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Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB126

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Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB126
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  • Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB126
  • Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB126
  • Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB126
  • Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB126
  • Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB126
  • Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB126
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Questions and Answers for Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB126


Would this bat be good for a kid who is on his first year using BBCOR?

Yes. The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR (BB126) is a nice balanced design so the swing weight will be spread out over the length of the bat which can help with the adjustment to the new weight.

Patrick Expert ·Jun 15, 2014


Is this bat USSSA certified? If not, do you have any that are 33" 30 oz. bats that are?

This Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR (BB126) is BBCOR certified, and no BBCOR certified bats will also carry the USSSA BPF 1.15 certification mark. But BBCOR is a more restrictive regulation than the BPF test is, so it should be approved for your league. To get the 33" 30 oz. size, you really won't find a bat that only features the BPF 1.15 stamp.

Mac Expert ·Jun 02, 2014


I'm 13 about 5'4-5'5 and roughly about 120-130 pounds. Would the 33 inches and 30 oz. be too much?

I think 33 in. 30 oz. in the Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha (BB126) will be too much of a jump. Based on the information you gave, I recommend a 30" 27 oz. size bat.

Zach Expert ·Apr 27, 2014


Is this bat more end-loaded like the Easton S3 or lighter with less pop like a Demarini Vexxum?

If you are comparing the Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha (BB126) to these two bats it is going to have a more similar feel to the Easton S3 (BB14S3). The reason why because both bats are one-piece alloy design.

Zach Expert ·Mar 29, 2014


What is the difference in the 2013 BB126 & BB136?

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult is not as balanced as the 2013 Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha Balanced BBCOR: BB136 Adult. Both are very high performing.

Kara Expert ·Nov 22, 2013


What does the 12 month warranty cover?

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult covers any natural defect that may occur with the bat, such as denting or cracking from the impact of a baseball.

Noah Expert ·Aug 24, 2013


Is this bat good for a power hitter? Which one is better Louisville Slugger BB126 or BB136? Which one has more pop?

The Louisville Slugger BB136 will be slightly more balanced than the BB126. Both will have similar pop?

Damon Expert ·Aug 24, 2013


Is there any difference between the 2012 Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR and the 2013 model bedsides the paint?

The 2013 Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR will be a little more balanced than the 2012 model.

Damon Expert ·Jun 29, 2013


Son is 5' 7" and 150 lbs, so I'm thinking about getting him a 32" bat. The Omaha seems a good fit. He has very little power, however, so I am thinking about an equivalent half/half or composite rather than the Omaha...suggestions? The Vexxum seems appropriate but there are some comments about it being a little end loaded.

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult is a very balanced bat and would be a good option for a contact hitter with little power. Balanced bats help increase bat speed, and bat speed generates power.

Katie Expert ·May 16, 2013


I'm 5'8 and still growing. Would it be smart to buy a 33" so I won't out grow it or should I go with a 32" so it will fit right now?

If you are comfortable choking up on the bat, we recommend using a 33" Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult. Typically players use the size that fits their current height and weight.

Kara Expert ·May 13, 2013


Does this bat have better pop than the Louisville Slugger Vertex?

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult is pretty comparable, performance-wise. The design of these two bats is different. The Omaha is a one-piece alloy, while the Louisville Slugger TPX Vertex BBCOR: BB12V Adult is a two-piece hybrid design with an alloy barrel and composite handle.

Katie Expert ·Apr 29, 2013


Which bats have better pop in order. The TPX Omaha, Rawlings 5150, or the Rawlings Plasma?

All will have similar pop, no matter which order you rank them. The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult bat is a very popular model with great customer reviews.

Brandon Expert ·Apr 20, 2013


I am 12 and I'm 5 foot 2. I am going to play summer baseball and high school ball and need a drop 3 bat. I usually swing a 31' or 32" bat. Is this a good bat for me. If not what would be a good and reasonably priced bat?

With your height we actually suggest a 31" bat for you. The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult is a great price for a bat with such great reviews.

Chad M. Expert ·Apr 15, 2013


My son is 5'11" and 180 lbs. 8th grader. He hits 4th in lineup with good power. Do you have a recommendation on bat size and bat?

Based on his height and weight, we recommend a 33" model in the Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult bat. For further sizing information, please visit our Bat Coach at http://www.justbats.com/bat-coach/

Aubrey Expert ·Apr 08, 2013


I'm 13 5'7" 145 lbs and I use the DeMarini Voodoo and wanted to consider a new bat. Would this be a good bat for me (middle school baseball)? And if so what size would you prefer?

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult would be an excellent choice. It is very balanced, great for a younger player starting to use a BBCOR bat. We recommend a 32" 29 oz. bat.

Kara Expert ·Apr 05, 2013


Is this bat Little League approved or Junior Division approved? I'm playing Junior Division this year and I have this bat and use it for select and I want to know if I can use it.

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult bat is BBCOR certified and is legal for play in the Junior Division of Little League.

Tyler Expert ·Apr 03, 2013


My son is 13 yrs old, 5'7", and 145 lbs and he he is a power and contact hitter. Is this a good choice for him and if yes, what size? He currently uses a Marrucci Black 32" 24oz and he now needs a BBCOR for Babe Ruth and 14u tournaments.

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 is a great bat with excellent durability that is a good choice for an all-around hitter. Based on his size, a 32" model is recommended.

Tyler Expert ·Mar 27, 2013


Which is a better contact hitter bat? I'm not sure if to get the Easton Reflex BBCOR Bx74 or this Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126.

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR is a great bat for contact hitters. It will certainly add a little pop to your game as well. It has great reviews and I think it would be a great fit.

Chad M. Expert ·Mar 09, 2013


My son is 13 5`4 120 lb ,he has some power. He can hit 275 feet with Easton Rival BBCOR. I wanna buy the new bat and between 2012 Easton XL3 and Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha, which is suitable for my son? Adult BBCOR 32"x 29 oz.

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult has a balanced feel, similar to the Easton Rival. The 2012 Easton XL3 is an end loaded bat and is better for a player with some power.

Kara Expert ·Feb 04, 2013


Which -3 bat is better for a contact hitter, the Louisville TPX 1000 or Louisville Omaha? And which bat will last longer? Thanks!

The Louisville Slugger TPX Z-1000 and the TPX Omaha both come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. I would recommend the Z-1000 due to the composite materials. Generally, we recommend composite bats for contact hitters to allow for more flex in the swing.

Justin R Expert ·Jan 28, 2013


Are there any differences between the 2013 Omaha "balanced" versus this bat?

The 2013 TPX Omaha Balanced BBCOR will be more balanced than the 2012 TPX Omaha BBCOR.

Damon Expert ·Dec 27, 2012


Is this bat end-loaded, top-loaded, or balanced and what size should a 14 year old that is 5' 7" 115 pounds use?

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult bat is a balanced bat. I would recommend using a 30" bat.

Jeff Expert ·Dec 16, 2012


Does this bat dent easily?

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult bat will not dent easily. It will be a one-piece design made from Louisville Slugger's classic ST+20 Alloy. The TPX Omaha will provide the long-lasting and consistently solid performance that its fans have become accustomed to.

Brandon Expert ·Dec 04, 2012


Do you guy have this bat in 31 inch?

We only show what sizes we have in stock. If you do not see the size you need, then we do not have it. Unfortunately, the Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 is a discontinued model, and we will not be getting any more sizes in stock.

Tyler Expert ·Nov 29, 2012


Is this bat similar to the Easton S3?

Yes, the Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR and the Easton S3 BBCOR are very similar. They are both one-piece bats that are full alloy and both are very balanced.

Nick Expert ·Oct 28, 2012


How does this bat compare to the 2012 Exogrid 2?

The 2012 Exogrid 2 has carbon composite inserts in the handle, the Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult does not.

Zach Expert ·Oct 27, 2012


Are there any differences between the 2012 model 126 and the 2013 136? Specifically balancing?

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 Adult will resemble the 2013 TPX Omaha Balanced BBCOR: BB136 Adult. They both will feature a One-Piece design. Both bats will be 100% ST+20 Alloy construction. Both will come with the 12 month manufacturer's warranty. The 2013 version is specifically designed to provide a more balanced swing weight through the hitting zone.

Brandon Expert ·Oct 02, 2012


Would you consider the 2012 Omaha BBCOR better than the first Omaha Limited Edition BBCOR (I think it was 2011)? We have the Limited Edition which we really like just don't know if it is time to "upgrade".

Both of the BBCOR Omaha's that you are referencing would feature Louisville Sluggers ST+50 alloy so the pop on both bats would be very comparable. Really the only difference between limited edition bats and the regular models is the paint job.

Tom Expert ·Aug 20, 2012


Do you know if the new 2013 Omaha will be expensive when it comes in November?

The 2013 Omaha will be around the $200 range.

Tom Expert ·Jul 31, 2012


Should I go ahead and buy this Omaha? Or wait for the new one?

Louisville Slugger will be releasing their new line in November, but they won't be at the same discounted price of $119.99.

Tom Expert ·Jul 31, 2012


When will the 2013 TPX bats release?

The 2013 models will be released on November 15, 2012.

Nick Expert ·Jul 30, 2012


When will the new Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR bat that was used in the college world series come out?

Louisville Slugger will be releasing their new line around October or November of this year.

Tyler Expert ·Jul 26, 2012


Which bat would be better for a 50/50 contact/power hitter - the Omaha or the Louisville Slugger Warrior?

Both the Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha and Warrior are going to be balanced and good for a contact/power hitter. The Omaha will have a higher grade alloy.

Damon Expert ·Jul 14, 2012


Is this bat as balanced as the EXOGRID2 BBCOR? Is this an endloaded bat, good for power hitters to generate more power?

The 2012 Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR is balanced like the EXOGRID2 BBCOR.

Kara Expert ·Jul 05, 2012


do you have it in 31 or 32 inches and between 20 and 23 oz -3 and is it composite. can you tell me whats bbcor

We currently have the 2012 Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 in a vaiety of lengths ranging from 31.5" to 34". They will all be 3oz lighter than their length. This bat is alloy not composite and will not come in any weight lighter than 28.5oz. BBCOR is a standard that all high school and college bats have to meet to be legal for play.

Nick D Expert ·Jun 21, 2012


Does it sting when you hit the ball?

The TPX Omaha BBCOR will not sting when you hit it on the barrel. If you get jammed you will feel it, just like any other bat.

Damon Expert ·Jun 16, 2012


is this omaha bbcor bat stiffer than the z1000 bbcor or the exogrid2 bbcor? Is this more balanced than the z1000 bbcor or the 2012 voodoo bbcor?

Of all the bats you listed, the 2012 Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR: BB126 will be the stiffest and the 2012 Louisville Slugger TPX Z-1000 BBCOR: BB12Z will be the most balanced.

Nick D Expert ·Jun 15, 2012


Which bat is better, the TPX Omaha or the TPX z-1000?

Both bats are good bats and have a balanced swing weight. The Omaha is a one piece alloy, whereas the Z-1000 is a one piece composite, so you may get more pop out of the box with the Z-1000.

Damon Expert ·Jun 07, 2012


When will the 2013 omaha come out to sale for general public?

We don't have an exact release date but typically it will be out by the end of June.

Ryan Expert ·May 28, 2012


What is the difference between Omaha vs Plasma?

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR and the Rawlings Plasma BBCOR are both one-piece aluminum bats that would be great options for anyone in high school or college play. Here is a link to take a closer look at the differences between these two bats. http://www.justbats.com/compare/

Tom Expert ·May 23, 2012


Other than the two-piece construction and the composite handle what is the difference between the DeMarini Voodoo and the Omaha? Which would be better for a power hitter?

The only difference between the Louisville Slugger Omaha and the DeMarini Voodoo is the Voodoo is a two-piece bat with a composite handle, while the Omaha is just a one-piece alloy bat. The one-piece design of the Omaha will be more stiff and is generally more preferred by power hitters, while the two-piece design is generally more preferred by contact hitters.

Jennifer Expert ·May 16, 2012


Why do the collegiate players have the omaha that has green and blue on the barrel? Is it a 2013?

That is a 2013 model. Every year, manufacturers will release their new bats to college teams to use before they are released for sale to the general public.

Tyler Expert ·May 15, 2012


How does the Omaha compare to the Marucci Black? I'm a contact hitter and have liked hitting with the Marucci.

The Omaha is a one piece all alloy bat. The Black is a two piece bat with an alloy barrel and composite handle. If you have used Marucci in the past with success, then I would recommend sticking with that brand.

Tyler Expert ·May 11, 2012


Alright, so I'm a freshman 5' 10", and been using the 32" CAT 5 and need a longer bat for AAU. I usually hit 3-5 in the lineup. Wondering if this one is a good bat for myself?

The Omaha would be a great bat for you. It is a one-piece bat this is known for being very durable. It's a stiff bat that is great for stronger hitters.

Tyler Expert ·May 09, 2012


I am wondering if this bat is top heavy.

The weight in the 2012 Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha is pretty evenly distributed. This gives the bat a pretty balanced feel.

Jennifer Expert ·May 02, 2012


My son 6' 1/2" 205, Freshman. 34 inch bat, powerhitter. Bat doesn't have the horsepower he had in his old BESR Voodoo. Would you get the 2012 -3 Voodoo or a Rawlings 5150? Should he be in a 33 inch?

Based on your son's height and weight, a 34 inch bat is recommended. No BBCOR bat will have the same pop as the BESR bats of yesteryear. The Rawlings 5150 is a stiffer bat that is often preferred by stronger hitters. The Voodoo is considered one of the highest performing hybrid bats on the market and is a great choice as well.

Tyler Expert ·Apr 24, 2012


Is this bat 100% aluminum? Ok for Babe Ruth, right? What does BBCOR mean? My kid currently 15 years old, using 32" -5. He's 6' tall and weighs 150 lbs. Does he need longer?

The 2012 Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha BBCOR is 100% aluminum. It is also legal for Babe Ruth. BBCOR stands for "Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution". This is a certification that adult bats must have in order to be legal for play. This certification was implemented to make adult non-wood bats hits more like wood to even the playing field for all bats. Based on his height and weight, the suggested size for him is a 33" bat. However, if he is not having any problems with the 32", he could certainly stay with that size.

Jennifer Expert ·Apr 09, 2012


Does this bat have as much pop as the CF5 if not how much more pop does the CF5 have and which would you recommend for somone living in the rainy pacific northwest?

The CF5 is DeMarini's top of the line bat and is all composite. The Omaha is a durable alloy bat from Louisville Slugger. The composite used in the CF5 has the tendency to out perform alloy. Climate should not effect the bat's performance, but if you're worried about using it in cold temps, alloy bats like the Omaha often hold up a little better.

Tyler Expert ·Mar 30, 2012


I'm 6`6 and using a 32 inch. Should I use a 33 inch?

Based on your height, you could use a 33" bat. However, if you are swinging the 32" bat just fine you could certainly stay with that size as well. It comes down to whatever you feel more comfortable swinging.

Jennifer Expert ·Mar 29, 2012


I'm 5'5 weigh 184 pounds and use a 34 and sometimes a 33. What size would be better for me?

The suggested size for someone with your height and weight is about 32 inches. If you feel comfortable swinging a 33 or 34 inch, then I say go for it. When sizing bats, it comes down to whatever you feel comfortable with as a player.

Jennifer Expert ·Mar 11, 2012


How does the balance of this bat compare to the Easton XL1?

The BB126 is an all alloy bat and will be very well balanced. The new Easton XL series bats have a slight end loaded feel due to the longer barrel.

Kris Expert ·Feb 29, 2012


I'm thinking about getting this bat for the upcoming season how does it compare to the Demarini Vexxum and if I'm like 5 ft 10 what size bat should I get?

The Omaha is going to be more stiff than the Vexxum because it is a one piece bat. One piece bats are usually better for power hitters. For an exact size check out our bat coach;http://www.justbats.com/bat-coach/

KB Expert ·Feb 13, 2012


How does this bat compare to some of the Eastons: Reflex, Rival, and Surge?

The BB126 is a one piece alloy bat just like the Reflex, and the Rival. The Surge is a two piece hybrid design. Any of these would be a great choice.

Shelbe Expert ·Feb 13, 2012


Does it not being composite change the pop at all?

It is going to have similar pop to a composite bat, the main difference between composite and alloy is the feel, composite is going to feel more like a wood bat and will have a crack when it is hit instead of the ping sound from an alloy

Sean Expert ·Feb 11, 2012


Is this bat better than the Nike BBCOR bat?

Both bats would be an awesome choice. For more BBCOR bats check out the BBCOR search filter on Justbats.com.

Shelbe Expert ·Feb 08, 2012


whats tpx stand for

TPX stands for "Tournament Players Extra-light".

Jennifer Expert ·Feb 06, 2012


is it better than the demerini cf5

They are both great bats!

Shelbe Expert ·Feb 01, 2012


whitch bat should i get the omaha or rival

Both are great options. The omaha will be slightly more balanced than the rival

John Expert ·Jan 21, 2012



This bat does not have much vibration when you hit it on the barrel. If you get jammed you will feel it, just like any other bat.

Ryan Expert ·Jan 17, 2012


My son will be playing middle school ball which will require a -3. He is also going to playing in a league sanctioned by USSSA and Nation Baseball. They say that we need to use the 1.15 stamp. Does this mean this bat will be leagal as well.

If they are requiring you guys to have a USSSA stamp, then most likely, yes. I would double check with your coach first. -3 bats are for High School and College guys. They have the BBCOR stamp on them, most BBCOR are allowed in USSSA tourny's, but I would ask you coach first.

Ryan Expert ·Jan 17, 2012


Is this bat BESR certified?

No, this bat is not BESR certified. All of the high school and college play now require the BBCOR certification.

Linda Expert ·Jan 17, 2012


Is this bat legal for use in USSSA as well as Dizzy Dean baseball? My son is 13 and will play both leaques this year. Thank you.

It is approved for USSSA, although BBCOR bats are not required in that age division unless the bat is composite. The BBCOR bats are only legal in the Ozone Division of Dizzy Dean baseball.

K.B. Expert ·Jan 16, 2012


How does this bat perform in cold weather? Suggest an alternative?

All alloy bats will perform the best in cold weather. This would be a great option if you play in cold weather.

Kara Expert ·Jan 06, 2012


between this and the 2011 bbcor limited edition omaha... which has better pop and better overall performance. And why is their a 25 dollar difference between them.

This Omaha will be very similar to the 2011 model. The price is set by Louisville and we are unsure of why there is a price difference.

Todd Expert ·Jan 03, 2012


In terms of bang for your buck... what is the ultimate deal on your site for a powerful contact hitter looking for a deal under 200 dollars? I like aluminum and alloy alot... however, please direct me to a bat with pop.

This one, the Omaha, is a good one. So is the Easton XL3 BB11X3, or the Easton S3 BB11S3.

Linda Expert ·Jan 03, 2012


Do they make BBCOR bats lower than a drop 3

No. All BBCOR bats are a -3.

Kara Expert ·Dec 17, 2011

They do not make bbcor bats with a lower drop than -3

Sean Expert ·Dec 17, 2011


What bat is better - my son has to have a -3 bat for middle school ball - he is in 7th grade 5' 110lbs-cant decide between tpx omaha or mattingly v force/vgrip. What bat would you suggest?

This is a very good BBCOR bat that has good pop and a very good sweet spot. This is a well balanced bat and will not have an end-loaded feel.

KG Expert ·Dec 15, 2011



Generally the next yr models start rolling in around March and April.

Linda Expert ·Dec 13, 2011


will this bat staisfy the USSSA standards? my son is in eighth grade. thanks.

The way the ruling was explained to us, The bat must be stamped with EITHER the USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp OR it must be BBCOR stamped. Not both. This particular bat is BBCOR. Now if your son is a strong kid, swinging a BBCOR will just prepare him for high school even faster as the weight on BBCOR is madatory -3, the USSSA stamped ones are great for smaller guys as it goes to as light as a -10 (which I usually don't recommend if he plans to play in high school).

Linda Expert ·Dec 13, 2011


How does this compare to the TPX Z-1000 Composite Bat?

The omaha is going to be a full alloy design so it is going to have a ping sound instead of a crack like it is on the Z-1000, performance of the bats is going to be very similar

Sean Expert ·Dec 11, 2011


Are there any BBCOR bats made in America?

The only bats I know of are the Anderson bats.

K.B. Expert ·Dec 06, 2011


What is the performance of this bat compared to that of the red and white besr omaha

This bat is not going to perform as well as the BESR models, no BBCOR bat will perform as well as their BESR counterpart

Sean Expert ·Dec 04, 2011


Is this bat on sale now because the new 2013 version of it is coming out... if so when is the 2013 version coming out

We do not have a timeframe for the new 2013 bats to come in

Sean Expert ·Dec 04, 2011


Which is better, the BBCOR Omaha or the BBCOR Cat 5

Both are great models. I personally like the feel of the cat 5 over the omaha

Sean Expert ·Dec 03, 2011


what would you recommend for a freshman power hitter and can only use a 32, 29... the omaha bb126 or the easton xl3???

Both of these bats are very good options. The Omaha will have a balanced weight and the XL3 has more of an end-loaded feel. It depends on what you like.

KG Expert ·Dec 02, 2011


My son player JV/Varsity baseball mostly power hitter but still has good contact used the Louisville Silhouette last year. Is this a good bat fo him or are there better options in a BBCOR

The Omaha is an awesome bat. One piece all alloy, nicely balanced, great pop!

Linda Expert ·Dec 01, 2011


I'm in 7th grade and play middle school baseball. Next year we will be forced to use -3 BBCOR. I am about 5'1 and weigh 95 pounds. I have a short, compact swing. What BBCOR bat would you recommend. Thanks!

This one, the Omaha is a good one. The Easton Relfex or Typhoon, has smaller sizes, down to like a 29 and 30inch bat.

Linda Expert ·Nov 29, 2011


I'm a contact hitter and torn between the Omaha and the Easton s3. Which would you recommend?

Well, for a contact hitter, I would typically recommend a two-piece bat. However, if you're down to the Omaha and S3, I would lean towards the S3. It will have a slightly lower swing weight.

TJ Expert ·Nov 29, 2011


is this bat better than the EXO grid 2?

It depends on who you ask, but most of the customer's I've spoken with say the Exogrid2 is the better performing bat out of the two. I would tend to agree based on my personal experience as well.

TJ Expert ·Nov 29, 2011


is this bat an extended barrel?

Yes, this bat is an extended barrel

Sean Expert ·Nov 26, 2011


What is the best of the 2012 Louisville slugger bats.

This bat along with the Z-1000 will be good options.

KG Expert ·Nov 14, 2011


I am torn between the Omaha, Marucci Cat 5 and Rip it prototype 2. I am a power hitter who likes 1 piece, stiff bats. I had the senior league -5 omaha last year and loved it, so i'm leaning towards the omaha, but have heard great things about the marucci and the rip it. which do you think is best? which has the most pop/ping to it rather than a crack? is there one that's the best by far? please answer all questions and answer honestly

Between those 3, I would say the Marucci Cat 5 has the most pop followed closely by the Prototype then the Omaha. The Cat 5 will have the most "ping". The Cat 5 isn't the best by a large margin and the Prototype would be right behind it in terms of performance. The Omaha may not be as high performing as the Cat 5 or Prototype, but it is still an excellent bat with great durability.

Jeff Expert ·Oct 24, 2011


TPX Omaha VS Marucci Cat5 for my son, a freshman contact hitter.

Both are good bats. Based on customer feedback and personal experience, I would give the Cat5 an edge in performance and pop.

Ryan Expert ·Oct 17, 2011


Im deciding between the eaton reflex and this what do you recommend?

The Omaha uses higher quality alloy so I recommend it over the Relfex.

K.B. Expert ·Oct 14, 2011


Does this bat have more pop than the Easton XL3?

They will feel similar as both are 1 piece all alloy bats.

diamond doll Expert ·Sep 27, 2011


How would you compare this bat and other alloy bats as far as balance is concerned?

The omaha is a balance bat. It will feel a lot like other bats that are balanced.

Mark Expert ·Sep 12, 2011


what has more pop this or the 5150

Both of these bats are going to be some of the best alloy barrel bats in their price range. The 5150 will have a little more pop. The Omaha will have a little more durability.

Todd Expert ·Sep 08, 2011


I am a contact hitter; and I cannot decide between this bat, and the DeMarini Vexxum (as I've had success with both aluminum and composite bats in previous seasons). What bat do you suggest is better for me?

This bat has very good pop and a nice size sweet spot. It has a balanced weight which is perfect for a contact hitter.

Kris Expert ·Aug 10, 2011


Other than color, is the 2012 TPX Omaha BBCOR Limited Edition (-3), any different than this one?

Structurally, and speaking in terms of performance and feel, there are no differences between the two.

Brett Expert ·Aug 08, 2011


Will BBCOR bats be legal in the 2012 season?

Yes. BBCOR bats will be legal in 2012 for play in any league or organization that uses a -3 adult bats.

JH Expert ·Jul 05, 2011


Will the grip fade away over time and get sticky?

The grip on this bat should not fade away. All bats have a year warranty that goes through the manufacture. If anything happens to the bat, you are able to send them the bat and they will send you a replacement.

Brett Expert ·Jun 09, 2011


Is this bat legal for high school in the 2012 season?


Mark Expert ·Jun 05, 2011


Is there any other weight ratios like -8, -9?

All BBCOR bats come in a -3. These are high school and college bats. They will not come in any other length to weight ratio other then the -3.

Brett Expert ·May 30, 2011


Is this bat a little top heavy? The previous TPX Omaha 116 BBCOR seemed very top heavy and that is my only concern in the bat.

This bat is a little end loaded. Most of the weight is distributed through out the bat, but there is a little weight that is at the end of the bat.

Brett Expert ·May 11, 2011


do they make this bat in a 32.5" 29.5oz?

The BB126 is not produced in a 32.5"/29.5 oz.

Brett Expert ·Apr 18, 2011


does it have composite in it

No. This bat is 100% alloy.

Jon Expert ·Apr 04, 2011


Is this approved of high school use and 8th grade school use. How about babe ruth baseball

Yes, any BBCOR can be used anywhere -3 adult bats are used.

Mark Expert ·Mar 07, 2011

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