Rawlings VELO Senior League Baseball Bat: SLVEL9

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Rawlings VELO Senior League Baseball Bat: SLVEL9
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  • Rawlings VELO Senior League Baseball Bat: SLVEL9
  • Rawlings VELO Senior League Baseball Bat: SLVEL9
  • Rawlings VELO Senior League Baseball Bat: SLVEL9
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Questions and Answers for Rawlings VELO Senior League Baseball Bat: SLVEL9


My son is 11 years old, 5'3" tall, and is around 105 pounds. He usually hits in the middle of the lineup. Do you think a 31" 22 oz. would be good for him?

That would be a great option for your son. Based on his height and weight, we recommend a 31" Rawlings VELO Senior League Baseball Bat (SLVEL9).

Tessa Expert ·Aug 27, 2014


Are those stickers on the bat? If so, do they come off easy?

The Rawlings VELO: (SLVEL9) will have USSSA certification stamp on the barrel. However, this will not come off very easily.

Merritt Expert ·May 08, 2014


Is there very much sting on this bat? I am thinking of getting this bat but my old bat is a two-piece and I really liked it.

We have not received feedback the Rawlings VELO ( SLVEL9) has vibration.

Kara Expert ·May 07, 2014


Is the VELO, -9 a well balanced bat or is it ended loaded and more for a power hitter?

The Rawlings VELO (SLVEL9) is a very balanced bat.

Kara Expert ·May 05, 2014


Is this bat approved by Little League Baseball?

The Rawlings VELO (SLVEL9) is only legal in the Intermediate (50/70) 11-13 year old and Junior League 12-14 year old division of Little League Baseball.

Patrick Expert ·Apr 29, 2014


Is this bat BBCOR certified?

The Rawlings VELO: (SLVEL9) will not be BBCOR certified because it does not have a length to weight ratio of -3. It will also not have the .50 BBCOR certification stamp on the barrel.

Merritt Expert ·Apr 25, 2014


Hi my son just turned 13 and this is his 1st year allowed to use big barrel bats. He was using the TPX EXO 2 1/4", 32"/20.5oz and would like a big barrel game bat. Would the VELO 32"/23oz be a good transition and how does it compare to the TPX performance wise? He's 5'5" tall and weighs 120lbs.

Yes, the Rawlings VELO: SLVEL9 Senior League would be a good transition bat, as it has a very well balanced swing weight. It will perform very similar if not better than the TPX EXO.

Kyle J. Expert ·Apr 13, 2014


Is this bat stamped "approved for play in PONY Baseball?"

The Rawlings VELO (SLVEL9) Senior League does not feature any type of stamp that indicates that it is approved for play in PONY Baseball.

Patrick Expert ·Mar 28, 2014


Is this bat the same bat as the Rawlings VELO, the white version? I am a power hitter, will the ball fly off this bat like the DeMarini CF5 -10 baseball bat? I am 4'11" 123 lbs.

Based on your height and weight, we suggest a 30" model in the Rawlings VELO (SLVEL9) Senior League. The SLVEL9 is the 2013 version of the VELO and it is the same as the 2014 white model. The VELO is a one-piece alloy, which will provide for a stiffer feel than the CF5. The ball will fly of the ball just as well as the CF5.

Jason Expert ·Mar 16, 2014


Is there a break-in for this bat? If so, about how many hits?

Nope, the Rawlings VELO (SLVEL9) Senior League should not require any break-in. You should only see break-ins required with composite bats.

Aaron Expert ·Feb 20, 2014


Would it be possible to get the Rawlings VELO 32" 23 oz. with a different grip?

Unfortunately, the 2013 Rawlings VELO: SLVEL9 Senior League only comes with the grip displayed on the website. We do not have the option to customize the grip.

Frank Expert ·Mar 18, 2013


My 13 yr old really wants a Rawlings Velo this yr. Problem is he really needs to be swinging a-8 this yr which Rawlings does not make. Ideally he would use a 31/23. He has been swinging a 26.5 oz wood bat in the cage and handling it pretty well. My question is do we jump up to a -5 31/26 Velo or maybe go with a -9 32/23 and use a choke up ring to get it to a 31". Does adding the ring make it like swinging a -8 or not. He plays on a major level travel team and I want to do what is best for him Thanks

For a 13 year old who has been swinging a 26.5 oz. wood bat with relative ease, I would definitely recommend a -5 bat over a -9 bat. Reason being, before too long he'll be at the High School level where he will have to use a -3 bat. By using a -5 bat now, the transition to a -3 will be much easier. Since the choke-up ring is on the handle of the bat, it won't add any to the swing weight of the bat, and it will still swing and feel like a -9.

Tyler Expert ·Nov 29, 2012


Is this bat as balanced as the -10, -5, or BBCOR series?

Yes, the 2013 Rawlings VELO: SLVEL9 Senior League bat features a very balanced swing weight.

Aubrey Expert ·Nov 14, 2012


Why doesn't this bat come in other sizes?

The 2013 Rawlings VELO: SLVEL9 will be available in other sizes. We will be receiving the shipments of those other sizes any day now.

Tom Expert ·Oct 16, 2012

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