Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110

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Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110
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  • Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110
  • Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110
  • Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110
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Questions and Answers for Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110


Can this bat break?

Due to the nature of the sport, any bat (including the Easton WLA110 BBCOR (WLA110)), can break over time and repeated use. With proper bat care, it should last at least a season, if not longer. It is backed by a 12 month manufacturer's warranty through Easton.

Tessa L. Expert ·Mar 21, 2014


Is it a -3 bat?

Yes, the Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110 Adult bat will have a -3 length to weight ratio.

Brandon Expert ·Sep 07, 2013


Does this bat have a good size sweet spot?

The Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110 Adult has a good size sweet spot with good pop.

Kara Expert ·May 21, 2013


Do you know if this bat is legal to use in New Mexico high schools? I do know they went to wood bats but it also states wood/composite bats can be used if they are BBCOR stamped.

The Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110 Adult is BBCOR certified. However, it does have an aluminum outer shell. We recommend to verify with your local school official or coach for clarification.

Kara Expert ·Feb 19, 2013


Will this bat crack if it is hit on the handel like a wood bat, or vibrate like an aluminum bat?

The Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110 Adult will not crack like a wood bat.

Zach Expert ·Jan 02, 2013


Will it be hard for me to go from a 2 5/8 barrel to a 2 1/2 barrel?

The Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110 Adult bat shouldn't be too much of a problem for you. It really isn't a huge drop off in barrel size going from a 2 5/8" to 2 1/2" barrel. I would just suggest some soft toss and tee work to get get used to the new bat.

Brandon Expert ·Oct 29, 2012


This bat's barrel width is 2.5 inches, while most other Easton bats are 2.625. Is the barrel smaller to simulate a wood bat?

Yes, the 2012 Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110 Adult is designed to feel and perform more like a wood bat.

Zach Expert ·Jul 08, 2012


Can we request a certain bat pack put together? If so can you put together the Easton WLA110 BBCOR and the COMbat 52 Caliber BBCOR, and make that a bat pack if you can?

At this time, we are unable to customize a bat pack for you. However, we do have a bat pack available with the COMBAT 52 Caliber: Bat Pack COMBAT 52 Caliber BBCOR and Easton Surge BBCOR: 52CALAB1 and BGS2 Adult.

Kara Expert ·Jun 29, 2012


is this an end loaded bat? If so is it as end loaded as the exogrid 2 bbcor or more balanced or more endloaded?

The 2012 Easton WLA110 BBCOR: WLA110 is made to feel like a wood and thus will be more endloaded. The Exogrid 2 is not endloaded, so this Easton will be more endloaded than an Exogrid 2.

Nick D Expert ·Jun 23, 2012


is this like the baum bat?

No, this is going to have an alloy barrel. The Baum bat is going to be a composite/wood bat.

John Expert ·Jan 27, 2012


why would you hit with a wood bat compared to a aluminum or composite

It is really a personal preference. some leagues only allow wood bats as well.

Sean Expert ·Oct 29, 2011


Does this bat have as much forgiveness as a metal bat or is it like a wood bat in that sense?

It will perrom like a wood bat. However, it does have good pop because it does have the alloy outer shell.

K.B. Expert ·Oct 14, 2011


Does it have a sweet spot? All these pros and cons say its like a wood bat.

It does have a big sweet spot. It is like a wood bat, with an alloy shell. Great pop.

lkh Expert ·Oct 11, 2011


Does this bat really feel like a bat and hit like a wooden bat.Also if you would compare this bats pop to a bat such as an easton rival how would it compare.

This bat does have the THT100 outer shell which will give it the pop.

lkh Expert ·Oct 10, 2011

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