Governing Bodies - ISA

Independent Softball Association (ISA)


Founded: 1984

Contact Information:
Independent Softball Association
3601 Cypress Gardens Rd.
Suit F
Winter Heaven, FL  33884
Tel. (863) 326-6009

Background of ISA:
When you hear the term “Base Burglar” there can be only one governing body that comes to mind, and that is the Independent Softball association (ISA).  The I in ISA could just as well stand for innovative.

In 1984 the ISA was founded in Shelbyville, Tennessee by Larry Nash, a long time softball player with a great love for the game.  In the spring of 1984, ISA held its first tournament.  Sixty-four teams from twenty-four different states attended the ISA Southeast Regional Spring Shootout and experienced the innovative rules of the Independent Softball Association for the first time.  By the end of the tournament the teams were sold on the new format and Nash stated “I have always said the game sells itself, once a team plays it they are hooked.”

With a motto of “Where the team comes first” the ISA continues to grow.  Today the ISA is in thirty-one states and Canada.  It registers more than 18,000 teams and 4000 umpires.

Check out the ISA’s homepage ( to find out about tournaments, certified equipment, and don’t miss the rule book for what makes the ISA unique.  How about stealing in slow pitch softball, the base-burglar, and the inning ending homerun.