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Founded: 2000

Contact Information:
Filip Inc.
Makers of the Diablo Bats
320 E. 10th Dr.
Suite "O"
Mesa, AZ 85210
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History and Background of Diablo Bats:
Here at Diablo Bats, quality is our number one priority. It seems that most bat manufacturers quickly forget how important each player really is. At Diablo Bats, we take every order with the confidence that we will provide the hardest and longest lasting baseball bats on the market.

I have had the opportunity to research various kinds of wood and finishes. With this information, I have been able to decipher between good wood and the average sporting-goods store wood. The Diablo Bats company was formed for the sole purpose of providing all players with pro quality wood bats. Why should the pro players be the only ones swinging top quality maple bats and ash bats? 

I would also like to tell you a bit more about Filip Inc. and how it got started. I chose to open a baseball bat company because of a high demand for good quality baseball bats. From talking to different players, of all skill levels, one thing seemed to be the same. All of the players agreed that most of the wood bats they had used only lasted a few weeks and were not very good. I decided to change that by researching different kinds of woods and different locations that the wood grows. I found that the location in which the wood grows is as important as the wood itself. Different parts of the country grow different kinds of wood. After finding the ideal location to harvest the wood it was only a matter of time and testing before the first Diablo bat was manufactured.

In early 2000, I turned my first dozen bats. The wood reacted differently than expected and it took almost a full year of research and development until I was happy with the quality of the bats. Finally I discovered the process and the type of wood needed to produce top quality baseball bats each and every time. With this step finished Diablo Bats was ready to open its doors to all ball players. When the first Diablo bat was sold, I had full confidence that it was a top quality bat that would last for a very long time.

I hope that by continuing to produce these high quality baseball bats, I can one day have all serious ball players holding a great bat. I also wish each and every player out there good luck and success in their quest to become a pro, and making it to the show! 

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