Marucci ONE Senior League Baseball Bat: MSB15-BK Black

Marucci ONE Senior League Baseball Bat: MSB15-BK Black
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  • Marucci ONE Senior League Baseball Bat: MSB15-BK Black
  • Marucci ONE Senior League Baseball Bat: MSB15-BK Black
  • Marucci ONE Senior League Baseball Bat: MSB15-BK Black
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Questions and Answers for Marucci ONE Senior League Baseball Bat: MSB15-BK Black


Which wood bat turning model is the 2014 Marucci ONE based on?

The 2014 Marucci ONE (MSB15-BK) is the most similar to a 110 turn model.

Kara Expert ·Mar 31, 2014


I'm about to transition to BBCOR for high school. Should I spend the extra model on the 'ONE' or just get the 'Team' model instead to save money? What's "newer" about the ONE that's improved from the Team?

The ONE is definitely an upgrade, but it depends on what factors matter most to you. The 2014 Marucci One (MSB15-BK) Black Senior League bat features an entirely new profile inspired by Marucci’s Big League Board of Directors and was designed to be even more balanced than the 2013 Marucci Team. The improved balance is the result of the One’s new shape and wall thickness profiles. But for this transitional size, the Marucci Team -5 model is still a great bat. And at the discounted Closeout price, it may be a better call for your situation.

Mac Expert ·Feb 25, 2014


Other than the composite handle, is there any difference between the Marucci Black and the Marucci One? Especially with balance?

The 2014 Marucci ONE: (MSB15-BK) Black Senior League bat would be a bit more balanced than the Marucci Black. The Marucci Black has an extended alloy barrel which can give the bat a slightly end loaded swing weight. If you're looking for a more balanced option, I would definitely check out the Marucci ONE.

Mac Expert ·Feb 09, 2014


what is the difference between the Marucci ONE and the Marucci team prebbcor. The description is almost the same. I am needing a 30" -5.

The Marucci ONE is the newer model of the Marucci team. They are both single piece alloy bats and both offer several color options for team customization. The performance you can expect and the materials that make up these two bats will be very similar.

Patrick Expert ·Feb 09, 2014


Is the 2014 Marucci One (MSB15-BK) Black Senior Leaugue this bat like the Cat 5?

Yes, the the 2014 Marucci One (MSB15-BK) Black Senior League uses the same profile as the old Marucci Cat 5.

Damon Expert ·Jan 18, 2014


I am interested in buying this for my son. He is 5'6" and weighs 136 pounds. He used an Easton XL3 2013 31" -9 last year. There is a -5 limit this year. Would you recommend a 31" or a 32" bat in this model?

Based on his height and weight, we recommend a 32" model in the 2014 Marucci ONE (MSB15-BK) Black Senior League. However, if you are worried about the extra weight a 31" model works as well.

Jason Expert ·Jan 13, 2014


How is this bat different from the team 2013 preBCOR bat?

The 2014 Marucci ONE: MSB15-BK Black Senior League will be a big barrel youth bat. It will have a higher Bat Performance Factor. The Marucci preBCOR bat was a youth bat but hit like an Adult BBCOR bat would. The Adult BBCOR bats have a lower Bat Performance Factor.

Brandon Expert ·Jan 12, 2014


I'm 14 and 135 lbs. I am looking for good balanced bat with lots of pop, but not too pricey or flashy. Is this a good choice?

The 2014 Marucci ONE (MSB15-BK) will be a good performing bat. It will be a balanced one-piece alloy bat.

Tori Expert ·Jan 02, 2014

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