Governing Bodies - ASA

Amateur Softball Association (ASA)


Founded: 1933

Contact Information:
ASA National
2801 NE 50th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73111
Tel. 405-424-5266

Background of ASA:
The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) was formed in 1933 and is now based in Oklahoma City, OK.  When ASA was formed and organized, it was the first unified set of rules for softball that added stability to the sport.  The mandate was to provide safe, consistent and fair competition for everyone.  In 1978 the United States Olympic Committee named ASA the National Governing Body of Softball.

Today ASA is made up of 87 local associations that register players and organize leagues and sanction tournaments.  The Hall of Fame Stadium at the national headquarters also hosts the NCAA Women’s College World Series each year.  Today ASA registers some 245,000 teams and over 3.5 million players.  The two major divisions of ASA are the adult and youth programs.   The adult program is the backbone of ASA with over 170,000 teams and about 2.5 million players.  The youth program provides for both competitive and noncompetitive participation in slow and fastpitch softball.  Youth softball is one of the fastest growing programs in ASA.

The ASA website ( has an abundance of information for all levels of softball players.  You can find out about tournaments, being an umpire, certified equipment etc.  One particularly intriguing article to read is about the history of softball and how it relates to boxing.