Rawlings VELO: SLVELO Senior League

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Rawlings VELO: SLVELO Senior League
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  • Rawlings VELO: SLVELO Senior League
  • Rawlings VELO: SLVELO Senior League
  • Rawlings VELO: SLVELO Senior League
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Questions and Answers for Rawlings VELO: SLVELO Senior League


Is the 2014 5150 VELO model in white any different other than the graphics?

The 2013 Rawlings VELO (SLVELO) Senior League and the 2014 Rawlings 5150 VELO (SLV10) Senior League are the same bat other than the color scheme.

Jason Expert ·Jan 27, 2014


How is this bat compared to Marucci team?

The 2013 Rawlings VELO (SLVELO) is comparable to the Marucci Team in the fact that they both feature a one-piece fully alloy design and a balanced swing weight. Looking at Customer Reviews for each bat, it looks like the VELO will be slightly more durable than the Marucci Team. Both bats are backed by a full 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Tessa L. Expert ·Jan 24, 2014


I got this in a bat pack about a month ago. The forecast for my games on Saturday night is 29 degrees. I just was wondering if the Velo would snap, crack, or dent in these conditions. Also, would it be recommended to use it in weather this cold?

We do not recommend using the 2013 Rawlings VELO: SLVELO Senior League below 55 degrees. The ball becomes more dense in colder weather and this could cause damage to bats. However, if you have to use a bat below 55 degrees, we normally recommend using an alloy bat.

Tori Expert ·Dec 04, 2013


Is this bat available with a 2 3/4 barrel?

No, Rawlings did not produce the 2013 Velo in a 2 3/4" barrel. They produce the 2012 model in a 2 3/4". The model number for that bat is SL1V.

John Expert ·Sep 06, 2013


The fall league we are playing in has rules that specifically state that bats with weight drops of -4 through -14 must be stamped "approved for play in PONY baseball" and "BPF 1.15" or less. I see that this bat shows the BPF 1.15 but it does not state "approved for play in PONY baseball". I want to make sure that it would be an acceptable bat for my sons league. Please let me know your thoughts. The league rules also state "no bats with composite barrels are permitted". This bat is not considered a composite bat because of the end cap, correct? Please let me know. Thank you.

The 2013 Rawlings VELO: SLVELO Senior League does not say that, because they do not put "Approved for Play in Pony Baseball" on Senior League bats. If you need that stamp you will need to look under Youth bats, which are 2 1/4" barrel diameter.

Noah Expert ·Sep 01, 2013


I'm looking to buy my 8 almost 9 year old his first bat. He is big for his age 56-58 inches tall around 85 lbs. He used 28 inch big barrel Easton this year and had a lot of success. What do you prefer the Rawlings Velo, Worth Prodigy or something else?

The 2013 Rawlings VELO: SLVELO Senior League would be an excellent choice. It is very balanced and performs very well.

Kara Expert ·Jul 02, 2013


Can you compare the Velo with the Easton Speed series please? My son is 10, good contact hitter, average swing speed. Any other bats you would recommend? Thank you!

The 2013 Rawlings VELO: SLVELO Senior League is a very balanced one-piece bat. All of the Easton Speed Series bats are also balanced. The 2013 Rawlings VELO: SLVELO Senior League will be most comparable in feel and performance to the 2013 Easton S3: SL13S310.

Kara Expert ·May 14, 2013


My son is currently using the Worth Prodigy 28" 18oz. He needs a larger bat. He had success with the Worth bat. Switching to a new bat, would you recommend the Velo or 5150?

The Velo will have a lighter swing weight compared to the regular 5150. If your son has above average swing speed then the 5150 is recommended. If he has average or below average swing speed, the Velo would be recommended.

Tyler Expert ·Jan 14, 2013


I have a 9 year old son who is playing club ball for the first time. Which bat would be better for him, the 2013 Rawlings VELO or the Louisville Catalyst 2012?

The 2013 Rawlings VELO: SLVELO Senior League is a very balanced bat with a light swing weight. It would be a great choice for a nine year old starting club ball.

Kara Expert ·Nov 29, 2012


Is the 2012 senior league Velo the same as the 2013 except for the color? Any changes? 2012 model dented easy!!

The 2013 model features a new endcap that gives it an even lighter swing weight than the 2012 model. The alloy and the way the rest of the bat is constructed will be the same.

Tyler Expert ·Oct 31, 2012


Beside for barrel size, what is the difference between the VELO and the 5150? Is one more balanced? Does one have a lower M.O.I? How does the swing weight compare to Worth Legit?

The Rawlings VELO is designed to have a lighter swing weight and will be more balanced than the Rawlings 5150. They both are one-piece alloy designs. Here is a link that compares all three models http://www.justbats.com/compare/

Aubrey Expert ·Oct 29, 2012

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