Americas Bat Co

Americas Bat Co


Founded: 2007

Contact Information:
Americas' Bat Company
558 Sylvia Ave.
Roma, Texas 78582

 Warranty Information:

History and Background of Americas' Bat Company:
Americas’ Bat Co. LLC was founded in the small town of Roma, Texas. Our factory, located in South Texas, consists of over 4000 sq ft. with a state of the art technology and a combined experience of over 40 years of professional “playing” time. Americas’ Bat Co. LLC is individually owned by Jaime Barrera a person with a passion for baseball.  The main goal of the company is to provide an outstanding professional bat every time, rather than making it a “business product” like many “antique” bat manufacturing companies do.
It all started with a couple of individuals who were just tired of buying a good quality baseball bat at an outrageous price. We started handcrafting baseball bats in a very primitive way. After getting positive feedbacks from amateur players, we did intensive research and started developing a business plan. Today, thanks to our loyal friends that keep on coming back, the latest technology, our knowledge and the years of experience in playing Americas’ favorite past time, we have grown into an international baseball bat manufacturing corporation. Americas' Bat Co. has accomplished in a very short time, the biggest accomplishment any manufacturer dreams of, the seal of approval from Major League Baseball.

Who we really are:
At Americas’ Bat Co., we are not employees making a product to sell to whom knows who just thinking of how fast we can collect our money. We are a family oriented group of individuals who work together in sharing a passion of making every single bat with detail from beginning to end.

Why lie:
All bat manufacturing companies try to convince every player, at any level, that their bats are the most durable, reliable, awesome and just the best on the market.  That for some reason they have the best quality of everything.  We are so confident that our bats are so good that we have gone hand on hand with the big dogs in the business. We don’t just put our bats out on the market, we make sure we get the best hard maple and northern ash wood quality where it matters the most, in the player’s hands.

Don’t be fooled:
At Americas’ Bat Co., all of our hard maple and northern ash wood is among the best available. Everything we use to turn that fine piece of wood into a truly excellent bat is top quality and state of the art technology. Notice how we did not say that we are the only ones to have the best out there.

Our guarantee to you:
We are so confident that whether you are a MLB player or just swinging a bat for fun, we will provide you the best bat a professional would use. We do not have customers; we have friends that get treated like a professional baseball player. After all, if you love the sport, to us you are a professional.