Marucci Black Senior League Baseball Bat: MSB11

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Marucci Black Senior League Baseball Bat: MSB11
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  • Marucci Black Senior League Baseball Bat: MSB11
  • Marucci Black Senior League Baseball Bat: MSB11
  • Marucci Black Senior League Baseball Bat: MSB11
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Questions and Answers for Marucci Black Senior League Baseball Bat: MSB11


Can I use this bat in high school play

Unfortunately when playing high school baseball you have to use a -3 drop bat. The Marucci Team preBCOR (MSBT5) is not legal.

Kyle Expert ·Apr 19, 2014


Do you have to break in the Marucci Black 2? If so how long?

No, the Marucci Black 2 does not require a break in period. It has an alloy barrel so it is game ready right out of the wrapper.

John Expert ·Sep 04, 2013


What do you consider the best option for a 14U slight kid, 5'3", 95 lbs. in a drop 5, XL1, Black 2 or what else?

The Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League and Marucci Black 2 are designed for a player who needs to increase their bat speed. The Easton XL1 is an end loaded bat and better suited for a power hitter.

Kara Expert ·Aug 14, 2013


When will the 30 in. be in stock?

The Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League is a discontinued model, and we do not anticipate adding any more sizes back into inventory.

Mac Expert ·Aug 08, 2013


What size is best for a 5' 1", 95 lbs. 13 year old?

Try using our bat coach, it is a great tool when trying to size your son for the Marucci Black. Here is a link:

Noah Expert ·Jun 17, 2013


I used this bat yesterday and when it fell to the ground (on the knob) it sounds like a cracked wood bat. Is that normal or should I change the bat?

From the information you provided the Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League is probably defective. Please contact Marucci at 1-225-291-2552 for a warranty replacement.

Kara Expert ·Apr 26, 2013


Can this bat break in the handle ?

The Marucci Black Senior League is known to be a very durable product. If it does break, Marucci has a 12 month manufacturer warranty on their products.

Chad M. Expert ·Apr 07, 2013


Can I use this bat at any temperature? Because I read somewhere that composite bats should only use 65 degrees and over? Thanks.

The Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League can be used in cold weather. Only composite barrel bats have weather restrictions. Composite barrel bats should not be used below 55 degrees.

Kara Expert ·Apr 02, 2013


What bat is better, the Nike CX2 Senior League or the Marucci Black Senior League?

The NIke CX2 Senior League is made with better materials but Marucci Black Senior league is much more popular.

Chad M. Expert ·Mar 09, 2013


How long is the break-in period on the Senior League Black 2?

The Marucci Black 2 will not require a break-in period. Only composite barreled bats require a break-in.

Noah Expert ·Feb 27, 2013


Which has a bigger sweet spot: the Marucci Black or the Marucci Team?

Both the Marucci Black and Marucci Team bats will have the exact same sweet spot length.

Noah Expert ·Feb 24, 2013


How does this bat compare to the Easton XL2?

The Marucci Black: MSB11 and the Easton XL2 are both two-piece hybrid bats with an end loaded feel and an extended barrel design.

Marcus Expert ·Feb 24, 2013


Which has a bigger barrel the Marucci Black or the Marucci Team?

Both the Marucci Black and the Marucci team bat will have the exact same barrel size.

Noah Expert ·Feb 23, 2013


I am 60"and 85 lbs. and used a 31" 21 oz. last year. Would using a 30" 22 oz. be too much of a difference?

Based on your height and weight, we recommend a 30" model. For further information on sizing, please visit our Bat Coach at

Aubrey Expert ·Feb 22, 2013


Are you going to be getting in a 31" 23 oz. in anytime soon?

The Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League is a discontinued model. We will not be receiving more inventory.

Kara Expert ·Feb 22, 2013


When will you get the 31" 23 oz. model in stock?

The Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League bat is a discontinued model, unfortunately we will not get anymore of the 31" 23 oz. models back in stock.

Aubrey Expert ·Feb 22, 2013


Besides the composite handle, what other difference does the Marucci Black possess over the Easton Rival? My son is 58". and 93 lbs. Would you recommend the 30" 22 oz? His Rival is 30" 20 oz.

The Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League will have more flex than the Easton Rival because of the composite handle. The Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League is best suited for a contact hitter. Based on his height and weight we recommend a 30" 22 oz.

Kara Expert ·Feb 19, 2013


Does this bat have the USSSA thumb stamp between the barrell and handle?

Yes, the Marucci Black does have the USSSA thumb print on the bat. If you look at the additional pictures to the right of the bat it will have a picture of the stamp.

Cooper Expert ·Feb 03, 2013


We are considering this bat. My son is 11 and moving up to a senior league. He bats right now with a 31" 18 oz. Which bat do you recommend he move up to? He is about 80 lbs and 56" tall.

The Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League bat would be a great bat for a smaller contact hitter, but it may be too much of a jump in weight. I would look at the Marucci Team models in the -10 sizes.

John H Expert ·Jan 31, 2013


Can you get the Marucci Black -8 bat with a 2 3/4" barrel? Is the 2 3/4" barrel found only on younger kids bats?

The Marucci Black Senior League bats have a 2 5/8" barrel. Bats with 2 3/4" barrels are also allowed in some leagues. Contact your league representative to ensure 2 3/4" barrels are legal for play.

Mac Expert ·Jan 22, 2013


Will you be getting this bat in 32"/24 oz. Or is it limited to stock on hand since it's a 2012?

The Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League bat is a closeout model. We will not be getting anymore in. Checkout the new 2013 Marucci Black 2: MSBB28 Senior League. We have a 32" 24 oz. in stock.

Brandon Expert ·Jan 22, 2013


I am 12 years old and play 12u. I am 5"1 and 90lbs. Last year I used a 30/20. Do you think the Marucci black 30/22 will be to heavy?

The Marucci Black 30" 22oz may seem heavy at first because of the two ounce jump, but it will be just fine for you, because it is always recommended to gradually go with a heavier bat to get ready for -3 BBCOR bats.

Noah Expert ·Jan 19, 2013


My 12 yr. old son has used one-piece Easton bats for the past 3 seasons (Rival and S3). We just got his Marucci Black yesterday and he used it for the first time at BP today. Should I be concerned with switching him to a two-piece bat after the success he has had and how long will the Black take to break in?

The two-piece design on the Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League bat will help his bat speed. Also, being two-piece will help limit the amount of vibration that could reach his hands. This bat does have an Alloy barrel. It requires no period of break-in. This bat will be highest performing right out of the wrapper and will slowly lose its pop over time.

Brandon Expert ·Jan 07, 2013


Does the Marucci Black have more pop than the Marucci Black 2?

Both bats should have very similar performance. The main upgrade from the Black to the Black 2 is the Kevlar-Reinforced grip that the Black 2 has. It will help reduce vibration when hitting.

Jeff Expert ·Dec 23, 2012


How much drop should a 13 year old major player use? I am looking at the drop 8 to drop 3 right now.

I would recommend a -5 as this is the perfect size for a player the year before they play high school baseball.

Jeff Expert ·Dec 23, 2012


Which is better this one or the Marucci Black 2?

Both are excellent bats. The new 2013 Marucci Black 2 has an extended barrel and uses newer technology.

Kara Expert ·Dec 13, 2012


What size of bat should I get if I'm 5'1" and weigh 94 lbs?

Based on your height and weight, we recommend a 31" 23 oz. model in the Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League bat. For more information on sizing, please visit our Bat Coach at

Aubrey Expert ·Nov 23, 2012


I just turned 11 years old, I'm 4' 7" and 85 lbs. I used an Easton S1 30"/18oz. this past season and made the jump to a CF5 30"/20oz. in the Fall with no problem. I am looking at getting the Marucci Black (-8) 30"/22oz. I like the balanced feel of a bat but do you think the difference is weight will be a problem for me? Also, is this bat legal for 2013?

Yes, the Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League bat will be legal for use in 2013. The swing weight will be very balanced. I would suggest swinging a 30" 22oz. to see if you can handle it confidently. It shouldn't be too big of a problem but the 2 oz. could be some extra weight to get used to.

Brandon Expert ·Nov 20, 2012


I'm 13 power hitter and play 13u and I don't know what to get marucci black, black 2, or cat 5. HELP!!!!

That all depends on what bat you have used previously with the most success. Because, it's always recommend that a player stick with the same type of bat they have used in the past with the most success. In doing so, the player is much, much more likely to have continued success at the plate. If you give us a call at 1-866-321-2287, or email us at, we would be happy to assist you.

Tyler Expert ·Nov 13, 2012


I am 13 and about 4'7" tall, should I use a 30/25 bat?

There are a lot of factors when choosing the right length and weight of a bat. Based on your height, a 30" 25 oz. bat, like the Marucci Black should be fine. Here is a link to our Bat Resource Guide that can further help you make the right choice.

John Expert ·Nov 01, 2012


My son is 12 and he is a pretty big kid at 5'8" 230 lbs and is considered a power hitter. He has been swinging a Rival 31/22 with good results but he used a Marucci Black 31/23 and it seems to have more pop and he swung it with no loss in bat speed. He is a very strong kid with fast hands but do you think a 32/24 -8 Marucci Black would be too heavy for him?

I think at that age, considering his height and weight, the 32" will not be to heavy for him. Especially since he was swinging the 31" without any issues, the extra ounce shouldn't make a difference. Also, if you would like more options to choose from, you may answer a series of questions with our Bat Coach on our homepage.

Derek Expert ·Oct 14, 2012


I am 12 years old and I am 5'5" and 102 pounds. I would like to use this bat for at least a year. Would you recommend a 31" 23 oz. or a 32" 24 oz?

Even if you grow a little bit this next year, a 31" 23 oz. model of the Marucci MSB11 is recommended.

Tyler Expert ·Sep 30, 2012


Have a CAT5, center balance is great, does the BLACK have the same feel and balance. Looking for a more center balanced bat...Thanks

The Marucci Black has the two-piece construction with a composite handle and an alloy barrel. It does feature the balanced swing weight, just like the Marucci CAT5. Here is the link to view more details on this model.

Derek Expert ·Sep 20, 2012


Are you able to use the Marucci black for high school 33 in or 34 in?

No, you can not use the Marucci Black MSB11 model in High School. High School bats have to be BBCOR certified and this model is not.

John Expert ·Sep 16, 2012


What is the difference between a 2 5/8 barrel and a 2 3/4 barrel?

The 2 3/4 barrel is bigger than the 2 5/8.

Damon Expert ·Sep 01, 2012


My boy plays U8 baseball and is 48 inches tall and weighs 63lbs what size bats is best recommended for him?

Based on his height and weight, a 28" bat is recommended with a weight between 16 and 18 oz.

Tyler Expert ·Aug 27, 2012


What has happened to the Marucci Black -5 drop bats. It is like they are no longer available, they are not shown even on Marucci's website? Will a 2012 Black be legal in USSSA for 2013?

The Marucci Black is a discontinued model by Marucci. We have sold out of all the Marucci Black's in that size. It will still be legal for you to use in 2013 if you have one that has the USSSA stamp.

Tom Expert ·Aug 20, 2012


is this the newest marucci bat?

No. The Marucci Team Series bats are the latest from Marucci.

Tyler Expert ·Aug 12, 2012


Is this bat approved for Dixie Youth play?

No this particular model of the Marucci Black is not approved for play in Dixie Youth, but here is a link to the model of the Marucci Black that is approved for play in Dixie Youth.

Tom Expert ·Aug 09, 2012


I struggle with bat speed and I kind of need a balanced bat that is easy to swing. Is this the bat for me or should I get the Voodoo or what would you recommend? Should I also get a doughnut? I'm 12 and kind of a big kid and a power hitter.

The Marucci Black is a balanced two-piece bat for a player who needs some bat speed. The 2013 Voodoo is an end-loaded bat, perfect for a contact hitter with some power.We recommend checking with your coach before using a doughnut on your bat.

Kara Expert ·Aug 07, 2012


Is Marucci making a new 2013 model. Also is this bat basically the same as the Voodoo?

No Marucci will not be releasing a 2013 model of the Marucci Black. The Marucci Black and the DeMarini Voodoo are both very high performing two-piece hybrid bats, with composite handles and aluminum barrels.

Tom Expert ·Aug 07, 2012



Yes. The Marucci Black: MSB11 is a 2012 model.

Tyler Expert ·Aug 06, 2012


Is this bat going to be affected by the ban on the larger MCB11 black by Marucci? I guess the question is will this remain a legal bat through 2013? My son plays 12UAAA in USSSA.

The Marucci Black is approved for USSSA for 2012 and 2013 according to USSSA guidelines. The MCB11 and all other BBCOR bats require different testing and standards than USSSA approved bats.

Kara Expert ·Aug 06, 2012


How long will it take for the marucci black to break in the pop?

There is no way of telling how long a bat will last due to the many variables that go into that. However, all bats are supposed to last an entire season.

Zach Expert ·Aug 05, 2012


Is this bat legal for travel ball, I'm 11 years old?

Yes, the Marucci Black: MSB11 Senior League is legal for travel ball?

Zach Expert ·Aug 05, 2012


My son plays for a usssa 11u baseball this bat "legal" for the 2013 season?

The Marucci Black MSB11 does feature the USSSA stamp that makes it legal for play in USSSA sanctioned games. For additional information feel free to contact our customer service at 1-866-321-2287.

Shelbe Expert ·Jul 10, 2012


My son says for travel ball the bat has to say BBCOR I seen on the Adult version it says that does this on say bbcor on it.

Only bats with a -3 length to weight ratio will be BBCOR certified. This Marucci Black: MSB11 has a -8 length to weight ratio and is not BBCOR certified. Here is a link to all of our BBCOR certified bats.

Tom Expert ·Jul 03, 2012


How do you decide on what bat & bat length is best? My son's is 12 years old and he's 5'4 1/2.

We have a great tool on our website called the Bat Coach which is perfect for helping you find the correct bat for your son. Here is a link to our Bat Coach.

Tom Expert ·Jul 03, 2012


Is the Marucci Black legal for use in 2013?

The Marucci Black Senior League bat has the USSSA BPF 1.15 stamp and is legal for 2013.

Damon Expert ·Jul 02, 2012


is the marucci black 2 piece

Yes, the Marucci Black is a two-piece bat. It has a composite handle and an alloy barrel.

Sean Expert ·Jun 30, 2012


Which bat would you recommend for a contact hitter that occasionly hits for power, the Marucci Black or the Easton S2?

Both the Marucci Black and the Easton S2 are hybrid designs with composite handles and aluminum barrels that would work great for a contact hitter that also hits for power. Here is a link to further compare the two bats.

Tom Expert ·Jun 18, 2012


Is this bat legal for Junior League play?

The Marucci Black is legal for use in Junior League levels. Only composite barrel bats are required to be BBCOR certified for this league.

Jennifer Expert ·Jun 04, 2012


Is this bat BBCOR?

No. The Marucci Black MSB11 is a Senior League model that is not eligible for BBCOR certification. Only adult -3 bats are eligible for BBCOR certification.

Tyler Expert ·Jun 01, 2012


Which bat would you prefer for a contact hitter the Marucci Black, 2013 DeMarini Voodoo or Easton S2?

Depends on your bat speed. If you have high bat speed, I would recommend the Voodoo. If you have average bat speed or slightly above bat speed, I would recommend the Black. If you have below average bat speed, I would recommend the S2.

Tyler Expert ·May 13, 2012


If im a contact hitter what bat should I get? The Exogrid 2, Voodoo, TPX Vertex or the Marucci Black? Or any other bat type?

Most contact hitters prefer a two piece bat like the Voodoo or Black. Most contact hitters prefer a balanced bat like the Black. All or great bats, but I think the Marucci Black would be the best option.

Tyler Expert ·May 01, 2012



This bat is legal for play in Pony League Mustang division. It meets all of the requirements, but since rules do change from league to league, I would suggest checking with the coach or league official just to make sure.

Jennifer Expert ·Apr 16, 2012


Is there a break in period with this bat?

The Marucci Black: MSB11 is a two-piece hybrid bat meaning that it has a composite handle and an aluminum barrel. Any bat with an aluminum barrel will not require any break-in period.

Tom Expert ·Mar 27, 2012


I have a son that plays on a USSSA 13 major team, bats either 2nd or 3rd in the lineup. He is about 5'2" and 120lbs. Hits for avg and power. He wants an exo, but I am looking at the Marucci Black & Cat5. Which do you recommend for bat speed as well as power?

If you are looking for a bat for more of a power hitter, I would suggest going with the CAT 5 or the Exogrid 2. Both of these bats have a one piece design and will be pretty stiff and help generate more power. You can't really go wrong with either one of these bats. The Marucci Black is a great bat, but the two piece design is more preferred by contact hitters because they will offer a little bit of flex.

Jennifer Expert ·Mar 12, 2012


Is this Bat approved for Babe Ruth 13 - 15 year old league?

Yes, the Marucci Black is approved for Babe Ruth 13-15 year old league.

Kara Expert ·Mar 06, 2012


Besides the CAT 5 being a one piece and the Marucci Black being a two piece is there any other difference between the two? Will the black 31/23 feel as light as the white? Will one be better then the other for a contact hitter?

Two piece bats like the Marucci Black are better suited for a contact hitter. The Cat 5 is stiffer and better suited for a power hitter. Both are lightweight and balanced.

KB Expert ·Feb 20, 2012


my son has a tpx vertex, I want a bat on the same order as the vertex. He can smoke it with his vertex,only thing is I need a bat that's 2 5/8 to bad vertex don't make one. Will the marucct Black or a exogrid 2 be comparable? Does this bat have about the same sweetspot as a vertex( besides the 2 3/4) barrel? I worried that the exogrid2 does not have as long of barrel and may be stiffer? Thanks for your help.

This is a very good bat and will have a large sweet spot. This bat is durable and will be similar to the Vertex. Good choice and great bat.

KG Expert ·Feb 02, 2012


I'm a coach of a USSSA baseball travel team and we have to have BBcor certified bats for 12 and under is the Marucci Black certified

The Marucci Black is USSSA certified. Only adult bats are BBCOR certified. However, according to USSSA rules, BBCOR bats are only required in the 15U and above division, but can be used at any level.

Kara Expert ·Jan 19, 2012


This bat would be used for youth play.Does this bat meet the new USSSA requirement for 1.15 BBCor for 2012?

The MSB11 has the USSSA BPF 1.15 stamp. Only Adult bats are BBCOR certified.

Kara Expert ·Jan 17, 2012


My son is a 12yr old power hitter who hits for big average and needs a usssa bat. He saw this bat and likes it however would he be better off with a single piece bat like a combat b3 -8 or some other bat or bat type.

It really is just a personal preference, either one can be used for a power hitter

Sean Expert ·Jan 15, 2012


My 10 yr old flattened two of the Cat5 jr after one days use. Does the Black 2 5/8 have more muscle in the Harrell and still maintain the incredible pop? He loved the Cat5 but need more longevity than one day.

The Cat 5 junior big barrel is designed for coach pitch. This model here is going to be designed to withstand the higher velocity while still having great performance.

John Expert ·Jan 03, 2012


If i have a 12 year old son is this bat good since he has the two and a quarter barrel of it and he likes it will it be good for him

Oh definitely, if he likes the youth barrel, he will love the big barrel. Great pop!

Linda Expert ·Dec 27, 2011


I have a 9u player and I need help.which would you recomend the exo,cat5, or black

It will erally depend on what kind of hitter your son is. the Exogrid and Cat 5 are going to be more for power hitters because they are stiffer. The Marcucci Black is a two piece bat with a composite handle which provides a litte more flex. Good for contact hitters.

K.B. Expert ·Dec 22, 2011


Looking for a balanced bat for 11-year old. Would you recommend this, the Rawlings, EXO, VELO or another?

The Marucci Black and the Rawlings series are going to be the most balanced.

K.B. Expert ·Dec 14, 2011


How does this bat compare to the Vertex? Is one hotter than the other?

They are both two piece bats are are going to perform very similar to each other. Both use top of the line alloy and composite materials. The Marucci Black will be heavier than the Vertex,

Kara Expert ·Dec 12, 2011


Will a Marucci Black 31/23 feel about the same weight to swing as a Voodoo 31/22?

The Marucci will swing a little lighter.

Linda Expert ·Nov 28, 2011


Is this bat legal for travel leagues that require a USSSA 1.15 BPF in the 13U age bracket?

Yes. This bat has the new USSSA BPF stamp and is legal for all leagues following this new rule.

TJ Expert ·Nov 22, 2011


How does this bat compare to the z 1000 -8?

The biggest difference is 1 piece all composite (the Z1000) versus 2 piece hybrid. Each one offers something different. So it depends on what you like best. My own personal preference is 1 piece, I like the feeling of solid connection.

Linda Expert ·Nov 18, 2011


Does the black have 2 ounces in the knob like the cat 5?

It's similar. With the low MOI the weighting is close.

Linda Expert ·Nov 16, 2011


Do they make this bat in a 2 3/4 barrel?

This is only available in a 2 5/8 inch barrel.

Kara Expert ·Nov 15, 2011


My son used a 30/20 last year. Now for next spring we are torn between the 30/22 Marucci Black and the 30/21 De Marini Voodoo. Any thoughts?

It is a good idea to move up in size every year. This will help the player as he gets older and will need to use a heavier bat.

KG Expert ·Nov 14, 2011


Im 14 and play tournaments,is this bat legal to use

Yes. This bat does have the USSSA stamp on it.

KG Expert ·Nov 14, 2011


I thinking about ordering one, but i need to know when Marucci will be releasing it ??And do you know when you will be releasing it?? Same Time??

The -8 MSB11 is currently available for purchase on our site now.

Derek Expert ·Nov 13, 2011



It is not BBCOR certified. Only adult baseball bats are required to meet BBCOR certifications. The model you have is a senior league (youth big barrel) bat that is not governed by the BBCOR standard.

TJ Expert ·Nov 10, 2011


This bat is supposedly well balanced with lower M.O.I. If I get a 29-21, does it swing like a 29-19?

There is no way to be exact on what size it swings light. But it does swing lighter than it is.

Linda Expert ·Nov 09, 2011


I keep hearing that we must comply with BBCOR. Does this bat qualify?

If you are playing high school level next year, yes. There is also some older youth big barrel leagues that require a bbcor certified bat. If you are required to use bbcor, this bat will not be legal. There is a Marucci Black Adult bat that is BBCOR certified.

Linda Expert ·Nov 09, 2011

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