Rawlings Plasma BBCOR: BBCPL3

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Rawlings Plasma BBCOR: BBCPL3
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  • Rawlings Plasma BBCOR: BBCPL3
  • Rawlings Plasma BBCOR: BBCPL3
  • Rawlings Plasma BBCOR: BBCPL3
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Questions and Answers for Rawlings Plasma BBCOR: BBCPL3


I weigh around 120 lbs. and measure 5 foot 8. Is this bat for me?

Based on the information you gave me I would recommend a 30" 27 oz. in this bat.

Zach Expert ·Mar 30, 2014


Is using a 31 inch and 28 ounce bat much different from using a 32 inch and 29 ounce bat?

The main difference would be moving the length up an inch, also you would be moving up to a heavier model of the Rawlings Plasma BBCOR (BBCPL3) with the 29 ounce.

Jackson Expert ·Mar 12, 2014


Is there any difference between the 2012 2013 or 2014 plasma besides color

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The Rawlings Plasma BBCOR: (BBCPL3) is going to be very similar to newer models in the sense it will incorporate the same one-piece alloy structure and have a balanced feel. The same technology will be seen in these bats, and the biggest difference will primarily be cosmetic.

Merritt Expert ·Mar 10, 2014


I am 5'5" and 145 with gap power is this a good bat for me? What size should I get?

This bat does offer a nice balanced swing weight that would go well with someone that is a contact hitter. With whats available with in this bat and your size I would suggest 31" 28 oz.

Zach B Expert ·Mar 02, 2014


Would this bat be good for High School play at 30"?

The 2013 Rawlings Plasma BBCOR (BBCPL3) is BBCOR certified so it will be legal for play on the high school level. The correct size depends on the a couple factors including a player's height and weight. For more information on sizing, I would definitely check out our Bat Coach: http://www.justbats.com/bat-coach/

Tessa L. Expert ·Jan 24, 2014


Can I use the bat for softball?

The 2013 Rawlings Plasma BBCOR: BBCPL3 Adult bat will only be certified for baseball.

Brandon Expert ·Nov 24, 2013


I'm considering getting either this bat or the 5150? Which one should I get?

Based off of customer reviews I would suggest getting the 2013 Rawlings 5150. It has had much better feedback than the Rawlings Plasma has.

Noah Expert ·Jul 16, 2013


Is this bat USSSA approved for 2013?

The 2013 Rawlings Plasma BBCOR: BBCPL3 Adult is a BBCOR bat, so it does not meet the USSSA standards.

Marcus Expert ·Apr 03, 2013


I am deciding on three bats, the 2013 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR, the 2013 Plasma BBCOR, and the BBCOR Louisville slugger Warrior. I am looking for a very consistent bat that is durable. Which one do you recommend?

The Rawlings 5150 Alloy BBCOR has unmatched trampoline and durability, as well as the best alloy out of the three.

Chad M. Expert ·Mar 23, 2013


Did Rawlings make any changes from the 2012 version of this bat?

No, looking into the 2012 Rawlings Plasma it seems the attributes are the same.

Chad M. Expert ·Mar 03, 2013


I'm 13 years old and I am interested in this bat for high school play. Is this a good bat?

The 2013 Rawlings Plasma BBCOR would be an excellent choice. The Plasma has a lot of pop and is also very durable.

Nick Expert ·Oct 14, 2012


Does this bat have the lowest MOI out of all of the Rawlings bats? Also, does it have the same pop as last years senior league Plasma? How does the barrel compare to last year's 5150?

No, the 2013 Rawlings VELO BBCOR bat will have a much lower M.O.I. than the 2013 Rawlings Plasma BBCOR bat. The pop wont be quite as good either, because it has to meet the new BBCOR standards and both will be one-piece alloy barrels.

Noah Expert ·Oct 12, 2012


What is the main difference between the last Rawlings Plasma model and this one?

The 2013 Rawlings Plasma BBCOR is very similar to the 2012 model. They both are one-piece alloy designs and feature Precision Optimized Performance (pOp) technology as well as Aerospace Plasma Alloy.

Aubrey Expert ·Sep 28, 2012


Do you believe that this is a good bat for a contact hitter with some power?

Yes, the 2013 Rawlings Plasma is a perfect fit for a contact hitter with power because the weight is evenly distributed and it is a one-piece bat made with Rawlings Aerospace Plasma alloy.

Tom Expert ·Aug 24, 2012


Since there are no inserts, will this bat be durable? Also, does M.O.I affect durability?

The 2013 Rawlings Plasma BBCOR will be just as durable without the inserts. The low M.O.I. will not affect the durability.

Kara Expert ·Aug 22, 2012

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