BBCOR Certification

BBCOR (Bat Ball Coefficient of Restitution) was officially adopted in 2012. This standard regulates how much energy is lost during the bat's contact with the baseball. The higher the number a bat registers in the test, the more trampoline effect it has. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) decided that 0.50 would be the maximum value a BBCOR bat could achieve; which is only slightly higher than that of a wood bat. All BBCOR certified bats must also have a barrel diameter no greater than 2 5/8", a length to weight ratio no greater than -3 and a length tha does not exceed 36".

BESR, the previous bat performance standard, is a ratio that compares the incoming pitch speed to the speed of the ball coming off of the barrel. Division I college baseball statistics indicated offensive performance, particularly in the homeruns and runs scored categories. The BBCOR standard reduces those batted ball speeds up to 5% from the BESR standard.

All non-wood BBCOR certified bats will carry the BBCOR mark.