Mizuno Whiteout: MZWOFP -8 Fastpitch

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Mizuno Whiteout: MZWOFP -8 Fastpitch
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  • Mizuno Whiteout: MZWOFP -8 Fastpitch
  • Mizuno Whiteout: MZWOFP -8 Fastpitch
  • Mizuno Whiteout: MZWOFP -8 Fastpitch
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Questions and Answers for Mizuno Whiteout: MZWOFP -8 Fastpitch


At what temperatures can the Mizuno Whiteout -8 FP be used?

We do not recommend using the Mizuno Whiteout: MZWOFP and other composite bats in temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. At those temperatures, the ball becomes much more dense and increases the likelihood of damaging the bat.

Mac Expert ·Apr 01, 2013


What does the -8 mean? My daughter is a lead-off hitter, but has potential for power. This sounds like the bat for her. She has a quick bat but as a left-hander, she needs to hit opposite field so i believe that a heavier bat with a low drop should be ideal for her ?

The drop eight (-8) refers to the length-to-weight ratio of a bat. If the batter uses a 30" long (-8) bat then the bat will weigh 22oz. If you are looking for a heavier bat for your daughter, then you want the drop number to be lower. The (-8) is one of the heavier bats in Fastpitch.

Robert Expert ·Jan 22, 2013


Is it ISF certified? Does it have the ISF markings?

Yes, the Mizuno Whiteout is going to be ISF certified. If you look at our additional photos to the right you can see the ISF stamp on the bat.

John Expert ·Sep 15, 2012

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