Miken RZR Senior League Baseball Bat: SLRZR1

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Miken RZR Senior League Baseball Bat: SLRZR1
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  • Miken RZR Senior League Baseball Bat: SLRZR1
  • Miken RZR Senior League Baseball Bat: SLRZR1
  • Miken RZR Senior League Baseball Bat: SLRZR1
  • Miken RZR Senior League Baseball Bat: SLRZR1
  • Miken RZR Senior League Baseball Bat: SLRZR1
  • Miken RZR Senior League Baseball Bat: SLRZR1
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Questions and Answers for Miken RZR Senior League Baseball Bat: SLRZR1


Does the bat have a bell sound when you hit the ball?

The 2013 Miken RZR: SLRZR1 Senior League bat will be a one-piece fully alloy bat and make a "ping" sound when you make contact.

Brandon Expert ·Jun 15, 2013


Is the 2013 Miken RZR: SLRZR1 Senior League bat considered a double wall bat? The 12U league my son plays in does not allow double wall like the 2013 DeMarini CF5: DXCFR Senior League.

The 2013 Miken RZR: SLRZR1 Senior League has really thin walls so I would say yes. It seems to have multiple walls making it illegal. Please check with the league to get a list of approved bats.

Chad M. Expert ·May 04, 2013


Is this BBCOR certified?

This bat is USSSA certified. The BBCOR certification is only for -3 bats that are used in high school and college play. If your looking for BBCOR bats, here is the link. http://www.justbats.com/products/?s=bbcor

Derek Expert ·Mar 17, 2013


Is this bat able to be used for major (12 year old) baseball?

The 2013 Miken RZR: SLRZR1 is a big barrel bat that is illegal in the Major Division of Little League. Only small barrel youth bats are legal in that division.

Tyler Expert ·Jan 21, 2013


Will this bat be legal for 2013 Spring/Summer play?

Yes, the 2013 Miken RZR: SLRZR1 Senior League bat does have the appropriate markings and the latest USSSA 1.15 bpf stamp. It will be legal.

Brandon Expert ·Oct 12, 2012


Is it a two piece?

The 2013 Miken RZR: SLRZR1 Senior League bat will be an all Alloy One-Piece bat.

Brandon Expert ·Oct 09, 2012


What is the difference in this bat and the Junior Big Barrel in 27/17? Does one have more pop than the other?

The difference between the SLRZR1 and the SLRZR10 is the SLRZR10 is designed for coach pitch and the SLRZR1 is designed for machine and kid pitch. Both will be high performing.

Kara Expert ·Sep 20, 2012


Looking fo a bat for my 8 year old. He is 47" and weighs 73 lbs. What length should I consider? Also will this bat hold up to machine pitch with regular balls?

I would recommend a 28" model of the 2013 Miken RZR: SLRZR1 Senior League. Yes, this bat should hold up in the batting cage as long as you are hitting baseballs and not the more dense dimpled balls.

Nick D Expert ·Jun 23, 2012


Just bought this bat almost on a whim. Son is playing 10U. Good size kid. Looked at COMbat B3 but sales person recommended the Miken. Good Choice?

The 2013 Miken RZR was a great choice. The ball jumps off of the RZR.

Nick K. Expert ·Jun 15, 2012


How would you compare this with the Miken NXT freak and the COMbat B3? Is the COMbat worth all the extra money?

The COMBAT and the Miken would both be great bat choices. For further information you can contact our customer service at 1-866-321-2287.

Shelbe Expert ·Feb 17, 2012


How does the new miken stand up to the easton s3? I bought the s3, not impressed, feels heavy. Interested in the miken now...

This bat is a great choice. The Miken has a 2 3/4" barrel and will have great pop. This bat is well balanced and has a durable barrel.

KG Expert ·Feb 06, 2012


My son is 10. he plays in a 11 and under AA league. he needs bat speed. he is 4' 10" tall. i keep going back and forth between the 29 and 30" bat...this is not a cheap bat but want something he can use more than one year too. what do you reccommend for his age and size....

If he is swinging a 29" now and not having a problem with that size, then I would move him up to the 30".

Ryan Expert ·Jan 30, 2012


how much pop does it have

This bat has very good pop, they improved the alloy in 2013.

Josh Expert ·Jan 26, 2012


What is the diffence in this senior 27/17 and the coach pitch 27/17 bat?

Coach pitch bat are made for lower velocity pitching, so the senior league bats will withstand greater velocity pitching.

Shelbe Expert ·Jan 26, 2012


How does this bat compare to the Easton S2? Would you remcommend one over the other?

Both these bats have an aluminum alloy barrel. The S2 is a two-piece with a composite handle. They both are going to have a balanced swing weight.

Ryan Expert ·Jan 25, 2012


Will this bat have more pop than last years psycho. I felt like the psycho was a disappointment compared to other Miken's I'd had in the past. The psycho seemed to have a very small sweet spot

This bat does have a very nice pop. They have improved the alloy in the 2013 model.

Linda Expert ·Jan 16, 2012


Two questions. 1.) Has Miken given any indication that the paint will be more durable than the 2012 model. 2.) When do you expect to get the 30/20 and 31/21 sizes in?

We have not heard anything about the paint issues from Miken yet. We will list the sizes we have in stock, I would say we should be getting more sizes in shortly.

David Expert ·Jan 10, 2012


Never dealt with Miken much, but thinking about giving it a try: This bat seems very similar to the Worth Prodigys. Is that a fair and accurate comparison?

Yes, it is a fair comparison. They are both 1 piece all alloy bats.

Linda Expert ·Jan 10, 2012

Yes. They are both are going to be similar in structure and performance.

K.B. Expert ·Jan 10, 2012

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