ProXR is the revolutionary bat technology that makes batters better hitters. Conventional bat knobs wear out the palm of players batting gloves, leave blisters in batters hands, cause thrown bats and are the source of broken hamate injuries. Those problems are evidence that conventional bat design doesn’t work with today’s power-oriented, rotational swing.  Rather than make baseball bats based on 135-year-old designs, we developed the ProXR technology to work with today’s swing. Hitting starts in the batters hands – that’s where the talent, control and power are applied to a bat. Great batters aren’t defined by what their bat does, they’re defined by what they do with their bat. ProXR redefines control, precision and power for the batter through ergonomics – the applied science of human interaction. It’s technology that is about the batter, not the bat.


• The ProXR technology is the only angled knob bat ever used in regular season MLB games.


• ProXR is in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown as the first bat of its kind ever used in play.


• ProXR won Best of Show at the 2011 American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) convention.


• ProXR has been featured in The New York Times (June 2013), FastCompany Design (July 2013) and many other publications for its cutting edge use of ergonomics in delivering a superior hitting experience.


• Collegiate Baseball Magazine wrote, “This ProXR design may very well permanently change the baseball bat as we know it.”


When you take your first cuts with the ProXR technology, you’ll experience the most natural swing, precise contact and smooth follow-through you’ve ever had. It’s a hitting experience that will leave you wondering why it was never thought of before. Bring your swing into the 21st century with ProXR technology. ProXR, “The Smoothest Swing In Baseball”.