Mattingly Ripped BBCOR: RPDABB

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Mattingly Ripped BBCOR: RPDABB
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  • Mattingly Ripped BBCOR: RPDABB
  • Mattingly Ripped BBCOR: RPDABB
  • Mattingly Ripped BBCOR: RPDABB
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Questions and Answers for Mattingly Ripped BBCOR: RPDABB


What is the V-Grip supposed to do? How does it help the batter?

The V-Grip is specially designed to keep knocking knuckles aligned and shift the bat away from the palm and into the fingers. This forces your grip to be in perfect alignment every time. Additionally, the V-Grip keeps the bat from turning in the hands during the swing, giving players maximum control.

Zach Expert ·Apr 05, 2014


Is this bat compatible for BBCOR 2014 qualifications?

Yes, the Mattingly Ripped BBCOR (RPDABB) Adult can be currently found on the Washington State University approved BBCOR bats list:

Mac Expert ·Mar 22, 2014


I like this bat only fear is with the V-grip, it would seem you would always be hitting the ball in the same general area of the bat (meaning you can't turn it at all and make contact on different sides of the bat)...Wouldn't that make the bat weaker in that area? Have you had complaints or issues with this bat denting?

The V-Grip design of the 2012 Mattingly Ripped BBCOR will only allow balls to be hit on the same side. However, Mattingly uses top of the line alloy that is very strong to compensate for the ball coming off one side of the bat. We have not received feedback of the bat denting.

Kara Expert ·Jul 11, 2012


There is so many bats on the market and I assume even more coming. I need a new bat for next year in high school I am a line drive hitter with some power. What would be the best 32 inch BBCOR bat for me?

Unfortunately, there are dozens of great bats on the market and there is not just one that would be the best for you. A few of my top recommendations would be the DeMarini Voodoo, Rip-It Prototype and Marucci Black.

Tyler Expert ·May 09, 2012


Is this bat legal for USSSA?

Yes, if it is BBCOR certified, it will be legal for play in USSSA.

Zach Expert ·Apr 28, 2012


How does this compare with the mattingly demon?

The biggest difference is the handle. The Demon has a traditional round handle. The Ripped has Mattingly's patented V-grip handle, designed to help players align their hands properly when at bat

Tyler Expert ·Mar 04, 2012


Does this bat have a break in period?

No this bat does not have a break in period

Sean Expert ·Jan 28, 2012


How does this bat compare with the Marucci Cat 5?

They are both one piece alloy bats. The Ripped has the Vgrip, which is exclusive to Mattingly, and also has the direct power transfer creating more power.

Linda Expert ·Jan 16, 2012


Is this bat made for contact hitters or power hitters? Asked by Robthepitcher19 on Aug 04, 2011 This bat is going to be for a contact hitter. Most contact hitters are going to want a one piece bat for more flex. Power hitters will want a 2 piece bat that wont have as much flex in the bat. Brett Expert ·Aug 04, 2011 What???? is this not backwards. according other experts one pc is for power and 2 pc is for contact.

Power hitters do great with this bat.

Linda Expert ·Dec 12, 2011


In your opinion which bat is better the mattingly ripped or the easton rival?

Both bats use top of the line alloy and will peroform similar to each other. The Mattingly does have the V-Grip which helps players with proper hand placement. The Rival has a standard grip.

K.B. Expert ·Dec 09, 2011


My son is playing on a travel team for the first time has used mattingly before 13yrs old 175lbs 6'1" hits home runs Coach said to use TPX 33x30 what do you think?

The Mattingly Ripped would actually suit your son well if he is a power hitter. If he likes it, why change?

Linda Expert ·Nov 25, 2011


Hi Ihave a question my son is in babe ruth now and all these bats that are 2012 legal bbcor are drop 3 bats my son weighs 85 pounds wet meaning he will have to get a bigger bat than his current 30/20ounce bat even choking up will mess up his swing what do the smaller kids use for bats am I missing something in these new rules for 2012. thanks for any help you could give

If he needs to go with the BBCOR bats, I would look at going with a 30" or 31" design and choke up on the bat. It will slow down his swing at first but over time he should be able to use the bat effectively

Sean Expert ·Oct 02, 2011


i am debating on whether to get this bat or the louisville slugger bbcor omaha 2012 i have used v grip before and i am just wondering what bat would give me more power and better results

Both bats are going to be great options, with the BBCOR bats it has made most bats perform very similarly, there is not going to be a noticeable difference in power from one to another. The main difference between BBCOR bats now is the feel of the bat manufacturers.

Sean Expert ·Sep 24, 2011


I heard this bat will not be allowed to be used in high school next spring it was just banned

No one here has heard such rumors. As of 8/29/2011, this bat is still on the approved BBCOR bat list produced by the NCAA (which High School also follows). If you have any more insights or information please let us know though.

Mark Expert ·Aug 29, 2011


Is this bat made for contact hitters or power hitters? Also, what knid bat does a contact hitter want? What kind of bat does a power hitter want?

This bat is going to be for a contact hitter. Most contact hitters are going to want a one piece bat for more flex. Power hitters will want a 2 piece bat that wont have as much flex in the bat.

Brett Expert ·Aug 04, 2011


will this bat be legal for next year?

Yes. It is BBCOR certified and is legal for 2011, 2012 and beyond.

John Expert ·May 02, 2011

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