR Certified bat. It will be legal for high school and college play. At your height and weight I am recommending a bat size of 32" 29 oz. This one-piece all alloy design will have a very balanced swing weight. It will require no period of break-in.

Brandon Expert ·Jan 24, 2013


Is this a Very balanced bat? Would you recommend it for a 13 year old?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR: BX81 has average balance for an adult BBCOR bat. It would be a great option for a 13 year old.

Tyler Expert ·Aug 24, 2012


I bought this bat for my 12 year old son so that he could get use to hitting with a BBCOR bat before the 2013 season (which he will be required to use). Before the season starts, He wants an Easton S3 BBCOR to use during the 2013 season. Will the S3 be more balanced and will it have more pop than the Reflex BBCOR?

The Easton S3 BBCOR is a very balanced bat. It is made of a higher grade alloy than the Easton Reflex for more durability and pop.

Kara Expert ·Aug 13, 2012


My son is 13 and is 5'6",125 lbs. He is now moving into a Fall league that is BBCOR. He has been using 32" 21oz composite. Do you think he should go to a 31" BBCOR or stay at 32"? I am concerned about the increased weight.

I would recommend staying with the 32". It is always recommended to stay with the current length or move up.

Nick Expert ·Jul 30, 2012


Which bat has more of balanced feel, this or the rival?

Both the Rival and Reflex are well balanced bats with similar weight distribution.

Tyler Expert ·Jul 29, 2012


My son is turning 12 years old and starting junior high ball this fall. He has been using a 28" 18oz DeMarini but has to go to a BBCOR certified for junior high. What size and weight would you recommend?

The length of the bat is determined by the players height and weight. Check out our bat coach for correct sizing: http://www.justbats.com/bat-coach/

Kara Expert ·Jul 09, 2012


Is it top heavy and how big is the sweet spot?

The Reflex is evenly balanced and has an average size sweetspot when compared to similar models.

Tyler Expert ·Feb 27, 2012


My son is 12, in Little League he has to use a 2 1/4 bat which is pretty light, but needs a BBCOR for travel (13U). Does it make sense to get this bat a bit shorter to try and cut down on the weight difference?

Yes this does make sense. BBCOR bats will have a -3 drop making them feel heavier. Many kids are getting BBCOR bats shorter in an effort to get the lightest weight.

Kris Expert ·Feb 27, 2012


Is the Rival better than the Reflex or are they about the same?

Both bats will perform just about the same. The main difference is the type of alloy each bat is made out of. This bat is made with 7050 Aircraft alloy, while the Reflex is made out of THT100 Aluminum.

Jennifer Expert ·Feb 23, 2012


which bat would be better for a power hitter the reflex bx81 or the rival bg2?

The Easton Reflex BBCOR: BX81 Adult and the Easton Rival BG2 will both be very good options for a power hitter since they are both one-piece all alloy designs. Here is a link to further compare both bats. http://www.justbats.com/compare/

Tom Expert ·Feb 19, 2012


What is the minimum temperature it is safe to use this bat in?

The minimum temperature suggested for use is 50 degrees fahrenheit.

Brad Expert ·Feb 19, 2012


My son will be 14 in April. He is 5' 5" and weighs approx. 120 lbs. What size bat would you recommend?

Based on your son's height and weight I would recommend a 32" 29 oz.

Kara Expert ·Feb 07, 2012


I'm 19 5'9" 210 lbs. what size bat should i swing.

I would recommend a 33 inch bat for someone that is your size.

Brad Expert ·Feb 05, 2012


I am so confused by the new bat requirements. Will this bat be allowed for high school play for the next few years? I want to buy a bat that my 13 year old can use NOW as well as for the next few years. I just spent $300 14 months ago on a bat that is now worthless.

I understand your frustrations, as of right now this bat will be approved for 2012. Do not know what the rules are going to be like in 2013

Ryan Expert ·Jan 30, 2012


is this bat good for a 5ft 1 14 yr old 105 lbs? what size should i get?

This bat would be good for someone of that size. I would recommend a 31" 28oz for a player of that size.

John Expert ·Jan 26, 2012


Is it top heavy?

This bat has more of a balance weight and will not be end-loaded.

KG Expert ·Jan 25, 2012


is this a -3

Yes this has a -3 length to weight ratio.

John Expert ·Jan 24, 2012


is this bat approved for high school play?

Yes, this is high school approved

Sean Expert ·Jan 22, 2012


How would this comepare to a 2012 Louisville Slugger Exo Grid 2? Is it just worth it to pay the extra money for the exo grid or will this perform just as good?

The Exo Grid 2 is going to much superior to this bat. The Exo Grid 2 is Louisville Sluggers top of the line bat for this year

Ryan Expert ·Jan 17, 2012


im am a 13 year old I'm 5 9 about 130 would either of these bats be good for me.if so way size and weight.its for high school

The size we would suggest for you would be probably a 32/29.

Bobby Expert ·Jan 03, 2012


I have a 14 year old starting his first year of high school base ball. He is 5 ft and weighs 90 lbs. Which bat would you suggest?

The Reflex would be a good choice. It it lightweight and provides smaller sizes for players just starting to use BBCOR bats.

K.B. Expert ·Dec 09, 2011


Would this be a good bat for a 13 year old? Hes 5'7 and Weighs 120. What size and weight should his bat be?

Its really a personal preference when looking at size, some good bats are the Cat 5, Marucci Black, the Easton Power Brigade bats and the DeMarini CF5

John Expert ·Dec 04, 2011


i have a 13 year old boy, who is short (small) for his age. he needs a -3 bat, but he cannot swing the big 31/32 inch or 33inch bat... too heavy for skinny kid..would this bat make a good option?

Yes, the Reflex goes down to as small as a 29inch bat. And is pretty well balanced.

Linda Expert ·Nov 27, 2011


which is better then the 3 , rawlings plasma 2012 or easton 2012 refelx or easton reflex bx74?

I prefer the 2012 Reflex. Nice pop, nice balance, nice bat!

Linda Expert ·Nov 25, 2011


What is the difference between The 2012 Reflex and the 2012 Louisville slugger warrior performance wise?

Both are going to perform similar to each other. Based on the feedback we have received, I would give the edge to the Reflex.

Kara Expert ·Nov 22, 2011


Does the blasting cap on the 2011 Reflex really help? Which bat has more pop? Which bat would you recommend for a 13 year old, the 2011 or 2012 Reflex?

It won't have a huge effect on the performance of the bat. There is not going to be much of a difference between the two, the 2012 should have slightly more pop than the 2011

Sean Expert ·Oct 29, 2011


Does this bat have more pop the lets say the easton rival?

Compared to the Rival, the Reflex will have a little less pop. Compared to other bats in the $100 price range though, the Reflex can't be beat.

John Expert ·Oct 24, 2011

I would say the Easton Rival has more pop than the Reflex.

Kara Expert ·Oct 24, 2011


Is this bat comparable to the vexxum also im about 5 foot 90 pounds and 14 yrs old would you recomend this bat for highschool?

The Reflex is a one piece alloy bat and the Vexxum is a two piece bat witha an alloy barrel and composite handle. The Reflex is going to be a little lighter, but stiffer.

K.B. Expert ·Oct 24, 2011


So is this new Reflex considerably better than the 2011 model

I wouldn't say it's considerably better, but it does have a better feel and balance compared to last year's Reflex. I would give the 2012 model a slight edge in performance, but it's not that big of a difference.

John Expert ·Oct 24, 2011


My son will be 13. He's 4'9" and weighs 97 pounds. Can he use a 31/28 BBCOR?

If his league requires him to use BBCOR, there are some that are a little shorter and lighter. For instance, the Easton Relfex, Typhoon and a few others.

revo Expert ·Sep 30, 2011


My son just turned 9,he is 4foot 8 and 115 pounds would a 29-26oz bat be to much for him.

BBCOR bats are for high school and college players only. That weight would be to much for a 9yr old. Check out our youth bats in a 29". Those will be a better fit.

Kris Expert ·Sep 22, 2011


would this bat be good for a 5'8" 195lb 13 year old?

Yes. The BX81 uses Easton's high quality 7050 alloy. The bat will have good pop and good durability.

Mark Expert ·Sep 16, 2011

Yes. A 32" or 33" bat would be good for someone of that size.

Mark Expert ·Sep 16, 2011


would this be a good bat for at 13 year old playing prep babe ruth? he is 5 10 and weighs 138. and what size shouldhe start with?

The recommmended size would be a 31"-32" bat.

Vince Expert ·Sep 15, 2011


Is this bat approved for USSSA play in 2012

Yes. If someone uses a -3 bat in USSSA, it must be BBCOR approved.

Nick Expert ·Sep 15, 2011


What is the difference between the 2012 Reflex BBCOr and the 2011 model? Any changes made to the design?

The difference is going to be the aluminum that is used in the bat. The 2012 bat will have a little more pop and more durability. This is based on the technology that is used in the 2012 bat that is going to be newer then the 2011 model.

Brett Expert ·Sep 07, 2011

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