Rawlings Plasma BBCOR Baseball Bat: BBCPLA

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Rawlings Plasma BBCOR Baseball Bat: BBCPLA
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  • Rawlings Plasma BBCOR Baseball Bat: BBCPLA
  • Rawlings Plasma BBCOR Baseball Bat: BBCPLA
  • Rawlings Plasma BBCOR Baseball Bat: BBCPLA
  • Rawlings Plasma BBCOR Baseball Bat: BBCPLA
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Questions and Answers for Rawlings Plasma BBCOR Baseball Bat: BBCPLA


I am 5'3 and weigh 95 pounds. I'm a contact hitter that is looking for a balanced bat with good pop. What bats do you recommend that aren't too pricey?

The Rawlings Plasma BBCOR Baseball Bat (BBCPLA) would be a great choice for you. It features a balanced swing weight, which will be great to work on bat speed and bat control. It would be an awesome addition for a player looking for a high performance bat at a great price.

Tessa Expert ·Jul 15, 2014


Can this bat be compared to the Marucci Black 2?

It is tough to compare the Rawlings Plasma BBCOR (BBCPLA) and the Marucci Black 2 BBCOR (MCBB20) because they are so different by design. The Plasma is a one piece alloy and the Black 2 is a two-piece hybrid design that has a composite handle and alloy barrel. The Black 2 will have more flex and sting prevention while the Plasma will be stiffer which can be preferred for some power hitters.

Patrick Expert ·May 16, 2014


Bought this bat but I have now noticed that it does not have BBCOR stamped on it. I'm skeptical that umpires will accept that it is BBCOR just becuase I read it on the website. Am I missing something here? The bat model is BBCPLA.

All the Rawlings Plasma BBCOR: BBCPLA Adult bats we have in stock feature the BBCOR stamp. I recommend contacting our customer service department at 1-866-321-2287.

John Expert ·Aug 26, 2012


I'm starting baseball soon and was wondering which bat is better the Worth Copperhead or the Plasma?

The Rawlings Plasma BBCOR is one of the best alloy bats for the price.

Kara Expert ·Aug 13, 2012


my son is 12 5'5 170.would this bat be good for him when he plays babe ruth league next year.if not what bat would you suggest

The 2012 Rawlings Plasma BBCOR: BBCPLA Adult bat may be a little too big for a 12 year old. Rawlings makes great bats, and the 2012 Rawlings 5150 Alloy: SL51A5 Senior League would be a great choice.

Tyler Expert ·Jul 17, 2012


We are searching for a -3 BBCOR for my son who will have to swing one for the first time in the fall. He is about 5'3"- 5'4" and about 120 lbs. but I am sure he will grow some by next spring season and looking at 31" 28 oz. I have narrowed down to Rawlings Plasma, Louisville Warrior and Easton Surge. My son is a good contact hitter, beginning to drive the ball regularly but not a power hitter. I want a bat that he will be able to swing effectively considering he has used a -8 for the last 2 years. Which of these 3 would serve him well for the next year or two? Thanks.

Based on the information you provided, I would suggest the Easton Surge because it is a two-piece bat. Two-piece bats are going to have some flex to it when it is swung, which will help with bat whip and bat speed.

Nick K. Expert ·Jun 21, 2012


Which bat would be better for a power hitter going into High School the Rawlings Plasma BBCOR or the TPX Omaha BBCOR?

Both bats are one piece alloy and balanced with large sweet spots, so both would be good for a power hitter.

Damon Expert ·Jun 07, 2012


Is this a big barrel?

The 2012 Rawlings Plasma BBCOR has a 2 5/8 in. barrel diameter. The Plasma is a big barrel bat.

Nick Expert ·Jun 04, 2012


Which bat is better this or the rip-it protocol II

Both the Rawlings Plasma and Rip-It are great bats. They will be very comparable in performance, however the Rip-it is made of a stronger Alloy that will help with durability.

Ryan Expert ·May 25, 2012


What's the difference between the Plasma and the 5150?

The 5150 uses a higher quality alloy than the 2012 Rawlings Plasma BBCOR. The 5150 will be more durable.

Kara Expert ·May 23, 2012


Is this bat legal for 13year old baseball babe ruth league or cal ripken league?

Yes. This bat is 100% legal in the Babe Ruth League.

Tyler Expert ·Mar 28, 2012


Which bat is better? The Rawlings Plasma or the Demarini Versus (both BBCOR)

Both of these bats are good choices and will work great for different types of hitters. The Versus is a two piece design which will usually be better suited for contact hitters, while the Plasma is a one piece that is usually better suited for power hitters.

Jennifer Expert ·Mar 20, 2012


I'm stuck between the Plasma and the TPX Warrior. If I need a balanced bat that is not top heavy and has a lot of pop, which one should I go with?

Since both of these bats are similar in design (a one piece alloy bat), they will perform pretty similarly. Both of these bats are pretty balanced and neither one really has a "top heavy" feel. They are both pretty durable bats and will have good pop. You can't really go wrong with either bat!

Jennifer Expert ·Mar 13, 2012


Is this bat 2 5/8" barrel and is it good for 7th grader?

This bat does have a 2 5/8" barrel. This bat is BBCOR certified, will have an alloy barrel and a balanced feel. This is a good BBCOR bat and good for a 7th grader needing a BBCOR bat.

Kris Expert ·Feb 14, 2012


How is the pop on this bat compared to the 5150?

The 5150 is made of a little better quality of alloy than the Plasma. I would give the edge to the 5150.

Kara Expert ·Feb 07, 2012


Which bat is easier to swing the Cat 5 or the Plasma?

Both bats are going to be a one piece aluminum alloy. They are both going to have a equall swing weight. It comes down to what brand you prefer

Ryan Expert ·Jan 23, 2012


Is the BBCOR actually stamped on it or stickered

It is going to be stamped BBCOR on the bat

Sean Expert ·Jan 21, 2012


i love the sound of the bat but it cost sooooo little is it a good bat or just a cheap one????

The Plasma is a pretty good bat and you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck compared to other bats around $100. It has an above average sweetspot and is great for all types of hitters. It may not be as high performing as some of the more expensive bats out there, but under $150, it's hard to beat.

TJ Expert ·Jan 10, 2012


I'm a power hitter. Would you recommend Rawlings Plasma, Marucci Cat 5, or Rawlings 5150?

This is a very good bat that is balanced and has good pop. The Cat 5 and the 5150 have been very good bats also and have been getting great reviews. I would go with either one of these bats.

KT Expert ·Jan 03, 2012


I am in Australia and we don't yet have BBCOR regulations. Is this bat as good as Fuel -5 or Plasma -8 non BBCOR? I have a 15 yo and want to buy a bat for him. This seems good on paper, but is it harder to hit? I don't want to dent his confidence with the wrong choice.

It will be as good as the Fuel and Plasma -8. However, we don't ship out of the United States.

Kara Expert ·Dec 15, 2011


would a 30in/28oz bat be ok for a middle chool ballplayer?

If he is looking at a BBCOR bat, the 30 inch bat would be 27 ounces. If he is a strong kid, he would definitely benefit in the long run to get used to it now.

Linda Expert ·Dec 12, 2011


Which bat is the most balanced (least end loaded)...Rawlings Plasma or Easton S3?

The S3 will be more balanced

Sean Expert ·Dec 11, 2011


What is a better bat: the 2012 Rawlings Plasma or the 2012 Louisville Warrior?

Both are good options, I personally like the balanced feel of the Warrior

Sean Expert ·Dec 10, 2011


I am looking for a solid mid-range bat for my 14 year old, since we play a lot of games in cold weather here I think aluminum is better than composite. Seems like the Plasma matches up, any other similar bat you would recommend?

This is a good bat, but I would also suggest looking at the Cat5, the Black, the Rip-it or the 5150. All of these bats will have an alloy barrel and will have very good pop.

KG Expert ·Dec 09, 2011


how is this bat compared to the rawlings 5150?

Both bats are quality bats, but the 5150 will be slightly higher performing.

Eddie Expert ·Dec 03, 2011


My son wants the 5150 because he thinks its better, but I dont that is worth the extra $150.00 over the Plasma, which from my research seems to be very close to equal. What do you think?

Actually, they are similar, mostly cosmetic differences. But the basic design and materials are the same.

Linda Expert ·Nov 30, 2011


I am a HS Freshman and I am looking for a good BBCOR with good pop and feel without having to spend hundreds of dollars. Does this bat have good pop and give good performance? Is this bat better than the Anderson Ignite or Marucci Cat 5?

If your not looking to spend too much, this will be a good option. This bat has very good pop and will be a durable choice.

KG Expert ·Nov 07, 2011


i'm 4'9 85 lbs but need a -3, what size bat should i use?

I would go as light as you can with either a 29 or 30 inch bat.

Derek Expert ·Nov 06, 2011


Based on customer feedback or your own experience, is the Rawlings 5150 better than the Rawlings Plasma on pop? Weight distribution?

The 5150 is going to have a higher quality alloy and the weight is evenly distributed.

Kara Expert ·Oct 31, 2011


I'm a power hitter if i hit the ball its big, do you think this bat would be good for someone like me if not any recomendations?

Yes, the plasma is going to be a stiff bat with lots of pop. It should be a good fit for a power hitter

Sean Expert ·Oct 22, 2011


Does this bat have good pop? Should i get the Rawlings Plasma or the Easton XL3? Which has more pop?

Based on customer feedback and personal experience, I would give the XL3 an edge in performance. However, the XL3 will be more end-loaded than the Plasma. If you have never hit with an end-loaded bat before, it may be a little different from what you're used to. I would recommend finding one in a store somewhere so you can see how it feels.

John Expert ·Oct 20, 2011


is the bat top heavy?

It is fairly balanced.

Mark Expert ·Oct 09, 2011


Im more of a contact hitter but I do every few at bats get a big hit. Looking at both the 5150 and this bat, in your opinion, which bat would be better suited for me?

Contact hitters usually use a two piece bat as there will be more flex. A one piece bat will give the player more power. The 5150 and Plasma would be good bats for you.

Kris Expert ·Sep 23, 2011


i have the plasma and i wanted to know why this bat performs better then the 5150 from what ive seen

That's good to hear. We have not heard much feedback on the Plasma. Both bats will be very good bats will solid pop.

Kris Expert ·Sep 22, 2011


how easy does this bat break

Good question...one I do not know the answer to yet. I have yet to hear any negative feedback regarding the durability of this bat. So far, this has proven to be pretty durable.

John Expert ·Sep 20, 2011


How is it's balance, and would you say this is more for a contact hitter or a power hitter?

This bat has a balanced weight. Since this bat is a one piece design this is more for contact hitters.

Kris Expert ·Sep 13, 2011


How does the Plasma BBCOR compare to the 5150 BBCOR?

They are similar in performance. The 5150 may have a little bit more pop.

Mark Expert ·Sep 10, 2011


Where is the BBCOR label on this bat? In other words when an umpire inspects it how would he know?

The BBCOR stamp is on the side of the barrel.

Mark Expert ·Aug 20, 2011

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